Our beloved Archangel Michael lovingly answers our continual questions regarding Ascension, Disclosure, NESARA, etc.

GD: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario. I’m GD.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And welcome, Lord.

Archangel Michael: Welcome. I am Michael, archangel of peace, of love, of Ascension, and yes, in many ways, messenger. Welcome to this time of conversation, to this time of expansion, to this time of unity of One.

And I do not speak just, my friends, of this hour that we have together, but this period of time, of what you think of as time, within the great unfoldment that you are beginning to unify into One, not only into the One, but the one consciousness, the awareness of working and thinking and being and creating with your hearts — yes, of course in reference with your miraculous minds and your delightful egos.

We welcome you this day. And yes, know that there are many matters that you wish to cover, and so I will invite you, dear Steve, to begin. But first, we ignite my blue flame of truth, and we ignite it specifically in the hearts and throats, areas of communication, of vision, and of knowing. For it is a time of great discernment, of coming to the place of knowing, which is very different than thinking or feeling. As we say, this Ascension process is simply that.

Yes, there are dates, events, that many point to. And we will discuss that this day. But be clear about this. It is a process under which you are already involved, and have been for many, many, many eons, let alone this lifetime.

The key to this is not only love, but all the qualities, the attributes, that contribute support and act as a foundation for love — and that is joy and trust and gratitude. And so I will begin this day by expressing our gratitude, not only mine, but that of the Council of Love, of the Ascended Ones, of the Company of Heaven for those like yourselves, all of you, and yes, particularly the courageous channels, who have the forbearance, the courage and the wisdom to be the communicators of truth.

Are there different understandings, perspectives, visions with regards to this? Yes. That does not dismay us. What this does is encourage each of you to look within your hearts, to truly anchor in your knowingness and in the knowingness of all, and to collectively create and co-create, not just Ascension — for that is already what we would think of as almost completed — but what is it that you create and co-create in terms of Nova Earth, in terms of your new adventures, in terms of your new mission and purpose? That is where your focus has need to begin to go. 

But let us begin with the matters at hand. Where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Thank you, Lord. Well, I am going to be asking you for some reassurance to listeners, and I’ll tell you what it is that I have in mind. Do you remember in a personal reading that I had with you on August 17th of this year, you asked me to talk about this concern and fear that many are feeling about the “What if?” around Ascension, because it is lurking in the shadows.

And recently a message came up from a very prominent source that appears to have raised the “What if?” fear by seeming to give a gradual view of Ascension that appears to contrast with your more sudden view.

Can you help — and I understand that you just have given us some of your answer previously; you’ve anticipated my question — but can you give us further help in reconciling the seemingly different sudden and gradual views of Ascension that exist among respected sources speaking for the Light?
AAM: I would be happy to. And for this, I ask you to anchor in your hearts, and within the blue flame of truth, that you are anchored in the reality of knowing. So take the time to do that as I begin with you this discussion. And this is a very necessary discussion. And I am pleased — we are all pleased, actually — that this has been raised, and raised in such a way to bring forth this conversation that is absolutely necessary.

When we have said to thee, collectively and individually, in readings and in the grander form, that the Ascension is a process, not a singular event, not a date, not a time, now, that does not mean that it is not bracketed or anchored in dates or times. Of course it is, because your third reality is anchored in a certain form. But what is most important in raising this issue is the raising of this fear, of the issue of betrayal, the issue of worthiness, the issue of “What if?” What if I do not make it? What if I am not chosen? Well, we have addressed this, time and time and time again. And we say to you the portal is not only open, but all are welcome, all are invited.

And all are assisted in ways that you have no idea of in order to go through this reality — yes, a shift in dimensions. As this Council has channeled and spoken of, Gaia is already well, well underway. It is an event that is hers, and everyone upon the planet is accompanying her.

Now, that does not give precedence or more importance to one group, one kingdom, one planet over another. And we would not wish to imply that. But if you are on the planet, and if you are willing to open your heart — and many of you have already undergone the Ascension process — does this mean that they will not ascend? Of course not. They have already completed the process. But if you are anchored within and upon Gaia, then you are already underway.

Does Gaia have the capacity to brush, to intersect briefly, like a sweep of a feather, into the third and the fourth? Yes. But she is anchored fully and completely into the fifth dimension. Think of it as her heart being anchored into the fifth, with the top of the globe, if you think of it an as orb or a balloon, brushing the higher dimensions, which will also be completely available to you.

