I have asked you to dream big, I have asked you to receive inspiration from your own divinity and from us, from your star brothers and sisters and Gaia, from all the kingdoms. But what I also ask of you, dream big for your sacred self.There is no Ascension without dreaming, without hope, without trust, without joy, without love…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Our guest tonight is Archangel Michael and we welcome your questions and your comments tonight, please join us at 323-784-9697. And if you’d like to join us in the conversation press #1 and Suzanne will take your call and we will do our best to bring you on into the conversation. I just want to extend my appreciation for Suzanne and her help with this since we’ve started to open up the show format to callers. Suzanne’s been wonderful and I think you’ll find her a delight to work with. Tonight we will be following up on a comment that Archangel Michael made on our sister program last week, An Hour With An Angel, where he said we’re not dreaming enough, that the new earth will be far more magnificent than we can imagine. And before we bring on Archangel Michael though, it’s my pleasure to welcome back Linda. Hello Linda, you were missed.

Linda Dillon: Hi there. It’s good to be back, it’s really good to be back but I have to thank you Graham and Suzanne for not only holding the fort but for catalyzing a wonderful conversation last week, so thank you and I’m really glad to be here.

GD: Wonderful, terrific, terrific. Would you like to start us off with a meditation?

LD: I would. I’ve been sitting here for the last little while with The Mighty Ones, as they call themselves, the Archangels and Archangel Michael. So this is something that he is giving us tonight. So everybody just take a nice, deep breath and relax and let go of the day, let go of the week, let go of the month, even the year and just be in your heart and in the present moment. And I want you to feel as you sink into your chair, relaxing your shoulders, your jaw, your legs, and particularly your mind; I want you to feel like you’re drifting on a sea of very very dark navy blue, midnight blue, that you’re drifting across a midnight sky and it’s a sky filled with millions of stars and they’re winking at you and they’re sparkling and you can tell the difference between what is a ship where your star brothers and sisters are anchored, what is a planet and what is a star. But it really doesn’t make much difference. Take in a nice deep breath of that midnight blue, in through your nose holding it for a moment, following it down into your heart and exhaling. And feel that midnight blue, where it almost becomes black or a deep purple, a tinge of gray and silver and let yourself drift, let yourself explore the sky, let yourself simply be free of the earth and of your body for a few moments.

I want you to pick out a star, one of the smaller, tinier, white stars and although it’s small, just a pin-prick of light, it’s shiny and it’s bright and it twinkles and it beckons you. Focus on that star and feel yourself drifting across the sky towards that star and with your expanded body reach out and embrace that star, love that star. This is your wishing star, your dreaming star; this is the place that you will go to to bring light and form and possibility to your dreams and all your creations. Take this star and with its permission, cooperation and joy, bring it into your heart, bring it right into the center of your heart right now. Feel the tingling and feel the warmth and breathe in the star, that white body of light and allow yourself to drift again across the midnight sky, across the immense vastness of the universe, back into your room, back into your chair or your bed or the floor, just put your hands on your heart and remember to work with your star. This is a gift from Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings I AM Michael.

GD: Welcome.

AAM: And welcome to you beloved friend, beloved friends, beloved of the planet, welcome and thank you. Thank you for your generous invitation, thank you for listening, thank you for being observant enough to hear and to digest and to understand what I say to thee. Yes I come to speak to you tonight about creation, about dreaming, about bringing forth your heart’s desire. I come to speak to you about Ascension for all of these are one piece and they are a piece of the dream, they are a piece of the promise, they are the Mother’s unfoldment. They cannot be dissected or separated, so do not even try my beloved friends. There is no Ascension without dreaming, without hope, without trust, without joy, without love. Without hope how do you spend your days? How do you look forward? And how do you even look back? How do you stay in the place of now?

