when I say a Shift into love it is the conscious decision to choose love, to lead, to be in your heart instead of your mental body, your ego, your delightful personality…you are in-between realities and that is why you are not feeling the full impact of the 5th, the 6th, the 7th dimension, but remember the primary quality of the 5th dimension is the ability to manage, to work with and to embrace change…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. Last week St. Germaine came to visit us and he shared with us what the 5th dimension is like and we had a very enriching conversation. If you didn’t hear it I certainly invite you to go back and listen to it but he’s coming back because I have a question and I suspect a number of you who listen to the show do as well. He posed or indicated that many of us have already ascended or those of us listening on the call have already ascended but we don’t know it yet and I want to learn more about that because while I feel that I am embodying many of 5th dimensional qualities, I really thought that after experiencing ascension I would be experiencing earth and my reality very differently. So he’ll be coming back to share some more words and more thoughts around that and tonight is the first night for Heavenly Blessings since we’ve been on air that we’re opening up the phone lines to you so that you can participate and join us in the conversation and we welcome your comments, your insights and your questions and we’ll do our best to bring you on and welcome you to the show. We only have an hour but before we get going I want to express particular thanks to Suzanne Marecka who is with us managing the switchboards. So as you are calling in and the number is 323-784-9697 and if you’d like to participate in the conversation firstly press 1 and when you do that Suzanne is going to bring you into what we call the screening room and have a chat and get a sense of what your question is and that will tell me who you are and what your question is and we’ll bring you on as soon as we can. I already see just the switchboard is lighting up with all of your calls so we are excited to get to that.

Suzanne, are you available and can you hear us? Are you working with someone right now? Can you come on just to say a quick hello? OK, she might be in the screening room talking with someone at the moment but Linda, hello, welcome.

Linda Dillon: Hi there, hi there. Yeah and I want to give my thanks to Suzanne as well; what a life saver. And I want to welcome everybody again tonight to Heavenly Blessings and to this new format. I think both Graham and I are both excited and open and nervous and just ready to broaden the conversation. As I said last week this show in particular, Heavenly Blessings, was intended originally when Graham and I formulated it to be a place where we talked about how to get at our spiritual journey, more of how to use tools, how to address situations, what does the Ascension process look, feel, taste like? It hit me that when Graham and I choose the picture, which is our logo for this show, we choose a field full of flowers on a background of mountains. And at the time he and I discussed it and I thought well there are that many heavenly blessings out there, just this field of massive flowers. But as I was getting ready this afternoon it hit me that I think that we’re the flowers as well, I think that we’re all in this together and that we’re in this beautiful field of flowers, each of us is unique and different and yet we’re in this together. And so it really makes sense to be opening up the conversation so that we can share what our insights are, what our journey is about, what we’re struggling with, what our victories are. So this isn’t about so much personal questions or being the psychic hotline but it is about getting at the issues which we’re all grappling with: family, relationships, money, finance, abundance, jobs, roles, so it will be interesting to see how this grows, how this morphs over the next little while.

GD: Indeed, wonderful and we certainly encourage you to participate and we will do our best to bring you on. Linda, would you like to…actually I’m going to see if Suzanne can come with us…oh I see she is still in the screening room with another caller, so Linda would you like to start us off with a meditation?

LD: Yes I would be happy to. So tonight because we are all thinking and working and dreaming about love I’d like you to relax, sink into your chair, your bed, the floor, the hammock, wherever you are and take a nice deep breath of beautiful emerald green, that pure green of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Raphael has been very present with us right now in sending us Ascension Healing and opening our hearts to receive the love being transmitted to us from the heart of Mother/Father/One. So just breathe in green and as you do feel your shoulders relax, your jaw unclench from the drive home and feel yourself sinking into your heart, into that place of the seat of your soul, the tip of your heart and let yourself expand. And feel the love not only around you and it’s penetrating you but feel the love that you are, the essence of your being that you’ve always been. Relax, not just your shoulders but your back, your chest cavity, your tummy, your legs and give yourself thanksgiving and gratitude for taking this time for your sacred self, to share this sacred space with us, to open and receive and simply be as I step aside…

St.G: Greetings I AM St. Germaine.

GD: Welcome.

St.G: And welcome to you my friend and my friends and I am glad to be hailed back and yes dear Graham, I have heard your question and I have heard this question on many of your lips “If I am ascended, if I am in the process of ascending, if I am already home, then why do I still feel this way?”

My comment, well I will give you the abbreviated version because I too am anxious to hear the callers. The Shift and the unfoldment of the Universal Mother’s plan, yes is absolutely about the shift in dimensions, the ascension from the old 3rd, sullied, dirtied up, paradigm dimension, into the 5th and through to the 7th if you choose. But the heart of the Shift, my brother, my sisters, is about the Shift back into the love. It is what all of us, all of the Ascended Masters, all of the angels and Archangels, your star brothers and sisters, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, it is what all of us have endeavored to do, to work with you on. It is the Shift into love and you are there.