Now, what you are asking is will all of humanity choose or be penetrated in a cosmic moment? Will there be a shift in a moment? And the answer is one that you probably do not wish to hear, because it is yes and it is no.

Is there a cosmic event? Absolutely. Is there an opening? Yes, and it is already begun. Think of it as getting tickets and taking your seat at a concert early. And you are already participating, hearing the music, the warm-up of the band. But there are those who will arrive on time for the concert, and there are those that will arrive late but still try to participate and hope they didn’t miss too much.

What this gradual discussion is really about is about fear and fear of betrayal and issues of self-worth. And would it be sad, unfortunate, if some chose to leave? Of course it would be. But as you well know, we never interfere with your free will. We will not do this, and neither will your star brothers and sisters.

Will we whisk you out of harm’s way? Yes. Will we interfere with your soul desires and your free will in human form? No. Will we do what we have to do in terms of our promises in service to the One? Yes. And we want you all to accompany us.

So the question of gradual truly applies more to the after-event, to what we are asking you already, now, in your time and space, to focus on, to concentrate on, which is: What are you going to create? What do you wish to co-create with us? What does your new world look like, taste like, smell like? What are the experiences you choose to have as an ascended being, as an ascended race?

So, are there dimensional shifts already underway? Does this culminate towards the end — and I will not be pinned down to an actual date and time — but does this culminate at the end of your year? Yes.

But if you are looking for a singular event, then look inside your heart. Look inside the knowing of what is already taking place. You are absorbing, eating, consuming information, and that is part of our sacred forum, that is part of the foundation, dear Steve, that you and I have formulated.

It is to have many visions, many views, a great deal of information choices, but choices that begin to eliminate either/or duality. Do you not think the heart of One can hold several perspectives at once? Of course it can. But is there only one unfoldment and plan? Yes.

Can there be many interpretations of how that plan will come to be? Yes, because it is influenced and in the hands of the human collective in tandem, not solely, but in tandem with your star brothers and sisters, in tandem with the Ascended Ones, in tandem with this Council and in tandem with All.

So it is not a matter of one view being accurate. It is the perspective that they are taking in terms of what they feel — feel! — the human race is capable of in terms of transition.

Now, what I suggest to you is this human collective, this collective face of God, is capable and is proving itself capable of turning on a dime, of creating instantaneously.

I see no indication in your collective, in the masses that are the wayshowers, that there is any desire to have a gradual unfoldment. Are there some human beings who will always, if they are in the human form, wish for things to be slow and orderly? Yes. But that is also based on a belief system that rapid change cannot be orderly.

When you look at the embrace, that we have not talked of a great deal, of the sixth dimension, it is creative chaos. It is the management of that chaos and of the energies into the codes of creation, the alignment into the creation of a new planet and a new way of being, of what you think of as thinking, of experiencing, because your reference point has been the third dimension, although many of you are already well into the fifth, sixth seventh.

Your reference point is, “This is how we do things.” But that is old paradigm. That is old thinking. And I emphasize it is thinking. Go to the heart of your knowing, to the heart of what has been implanted within you, because you chose to bring it with you. You came to be catalysts for this magnificent event called Ascension, of shifting from mind to heart, to higher realm of being, of unity, connectedness and balance.

In that place, once you have shifted, then there is no room for this fear that you are talking about, that I am glad you have brought to the forefront. There is no “what if?”
Now, let us talk about the downside of this “what if?” conversation. It lowers the vibration. It lowers your frequency. It keeps you firmly and determinedly anchored in the third reality. It pulls you back down. It sucks you in like a sinkhole. Why would you wish to go there? Why would you not wish to co-create a different experience with us?

So, the “what if?” is a fear that you are going to be let down. You say, “Yes, Lord, that is true, because I have been let down, many, many, many times. You have given us predictions and they have not come to pass. You have given us dates, and they have not come to pass. Am I on a fool’s errand?”

Do not think that we ignore, or pretend that your hearts and your feelings do not exist. Of course we know. And of course we take it into account. That is why you are being flooded, directly and still continuously, with love from the Mother/Father/One. That is why your star brothers and sisters are cocooning you, much the same way they cocooned Gaia. Everybody is being worked on. St. Germain is sending you his violet flame so that you may gently, and permanently, let go of this “what if?” fear.