It is the same for love, for trust and even for surrender. My beloved friends, you have been diligent in your work and I in no way have meant it to be disrespectful when I have said “You do not dream big enough.” But I do speak to you from the perspective and the knowing of being in the retinue of the Mother’s Archangels, of being in service to the One and of the understanding infinite and eternal of the plan. Now the way most of you have been constructed and the ways that we have, in fact, guided you and taught you and pointed the way has been to travel within to the depths of your internal heart, your expansive self, the knowing of who you are and the wonder and acceptance of who you are. But most of you when you are thinking about dreaming, creating, becoming, expanding are also doing it within the confines of what you think is your accepted reality. And I do not even mean the old 3rd dimensional reality, for most of you have advanced and adventured far beyond that and you are well underway into the 5th, 6th, 7th, and far beyond. But what you tend to do is to think what is acceptable to you, even within the definition and parameters of what you know as your physical life. Now while on the one hand that is important and understandable because part of this Ascension process is remaining and taking your physical form with you, but it is also expanding far beyond what you think is acceptable to you in terms of what you choose to create.

And yes we understand that many of you think in tangible terms and you have need to know that not only do we understand this mechanism, we support it. But when you think, for example, of having enough, for many of you are in that place and many of you are in that place because you have volunteered to be the way-showers, that you are strong enough to be in this place. But when you think of food on the table and a roof over your head, I do not encourage you to think of mansions in the sky. But do you think, my beloved ones, of food for all, not just physical food but manna, spiritual, emotional, mental? For you will be in a form. Do you think of shelter for all? Do you think of Gaia being in a place where she no longer feels the need to shrug or to express or cleanse to gain attention? Do you think of magnificent places, of light and harmony where neighbors truly do love one another? Not simply that they live without fear or without strife, but where this place of love exists, where you can look at your neighbor and without even concern or fear, but with excitement and joy see the expression of their hearts, of their magnificence, of their wonder. Where you can look at their dog and see the same thing. Do you dream of being the single catalyst in harmony with a million-zillion other creation codes? Because that’s what you are, is simply a creation code. Do you think of dancing in harmony and bringing forth the creation of the new like never before? And certainly never before upon this wondrous planet that was created, that birthed, that volunteered to be the planet of Love.

This is not about just a transition where control or food or money is an issue or not an issue. This is about transcendence. And how does this occur? I tell you my friends, it does not occur without you. It occurs in that dance of harmony within your hearts and minds, within your fields. It is your dreams, your inspirations and you truly reclaiming your place as Creator Race and being with us in the fullness of partnership.

This is not an invitation to ego. We are very happy to dance with your egos. There is no desire to destroy ego or any other part of your sacred being. But it is the harmony within you and when that is in harmony then you can be in harmony with all, with each other, with us, with your star brothers and sisters and the creation of the new. Your ego, your personality is joyfully welcomed, it is the diversity, it is what you think of and call ‘the spice of life.’ Do not limit your dreams. Do not shut down in the Divine inspiration that has been placed within you and is continually placed within you each and every moment of each and every day; the wilder the idea the better. Do not think “Well, that can’t happen.” “How would I do that?” It does not matter. Allow the dream to float, to dance, to be part of your field. Allow it potential to grow, to soar, to take form. Gather the codes throughout the universe. You are not simply limited to what is in front of you, you never have been. But now, now you know this, you’re coming to truly understand this.

When the Mother has asked me, and she has asked me different times, several times, many times, to go to the heart of darkness, to restore light, not just to bring light, not just to eliminate darkness, not just to do reconnaissance, but to bring, restore, create. I did not stop and say to her “How shall I do this?” because like you there is full knowing. If I am asked to do this, then I already know how and as long as I align with my core of truth, with my sword of peace, then I am in alignment with One and I am guided just as you are guided. Everything you need is within you and around you. You are not an island. That is why tonight I have taken you out into the universe and asked you to claim a star so that you would be constantly reminded that you are part of the greater whole. And that the greater whole is part of you. We cannot be separated, it is not possible, it is not the creation.

So my beloved friends, dreamers extraordinaire, where would you wish to begin?

GD: It’s hard to follow up on such a beautiful vision, description, invitation that you have for us a Creator Race, the Creator Race for the planet in creating the planet of Love and I hear your invitation for us to think more globally and think about others and think about Gaia as we dream. And think in terms of wild dreams and infinite possibilities and if I could just keep this going a little further and I think about the power of visualizing and holding an idea or a thought or a creation in one’s mind and I appreciate that we are the Creator Race and you don’t want to create for us or lay out the blueprint for us, but could you give me some examples of some wild and infinite, amazing creation possibilities that we haven’t been discussing on the shows or we humans haven’t been thinking about in general that maybe some other planets have done or perhaps maybe something that could really just open us and really get us excited when we think about possibilities?