Now when I say a Shift into love what does this mean in practical terms? It is a conscious decision and that is where the major change is taking place, it is the conscious decision to choose love, to lead, to be in your heart instead of your mental body, your ego, your delightful personality and that is not something we ever wish to eradicate. As you know I love lively, philosophical, mental body, emotional body conversation and discussion. But what I love is that type of conversation that is based and emanates from the heart, from the love. You are in-between realities and that is why you are not feeling the full impact of the 5th, the 6th, the 7th dimension. But also remember, one of the primary qualities of the 5th dimension as you know it, and do not forget that within that there are 12 planes, 12 steps, 12 realms, but within that one of the primary qualities of the 5th dimension is the ability to manage, to work with and to embrace change.

And I would suggest not only to you Graham but to our listeners, if you have not been dealing with change then you have been hiding under a rock and my beloved lightworkers, love-holders you have not been doing that. Quite the contrary, for you are shining your light brightly. Now what about this matter of change? What about being in an altered dimension and still living in the illusion, or feeling that you are living in the illusion of the 3rd? You are reaching back into the 3rd. You can almost think of it as a hologram but like many holograms on earth or Terra Gaia, many human beings believe these to be substantial and real, and therefore they are; they have as much physicality or as much materiality as you believe. Gaia herself has truly travelled past the 3rd, so in reality you cannot be fully integrated or managed in the 3rd, only very slightly. But what you are doing is reaching, materializing, helping in the 3rd, because that is your job, that is your job as managers of change, that is your job as way-showers, as bringers of the future. So you are reaching your hand out to assist those to say “well, wait a minute I think there’s a change here” and I have been human, I have been human many, many times so I also know that the management of change does not always appear smooth. But the more that you hold the vision that the wrinkles in what you think of as dimension or time are smooth, then they will be. Now if that is not controversial enough to start a conversation I do not know what is. Where do you wish to begin my beloved friend?

GD: Well firstly, thank you for coming back and visiting with us. And what I’m hearing from you is that, I hear you speak about the Shift into love and having the conscious decision to choose love and to be in one’s heart and the reason why, I’ll just personalize this a bit but certainly it’s on many minds I’m sure, the reason why we may not, I may not fully feel like I’m anchored in the 5th dimension is that I’m reaching back and assisting with change in the 3rd dimension. So that’s why I’m still experiencing some of the old “stuff”, the old paradigm that I’ve been living on earth with, is that correct?

St.G: That is correct and Linda would like to add her observation as well.

GD: Great.

LD: Well this is new, shift back and forth. You know, one of the things I was thinking about as you had posed this question because it’s such a huge, substantial question, Graham, about the Shift. And so as I was meditating with St. Germaine and Gabriel and ‘the gang’ as it were, one of the things that they were reminding me of and it’s something (plug, plug) that I’ve talked about because it’s important in The Great Awakening is that this Shift process for the humans, for us, we know it’s been going on for a long time for the other realms, but for the human realm they gave us basically a 25 year plan. And our plan of Shift, and if you think back and I really encourage our listeners to do this, well if you’re old enough, but it began with the Harmonic Convergence in ’87 and that was a huge activation particularly of the starseed and then we had the opening of the portal of 11:11 in ’92, followed by the opening of the 12:12 portal in ’93 and every year since there has been openings and anchorings. They brought in the 13th Octave in ’97 and then there was a shift and the opening of Earth joining the Galactic Council in ’98, and in ’99 the Cities of Light and the Wing-makers began to make themselves known. Then the big piece, given that we are talking to St. Germaine, was his gift and his re-initiation, his re-welcoming us back home into the Violet Flame in 2001. Then Mary came in with Blue Diamond, then we got more understanding on the dimensions and then the Pink Diamond and so on and so on. So it’s been building but this year, of course, the push is really on because we feel like we’re those horses in the races, we can see the finish line and we want to be there and we’re saying “well I don’t feel what I think or I want to be feeling and experiencing”. But if we look at ourselves and even I notice how I’m perceiving nature and other people, things are changing. So that’s my sense worth. We’ve been in it for a long time it’s just that we really haven’t noticed the changes in ourselves because they are subtle.

GD: I really appreciate you speaking to that, Linda it’s really a great contribution, this discussion of course. St. Germaine, if I could ask the question of you, “When I have thought of Ascension, I have thought of an experience that would catapult me into this state of bliss and this state of love and I’ll use the word euphoric and just coming into a place of being deeply anchored, consistently in that place. And I understand now we’re reaching back into the 3rd and that’s why we’re experiencing some of the old paradigm, is it fair to say at some point we will get to a place and maybe it’s a collective place, maybe it’s an individual place but when we are fully anchored and I understand there are 12 stages within the 5th paradigm, but when we’re fully anchored into the 5th and have fully completed the Ascension process is it fair to say that we will indeed be in that place? And so what else comes to mind are the gifts that will come back and the universal memory and knowledge, unity consciousness, do I have that right?