How do you do it? How do you balance this with your intellect that says “I do not wish to be set up. I do not wish to be disappointed, disillusioned. I do not wish to have my faith crumbled beneath me.”

I understand this. My beloved friends, I absolutely understand this. We all do. And that is also one of the lights that come out of this perspective, shall we say, of a gradual unfoldment. Because it is like you are being given, intellectually and emotionally and spiritually, you are being given a safety hatch, a reassurance. So it is a gift. It is not to create confusion. It is to be meant and to be viewed as reassurance.

You are all underway. Are you underway at different speeds? Are you incorporating the frequencies and the process at different rates? Yes. Some of you have thrown yourselves into it, and it is all you can think of, breathe, eat, live. There are others who are still very engaged with the third. Is this right or wrong? No. It is simply what it is.

But regardless of whether you are thinking, feeling, believing that this is a day, an event, or a process, it matters not. You are already there. You are already underway. And we are not putting the brakes on. We are not about to say to you, “Well, there has been a change in the Divine Plan.”

We have waited for eons. There has been alignment on more levels, in more realms, than you can imagine for this to unfold. It is not simply about whether you, individually, are ready. You were ready the moment you said to the Mother/Father, “I will go, I will help, and my purpose is to ascend.” And you will do so.
Does that answer your question?

SB: Well, thank you, Lord. It does and it’s very eloquently put. And I’m sure that will be very helpful. But I have two loose threads which I’ll come to in a moment. I just wanted to say that in this hour I’d like to also talk to you about containment, and some views of events that might be coming in our — well, that are said to be coming in our future. So I’d like to get to that in a minute.

But just before we do that, you know that humans tend to think, to draw things to a point or to a conclusion. So I’d just like to hear you confirm two things: One, that we are going to the fifth, not to the fourth, except as a way-stop, but to the fifth in a rapid manner. And the second is, you yourself, through Celia Fenn on July 25th, 2011, said that the twelve — 21/12/12, December 21, 2012 — was one of the grand ceremonies of the inauguration of the new Earth reality.

So you, yourself, appear to have given a date. And you said earlier in the show, “Don’t pin me down to dates.” So, most of the world, I think, does think that Ascension will happen on December 21st. Is that incorrect?

So, those are my two questions, Lord. Are we going to the fifth? And is December 21st, 2012, an incorrect date?

AAM: You are persistent if nothing else, my friend.
SB: Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Yes, you are going to the fifth dimension. But I again draw your attention to the fact that when you are in the fifth dimension, anchored, Gaia, and therefore you — because you cannot live where Gaia does not live and continue to have your physical form; so understand that — but that does not mean from that place of anchoring that you do not have access to the fourth dimension, to what we would call the higher reality of the third dimension, to the sixth and to the seventh.

But yes, the shift is into the fifth, and will continue — no, probably not in your lifetime — through to the seventh. There are some of you who will want to stay within the realms of the seventh in terms of the realm of pure love, of Christ consciousness, of oneness. There are some of you who love to be in the realm of magic.