AAM: Yes because Linda has talked to me about this as well. Let us give you a very concrete example. In the year that you know as 2000 we began working with you, we began, your star brothers and sisters began, and your future wing-maker selves began working with the Cities of Light. And these Cities of Light are not simply etheric forms but let us suggest to you and tell you, share with you that in the beginning these Cities of Light were 800,000 years in your future. The work has been done and it began with a plea, not only from us but from your future selves guiding the actions, the decisions, the choices, the dreams, the inspirations, the desires that you, in human form right now have to create Nova Earth. And they begged you to make wise decisions because the decisions that you have made starting at that conjunction and continuing on, almost on a daily basis would affect whether they would come to be in what you think of as a physical reality and existence. Now the Cities of Light emerge, many are seeing them and they have been forming all over the planet gloriously, yes the first one was ‘The New Jerusalem’, Phoenix to Sedona. But there has been one ‘The Atlantean City of Light’, ‘Terra Tralana’, ‘Idaho’, many, many, ‘Michigan’. We have spoken of this when we have spoken to the people of China about the City of Light that is forming there. This is not simply something that is a dream. Many of you, yes with your 3rd and 4th eye, but with also what you think of as your human eyes, are seeing and observing, coming into form in your reality, something that you have pulled into your time and space albeit fully anchored in the 7th. But you are also approaching, they are approaching, you are approaching, coming together to build places that are of Nova Earth, places where business, what you would think of as commerce, are places of beauty, of light, of community, of creation. Temples of learning where wisdom is shared, not hoarded, information is the tender that is to be equally shared. Where star beings from many galaxies that you have never even thought or heard of walk the streets freely and gaily, where families live and thrive, where there is no pollution, where all the needs are attended to. Gaia is a bountiful planet, she is an Archangel incarnate, and she has taken this role very seriously. There is no need for struggle, that came out of human experience and lack of faith, lack of hope, from a very, very dark time in history, both of the planet and of civilization. That is a very concrete reality and there are many of you out there who are very conscientiously building and working daily with the Cities of Light. Do not think this is simply a pipe dream, it is not and you are seeing the fruits of this. You have your websites, yes of course the Council of Love, the 2012scenerio, but many, but you have built concrete platforms for discussion, for community, for truth. This is not simply something that is esoteric or etheric, yes it is electronic, it is ‘in space’ as you would think of it but it is tangible, it is real. You can even print it, touch it, eat it if you wish. These are tangible dreams coming true. You are building situations where your community is coming together. No I will not be giving away the news but these are tangible ways in which you are saying “We are united in heart, we are united in purpose, we are not united by those who believe they can control, we are not united by anything but love and by hope and by vision for a very different future.”

GD: Beautiful and most hopeful. Thank you, thank you.

AAM: You have, in your society, many different formations of family and knowingly or not knowingly you have created new paradigms of what family needs where sometimes there are combined, conjoined families with several adults tending to the love and care and nurturing and the bringing up of children. This is a microcosm if what you are building for the future. So look to what has been laid in front of you, what you have already begun to create and build on it. You build green, you recycle, you tend to your gardens, you eat in a different way. All of these are your inspirations and creations. So do not think you have not begun my friends, you have begun brilliantly. Now build.

GD: Wonderful, thank you. I’d like to switch gears just a little bit and give our callers an opportunity to chime in on this discussion, it that’s ok?

AAM: I would like that.

GD: OK, Cecile from Florida, welcome to the show. You have a question on the Ascension process?

Cecile: Yes, good evening. I want to say hello first of all and tell you how much I really, really enjoy your show and I love reading all the channeled messages from Linda and everybody else on 2012scenerio. The message has been so beautiful tonight I was almost like in a dream state I forgot what I was going to ask but, my main question is “I think/feel like I’m not doing enough to help. What more can I possibly do to help with the Ascension process?” What I personally do most of the time is just share all the messages with everybody, like I say ‘I’m planting seeds’ and share with everyone and do some group meditations, but I’ve mostly been on my own path on my own and just read and research everything.