It matters not. You will have access, but your new home, your new dimension, your new reality will be in the fifth. That is where Gaia is anchored. And we would suggest to you that, by and large, she is already there. So, let that be.
When you are talking about a specific date, the reason that I am avoiding it is because too many people in your collective become fixated on a date and time. So we say this is not particularly…. Is this a moment in time that is highly significant in terms of the shift? Yes. Do I suggest that you wait until December 19th to get ready? No. Do I suggest that if you arrive on December 22nd that you have missed the boat? No.
So, what you are doing is you are focusing on one point rather than getting on with the process. We have given you many different ways in which to embrace this process of moving forward, of ascending, right now. Will many look to this date and continue to look to this date? Yes. And that is what I say.
SB: Well, I’m sure you can imagine, Lord, that even if we shouldn’t be looking to this date that there will be many in the collective who will look to this date. And if something were not to happen on December 21st, there would be a hue and cry raised.
So, we’re trying to address that and head off that possibility happening by asking about the date. But perhaps, put that aside…
K: The way in which to head off… the way in which to head off this hue and cry — because I am not saying that this is not a significant date; it is — but the way to head it off is, first and foremost, right now, today, with me, is to let go of the “what if?” Because too many are hanging behind, behind that proverbial sense that we have spoken of many, many times, saying, “Well, I will wait, because what if it does not occur?” So they are not building the momentum, they are placing their bets in many places. They are afraid. And fear freezes them exactly where they don’t want to be, and that is in the third dimension. So, let go of it.
SB: I certainly hadn’t thought of it that way before, Lord. So that is very, very helpful. I’ll try to develop that myself in some articles.
Can we look at the containment effort, please, particularly in international affairs? So, a while back you said, “Well, Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad are in containment.”
Could we know what the impact of the containment of the leaders is, and also the impact on the financial system and also on disclosure, please?
AAM: The impact on the international front is a greater desire and a greater creation of peace. And we don’t just mean that in the absence of armed uprising and the various forms of aggression that our governments are known to undertake. Now, we are not suggesting that some aggressions do not continue. They have, far more than we would even desire. But they are being contained. They are being limited.
What is happening — think of it in a very practical kind of way — is that the leadership that has been contained is having very much a change of heart. What has happened is they are growing extremely, extremely weary. Because to continue in a controlling, aggressive, dare I say hateful, manner is spiritually exhausting.
So think of it has fighting 24/7, in your terms, against the walls of light. After a while, after a very short while, you are so exhausted of that struggle — and this is something that we are addressing to the human collective as well — you are so exhausted of the struggle that you simply let go. And in that you begin what we would call the reconstruction.
So, that is what is happening. You notice usually, when I introduce myself to you, my beloved friends, is that I call myself a warrior of peace, not an emissary, not an ambassador, not a mediator. I am a warrior of peace. As are you, my beloved friend. That is why your desire for truth is unquenchable.
So what is happening on the international front is you are beginning to see a decline in what you think of, or consider, or is, aggressive controlling action. That is also true in terms of your financial systems upon the planet. Only the… well, there is desire for control. But what is taking place, and how this containment — yes, of course it entails a change of heart — but the change of heart is also done politically, economically, in a community way.
It is also [that] many that are involved in financial systems are saying, “This is too hard to maintain.” We are trying to bolster a system that, in fact, does not support, or does not work. So already alternative methods of what we would call equity equalization are already being put in place.
Now, that does not discount or cancel what you think of as NESARA. In fact, in many ways the containment efforts, which from our perspective have been very successful —not completed, but underway — but these containment efforts are a precursor to NESARA because those who would have been the most vocal, the most adamant opponents of change, of simply allowing the system to re-balance itself, will be gone, will not have that voice, not because they have been removed — although some of them have been — but because the desire to be the opponent is no longer there.
So, this is how containment is working.
Now, you are still seeing what we would see as a friction in duality. And this is growing in many ways. It is… again, it is the water pushing against the dam so that it can break loose. It is gaining force, it is gaining momentum, it is gaining speed — within the human realm as well, because people are increasingly tired of what is presented as oppressive, what is presented as separation, whether it is psychology, politics, or finance.
So this is also what the humans, the collective, are also undertaking.
So, can you see that growing separation between those who wish for a very different reality and Earth? Yes. But that is also creating the momentum and the pressure for the breakthrough. So do not see this as entirely negative. It is not.
There have been questions and comments about what realms we see in the international arena as oppressive, as dictatorial, and yes, democracies, and why there are sometimes realms that we say — even though they are either republics or parliamentary systems — why we say these are oppressive regimes. They are oppressive regimes because they seek to control the masses.
So, there has been an illusion that if you have voting power that somehow it creates a freedom. Is it an element of freedom? Yes. It is something that needs to be expanded and will completely, completely, shift in the fifth reality. It will not look or feel the same. It will not have the same constructs.
But do not delude yourselves, my brothers and sisters, that simply because you believe that you live in a democracy that you are not being cajoled and confused and controlled. You are.
And that has been the purpose of containment, is to remove those elements. So understand, that is also why we did not simply go to what you think of as dictatorships or very oppressive regimes. Containment has been very active all over your planet. And you will be seeing changes in leadership.
I speak to this because when we have originally spoken of containment we have talked of many leaders, whether it is in political or social or financial-economic realms remaining in place. But we need to say to you that for those who simply continue to try and resist, there will be new leadership. If they do not wish to cooperate, then there will simply be the emergence of new human beings, starseeds, Earth-keepers, who will take those positions and who will lead Nova Earth and help with the reconstruction process.
So, that has been a slight shift. Some are more, hmm, determined and stubborn in their resistance. That is all right. That is their freedom and their soul desire. That is fine. But it is not that it will go on indefinitely. It cannot, and it will not.
SB: Lord, if I can intervene here, some people are asking what is the good of NESARA if it comes only in the last three, three, three and a half months? What would your response be to them?
AAM: It is a guidepost. It is an encouragement. It is a signal of the breakdown of the system. We hear this discussion all the time. And a similar discussion is also what good will Disclosure be, if in fact once you have shifted into the fifth dimension you will be in a place of being able to be fully with your star brothers and sisters?
It is part of what we have spoken of when we have talked about the build-up and the pressure of the human race looking for that breakthrough of the water against the dam, of that stone, that rock, that boulder picking up speed.
It is a guidepost for each of you to say, “straight ahead.” So there will be… it is preparation. It is preparation in terms of looking to a new way of being. And, to many — not those who are already underway, but those who are on the far side of the fence? — it is an indicator to them that yes, the paradigm has changed.
What is the purpose? It is release. So much of what we are talking about today is about “what if?”. What if NESARA does not come to pass before December? What if Disclosure does not occur before December? Well, I would suggest to you that Disclosure is already well underway. Look to your media, look to yourself, look to your own experiences.
But nevertheless, it is this feeling of “what if?”. What if I am caught? What if I cannot pay my bills? What if I cannot meet my obligations? Because what that does is it leads to feelings of worthiness, lack of, lack of deservingness. It reinforces the old paradigm.
So what we do in breaking the old paradigm is introduce these guideposts, these landmarks. You have situations where you look to landmark decisions or events, and you say, “There. I can see that there is a shift.” That is what NESARA and Disclosure is all about.
SB: All right, Lord. Well, I suppose this is [ ? ] program. I have a few more “what ifs?” to ask you about. There has been a sudden eruption, again, of rumors of three days of darkness and evacuation from the planet, going up to the ships. I know you’ve spoken to this on other occasions, but could you give us some reassurance around these discussions? Is there going to be three days of darkness, evacuation from the planet, et cetera?
AAM: No. Let me be very clear about that. The answer is no. Now, let me supplement what I say. Could your star brothers and sisters evacuate Earth in the blink of an eye? Yes. But there is no necessity to do so. Think of this: this is the Ascension of Gaia. This is Gaia spreading her arms and her cloak and lifting all of you up with her. Why would you think that the shift into a higher reality — and yet seldom do we use that, but it is a higher reality; it is a more peaceful realm; it is love — why would that entail such disruption and pain and suffering, so much fear and dislocation?
If you do not think that the powers that be are not capable of keeping you safe during this transition, then you are stuck in fear. Now, will there be transitions that happen during hours of darkness, times of darkness? Can there be electrical outages because the frequencies are being re-gridded? Yes. But that is not a fearful thing. That is simply having a storm and being without electricity as you know it for a few hours. And even that is highly unlikely.
So this is what I say to you. If such evacuation was necessary, it would be done immediately. Is this going to be necessary? Will this take place? That is not part of the plan. It is not part of the celebration.
Understand what we say. This is a miraculous event. This is the unfoldment of the promise of the Mother. Why would she put you into a tailspin of fear? It is good we have this discussion of “what if?” because it allows you to be reassured on both fronts. If you wish to be evacuated, so be it. You may sit with that reality. But it creates very strong tension in your entire field. But is it the truth of the plan? No, it is not.
SB: Well, continuing with our reassurance of listeners, Lord…. There are some listeners who are wondering if the cabal has been successfully neutralized, or are they to expect further attempts at pandemics and firestorms and other cabal activities? Is the cabal more or less taken out of the picture?
AAM: Yes, they are — what you would think of as the cabal. Now, understand, as we say, we are giving everybody an opportunity to proceed. And as we have also said this day, there are some that are far more stubborn than others. So there will be some alternate relocation to another third dimensional reality for some who make that choice and decision.