AAM: Beloved one. First of all, you are doing well and I say that not only to you but to all of you. But there is this part of you inside that knows ‘I can, I wish, I desire to do more.’ Now many of you are consumers of massive amounts of information and I do not say this in a way that is to discourage you from that but discernment is always the key of course. And the discernment does not come from us, it comes from your heart, for you know very clearly what resonates deep within and what does not. But the dreaming, the meditation, the ritual, the doing the Ascension process, the gathering with One, the allowing the expansion that comes through the meditation and the connection to All, that is vitally important. Because when you are in that place of connection, of heart, of love, not only does it fill you, sweet angel, it fills your field, it fills your home, it fills your neighborhood, in fills your community, it fills your state. And then when you emerge from the place of deep connection and meditation, what you are doing is bringing that expansion; now you are continually expanding, do not let me mislead you and say this expansion is only taking place when you are in meditation, that is not so. But when you are in that place of deep connection, of a conscious connection on an entirely different level, what you are doing is allowing an exponential explosion of your field and what you are capable of. You are allowing the inspiration to flow into you so it can be reclaimed as you regain your conscious, go about your day thoughts. So do not ignore the meditation and if you say to me, as many of you do, “Michael, I have trouble with meditation”, then come with me, drift on the infinite blue of the Mother, climb on my back, wrap yourself in my cloak and allow me to take you. Meditation is necessary, it is where you will feel the love and sharing the love is your mission and purpose, dear hearts.

GD: Cecile, thank you so much for your call tonight.

Cecile: Thank you.

GD: Jean of North Carolina, welcome.

Jean: Thank you, it’s good to be here. Well I have a question about the possessions we have here in the 3D reality. When my ex-husband went to another country he left me with a large workshop and garage full of every kind of power tool a man could dream of. “Will those be obsolete that I might find them another home, while somebody could still use them or after the Shift will there still be some use for this type of thing?”

AAM: Think of it this way, there are many on your planet who love antiquarian tools, ancient chisels coming from the prehistoric times, to the shards found in the remains in Egypt and Lemuria and Atlantis, to the tools of your forefathers of your countries. Nothing is ever wasted. So yes dear heart, you have been left with a legacy and unfortunately sometimes it is a painful memory. So, one of the things that you are doing is thinking of yourself as a custodian of these treasures that will remind the human race of the history and the evolution of the collective. But if you have someone who wishes to share with these, to use these tools, by all means do so.

Jean: Oh, thank you. I’d like to ask one more quick question. I’m guided to create sacred symbols of light that help people in clearing themselves in healing. And I’ve created books and I wonder now, “Should I be giving these away to help people?” I have feelings because sometimes when you give away something people do not appreciate it, it has more value if they pay something for it, so I’m very confused on what process to follow.

AAM: The time is short and yes you are correct, there has been a human tendency to not always appreciate what is given freely. Is that not very sad as in tragic? And if it was my sister Gabrielle, she would say pathetic. But yes, share what you have, let it be used as it will, be generous in your giving and do not worry about the outcome, leave it in the hands of One.

GD: Thank you for your call tonight, Jean.

Jean: Thank you.

GD: Phil of New Jersey, welcome to the show.

Phil: Hi, thank you very much, thanks for having me.

GD: Sure, what’s your question or comment tonight?

Phil: Well I recently had a session with a well-known individual who I don’t want to name and I was told that I was a starseed and I was helping channel a lot of energy and light right now and my question is “How do I work out karma that I’ve acquired while here doing this work? Is there a special way for me to clear any karma before the Ascension?”

GD: Great question.

LD: Hi it’s Linda.

Phil: Hi Linda.

LD: Hi there and this is a great question, thanks for bringing it up. And Michael is still talking; this is what happens when I’m channeling, I get to share a little bit of space. We were given, and I say we, all of us, were given during this period of time a wonderful meditation that I would like to share with everyone tonight, because it’s important and it’s a meditation called Karmic Dispensation. We are in a period right now of karmic dispensation. Now karmic dispensation doesn’t just happen, you have to ask for it. The last time that we had this kind of a gift was at the time of around Jesus, Yeshua; you know there’s that whole Christian, Catholic thing ‘oh he died for our sins’. Well actually what they’re really talking about is that during that period of time we got a huge karmic dispensation. It was like wiping the slate clean. It’s a rare gift and it’s an important gift so I’ll share with all of you what I do and how it’s been given to me and how I share it with you.