But if you are looking at what you think of as the forces who have created issues of control and secrecy, of aggression, we would say this is about 99 percent done. Will there be a couple of blips of last-term efforts? Yes, but they will be insignificant.
SB: All right. Some lightworkers in Mexico look around them and they still see violence from the drug cartels. They’d like to know when the drug cartels will be subdued. And if we could, perhaps you could also extend your view to FARC in Colombia and the international Mafia. When can we expect to see all of them disappear?
AAM: This is a very wise question. And I say this because those who are dealing in what you would term the drug trade are some of the most resistant energies upon the planet. And that is truly a very strong statement in light of some of the regimes and the political and economic situations.
Why do I say this? It is because those who deal in the drug trafficking business — and we are talking about the production, the politics of it, the economics of it, and the human slavery of it — the darkness is that they really seek to control the mind, the heart and the spirit of the human collective. And that is a very grievous offense. And it is an offense.
What this has been done, what has been done on our side, and with us — and with you, because do not think that your thoughts, your healings, your meditations do not have impact; they have huge impact — but the collective consciousness of those who are involved in such violent behavior has been contained, as a collective, not as individuals.
So what you are going to be seeing is in fact a shift in the willingness of many to participate in that type of activity — and that does include at the political level and the economic level — because it is simply not sustainable. So you may look for changes quite rapidly, actually.
Now, government — and what we would call in many cases particularly, yes, Colombia — is resistant to this because they have thrived. So, regardless of the public speeches, many have thrived on this trade. And it has also supported what you think of as military or paramilitary organizations, both within the drug trade and those who seek to, quote-unquote, “control these interests.” But in fact the primary interest of those who seek to eradicate, or to limit, or to control the drug trade is in fact the continuation of their own military force, or paramilitary force. They wish to be in control in much the same way.
Are their motivations and their hearts as dark? No, of course not. But there are conflicting interests, and those are being addressed at the same time as well.
It is this feeling that you are going to note, collectively and individually, upon your planet, of people saying, “I am tired of doing this. I do not feel in my very life force that I can sustain this way of being any longer. I have lost the heart for it. I have lost the desire for it. And I fear for my life. I fear for the life of my family. I fear for the life of my community.”
And in this case, it is fight or flight. It is not an irrational fear. It is not something that is simply amorphous energy in the dark. It is very real. So these are all being worked on collectively all at once.
SB: All right, Lord. I take it that the same remarks extend to the Mafia as well?
AAM: Yes, the Mafia has their own interests over and above. But we would put such controlling behaviors, whether it is in human trafficking, gambling, or drugs, all in the same category.
SB: All right, thank you, Lord. Now, we have…
AAM: Because they are trying to contain the human spirit. Yes, I am sorry. Go ahead.
SB: Okay. Thank you. Thank you, Lord.
We have had contact with a group in China, as you know. Because you have spoken to [them last…?]. But we’ve now established some contact with them, and some of them are coming into the 2012 Scenario discussion group, et cetera. But what I need to know and maybe what they need to know as well is, is there any prudence required in our interacting with each other? What do we need to avoid talking about? What do we need to think about in the course of discussing matters with each other?
AAM: First of all, you have need to know that we are very glad that this building of the human community is growing. And it is growing, yes, with China, India, Pakistan, Africa. It is growing, and we encourage everybody to be prudent in what they say. But also know you are under my mantle of protection. This forum is under my mantle of protection, and it is ignited with my flame of blue truth.
But be prudent. Do not be too, hmm, strident. And I say that not only in terms of political considerations. I say that in your everyday life as well. Let go of being strident.
Now, the group that you speak of, the many differing interests that come forth from China, they are not strident. Their hearts are open, they are eager, and they are reaching out. But understand, you are protected. But prudence. And what do I mean by prudence? I mean know that your communications, not always, but sometimes, are monitored, particularly in the case of Chinese, and that in that situation outright condemnation of the actions of the government will not be tolerated.
But that is going to change quite rapidly as well. But, for the moment, be prudent.
SB: And should we take any steps to reach out to people, say — you mentioned India and Africa — or will those contacts come in [ ? ] ?
AAM: They are already coming. And yes, you do reach out to them, my friend. Your entire foundation, your editors, your writers, your channels — they do reach out. You have no idea how far your messages travel! And they travel on silver wings. And they are messages of hope, of bravery, of courage, and of an alternate reality that is based in truth.
So, they will approach you. Do not worry. And they are most certainly listening and reading, avidly.
SB: Well, that’s very good to know, Lord. I’m gratified to hear that. We have only perhaps a minute, maybe two, remaining. Is there anything you’d like to say to our listeners in departing?
AAM: I would like to say this. And I know that you have not been entirely satisfied with my answers this day.

There is one question: “What if?” And it is what if you are not loved? That is impossible, my friends. You are cherished. You are taken care of. You are tended to. You are known. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Lord.

Channeled by Linda Dillon