Phil: OK, thank you.

LD: Go into meditation, anchor into your heart. How I picture it is I’m going down a hall, a long hallway and I always invite my guides, but if you have someone that you cherish, Michael’s correcting me, you can bring them along too. So say you have a partner or anyone you love, bring everybody, and you go to this thing and you’re going to see on the door “Karmic Dispensation Board”. You know, when I walk in, probably due to my background, but it feels quasi-judicial, it’s like there’s a big boardroom table in front of me and on the far side of the table is the Karmic Board, you know those beings and I usually see between five and seven and you have to ask. So what you do is you request that all karma that you have incurred, or that has been incurred by either actions that have been done to you or that you owe. So it’s not only what you owe, it is also what is owed to you.

Phil: I understand. OK.

LD: OK, so we’re asking for a clearing of everything. So it’s a blessing not only to you but to many and you ask that all karma be cleared. I’ve never run into a situation where the board hasn’t said immediately “Yes”. So you take a minute, you go into your heart and you thank them from the bottom of your heart and you leave. And that’s that. Now we all do things, me-a cul-pa, me-a cul-pa, we all do things from time to time that we think ‘oh gosh, I really shouldn’t have done that.’ So don’t hesitate to go back and ask for further dispensation. It’s not license, it’s forgiveness and it’s dispensation and it’s a huge gift; it’s one of the many things the Company of Heaven is giving us at this time to help us with this Ascension process. So thank you for asking this question. I know it’s going to help a lot of us.

Phil: Well, thank you.

GD: Thank you for calling.

Phil: Alright, thank you.

GD & LD: Bye-bye.

GD: Harriet from Florida, welcome. Are you there?

Harriet: Yes, I’m here.

GD: Hello, you have a question about inner earth?

Harriet: This is Harriet. Are you speaking to me?

GD: Yes, welcome to the show. What’s your question or comment tonight?

Harriet: Yes, “I wanted to know from Archangel Michael if it’s true that we have to go to inner earth to lie in the crystal chambers in order to become fully conscious beings?” Because we’re told that our brothers and sisters of inner earth have prepared crystal chambers for us which are to transform us to fully conscious beings. Is that true?

AAM: You are asking a question of truth or false? There are places dear heart within inner earth that contain crystal chambers that some of you will be drawn to. But understand it is not simply the connection to inner earth, it is the connection to Gaia, it is the connection to your Mother Earth, it is the connection to the healing properties that she has and that she has always had and offered to you. That is the root for the conscious raisingness; it is also similar to the healing chambers that your brothers and sisters of the stars offer you but understand all of this also exists within you. But yes, connecting to the heart of Gaia whether you see it as a council fire or a crystal chamber is going to assist you mightily. Is it the passport and the necessity to prepare you for Ascension? No. The key to your Ascension beloved one is the purity of your heart. And Harriet, the purity of your heart is already known. Go in peace sweet angel.

Harriet: Thank you Archangel Michael. Bye-bye.

GD: Dave from Texas, welcome to the show. What’s your comment or question tonight?

Dave: Well I guess my question is, I had been a professional musician from the age of 14 and I did that for 40 some years, you know, and I ended up having a child at a late age and she’s 9 now and I have just been, I totally quit doing everything that I once did, that really got me to a place I didn’t want to be, and I unplugged most things and I just feel stuck. I unplugged the things I didn’t want and didn’t like and it doesn’t seem to be anything there except for my beautiful daughter and my relationship with her. So I’m just kind of wondering where I’m floating and hovering in this world, or this physicality and needing money it’s really just not working for me.

AAM: You have felt that you are in-between worlds and in-between realities and the key ingredient that you are missing is love. You have, as you have put it, unplugged from those qualities of life or those aspects of your life that were not serving you. And what you have not done as yet, my beloved brother, you have not plugged into what is feeding you, what is inspiring you, what is holding you, except for your beloved daughter who is magnificent and who, of course, has chosen you and who has been entrusted to you. But it was never designed that you would simply live or exist in abeyance for your daughter.

So I am extending you a very personal invitation, to come back into your heart. You have lived in your external world and you have lived in your mind, in your head and you are a very physical being and that is part of the beauty and the grace of who you are. And when I say this to you, I say this to many. Your heart, what you think of as your heart, your soul, your spirit, you have been skirting around it. Yes there has been pain and there has been injury but part of that is also a leeriness on your part to fully accept the worthiness, the brightness of your being. And you get impatient and I do mean this in a negative way but when you go still and you begin to dream and allowing your mind to wander and fill with the love, you think “Well this isn’t working” but you are not giving it enough of your time and space in reality. There will be a return to healing music like your planet has never seen. Yes, there are many gifted musicians, artists who are beginning to emerge, but the sound of the spheres, the healing music, the sound of the universe, the new music that is going to emerge is going to be far beyond what you are thinking of even right now with some of the most gifted “New Age Music” you are listening to at the moment. So what I am asking of you brother is allow yourself to be plugged in in a new way, but the first thing that we must re-plug is your deep sense of knowing of your worth, of your light and that you are loved, that you are loved and lovable and deserve. Will you accept my invitation and come and we will begin right away?

Dave: I do, yes.

AAM: I give you my gift of hope, of trust, and I ignite your flame of truth again. It is a new adventure and it is a new adventure for you, it is a new adventure for many on earth. And sweet angel, it is a new adventure for us as well. We are co-creating the new and we are doing it together.

GD: Dave, thank you so much for your call tonight. This is, I know, relative for many so your question and your call is welcome. Thank you so much. Shaunie from Iowa, welcome.

Shaunie: Hi, are you talking to me?

GD: I may have mispronounced it. Is it Shaunie? Welcome, hi.

Shaunie: Yes it is. Hi, “I’m just wondering who I am and why I’m here on earth at this time?” Because I’ve had a lot of people tell me a lot of different things about that, but I’m finally at a point where I would like a succinct answer. And I know Archangel Michael knows me so…

GD: Well we have just a couple of minutes and I hope that we can start to answer that for you a little bit.

AAM: Alright then let us begin because I say this to not only you Shaunie , but also to many. Why do you want to limit who you are? Yes, each of you have brought with you the full array, the fullness of your soul design, of who you are, of your talents, of your abilities, and they are much bigger and grander than you can dream of, although I am asking you to.

Shaunie: Yes, I can dream pretty big.

AAM: Yes you are a sound healer, you are a healer, you are part of the creation of new sound, you know how the vibrations move. But there are also many of you out there who have so many gifts, do not slot yourself, do not say “I am a channel”, “I am a healer”, “I am an entertainer”, “I am a writer of music”, “I am an artist”, you can do so much. Allow yourself free reign, no not in a way that you would have thought of in the past as being a dilettante, but in focus, in bringing your energy to what you want. Don’t just take the center of the photograph, paint right to the edge of the canvas and see what you are capable of. Do not box yourself in. That is why I invite you to come and float throughout the universe with me. Your star shines brightly; do not limit what you can create. You are mighty. I recognize this in all of you. Thank you.

GD: Shaunie, thank you so much for your call tonight. Archangel Michael, as we start to close the show is there anything you’d like to say in helping us wrap up tonight?

AAM: Yes. I have asked you to dream big, I have asked you to receive inspiration from your own divinity and from us, from your star brothers and sisters and Gaia, from all the kingdoms. But what I also ask of you, dream big for your sacred self. Do not be afraid, do not limit yourself in what you want for your life, for your capacity to create, to conjoin with others, for your family, for your friends, for the ability to enjoy the bounty of Gaia and the miracles of creation. Do not think I ask of this just for humanity and the collective, I ask you, each of you, do it for yourself as well, do it for me, do it for the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven because we love you and we trust you. Go in peace.

GD: Thank you, thank you for visiting with us tonight and helping us dream and helping us conceive and co-create this new planet of Love as a Creator Race that we are co-creating with the heavenly realm and our star brothers and sisters. And as we think about the immediate issues that we as individuals and as a society are presented with, the invitation tonight is to take it further and beyond and think more globally and think about Gaia and think about others and think about infinite possibilities and your wildest dreams. And so we thank you so much for bringing this hope tonight and this invitation and all of your assistance.

AAM: Thank you. As always, thank you. Go with my love. Farewell.

GD: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-30-12