St.G: It is not only a supposition, it is a reality that there will be and it does happen individually and then collectively and if an individual hasn’t done it by the point of which the collective awakens then they will simply do it at that juncture. But yes there is a point of awakening as you are saying the euphoric bliss when the light goes on and the memory floods you…

GD: And is that December 21st? Excuse me…

St.G: We are not sticking to one day but that is a good anchoring point.

GD: OK and I appreciate you speaking to that because December 21st will be different days depending on where you are in the world.

StG: That is correct. Yes and so that is why we say it is a period of time but many of you are in that place of euphoria, in that place of bliss and what we would call clarity. But it is when you reach back into the 3rd that you feel the denser energies. So once everybody has anchored firmly in the 5th, with a physical experience because this is not about abandoning your body, but as you do so yes, the gifts, the knowing, the love, the shift in paradigms, institutions, beliefs, how you treat one another, it will all change dear heart. That is not just my supposition it is the promise of the Mother, it is the unfoldment of the Divine Mother’s plan; it is what we have all waited for.

GD: And the clarion call that you put out to us last week and we’ve heard it from others and I offer this as a reminder for anyone listening is that there’s no reason to wait, in fact to bring in the new earth, to bring in the new paradigm, to bring in the theme of love and light and peace we start now. And so echoing what you shared earlier St. Germaine; it’s a conscious decision to choose love now, be love now, be in your heart now.

St.G: Thank you for repeating. Yes that is my clarion call because it is time. The more of you who are already there, who are already making that conscious decision and behaving in accordance with that decision and reminding yourself of that decision, the easier and the faster this shift will take place.

GD: Terrific. Well we have a whole bunch of callers in the studio and a lot of folks with questions and what I’d like to do is start to bring on folks and if you’d like to join in the conversation call 323-784-9697 and just press 1 so that we know that you’d like to have a chat with us and we’ll do our best to get to you. I’d like to bring on I think it’s Daria and…

Daria: Good evening.

GD: Daria welcome.

Daria: Hi, good evening, thank you so much for having me.

GD: Daria where are you from?

Daria: I am in Charleston, South Carolina.

GD: Terrific. Now if you have the speaker, if you are listening to the show on a computer or another speaker, I just ask you to turn that down because what will happen, and this is for everyone, there will be an echo and you can mute on your end, that usually helps.

Daria: OK I’m actually speaking through my phone so I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

GD: OK Great. Am I saying your name right?

Daria: Daria.

GD: Daria. And where did you say you’re from?

Daria: I’m from Charleston, South Carolina.

GD: OK. Terrific.

LD: One of my favorite places, Daria. Hi, it’s Linda.

Daria: Hi. You know I actually feel I was led here, by St. Germaine, to Charleston. But before, and good evening St. Germaine, but before I ask a question I just wanted to share what you were speaking about that I am experiencing the Shift, as I connect with a higher vibrations, this going back and forth as I experience bliss and clarity and understanding and then I reach back to bring that experience, that knowing to others, to the people that I work with, to share with them what I’m experiencing, that through this process I understand what you’re saying about the Shift of going back and forth, but I can see the changes that they’ve experienced just within the past few months of people would say “Oh, you know, I’ve lost my job, I don’t know what to do.” And now all of a sudden the shift is “I don’t want to do that anymore, I don’t want to do what doesn’t bring me joy and what doesn’t anchor in the light.” So I thank you so much for bringing clarity to that, but I’m so excited to speak to St. Germaine through Linda because I believe that you, St. Germaine, have taken me to your etheric retreat. You told me that I know you as brother and you address me as Beloved Dove, so my question to you is “Why have you taken me under your wing? And what more can I do to anchor in the light and to serve others to help everyone reach that critical mass?”

St.G: I AM St. Germaine and yes I will continue. First of all welcome Beloved Dove for that is how you are known in many realities. But I also wish to address this in a very general way as I know you will understand because it will benefit so many. I have sent out my clarion call and years ago I have sent out the call for an armada of healers; now I call for the lightholders and the lightbearers, the light-doers to step forward and yes I have welcomed you into my temple because it is my home and you, all of you but some more than others of course feel more connected to me. That is alright, I am not offended but I bring you to my home to gird you, to prepare you, to restore you, to refuel you and that you will know that as you proceed you are armed with my torch and you are armed with the Violet Flame and as you instill the Violet Flame of Transmutation, of the I AM Presence, you carry this into the hearts, the minds and the fields of everyone you encounter. I would ask each of you to take time every day to simply sit within my Violet Flame, to sit within the violet bonfire, to allow any speck, any microscopic fleck of debris, any shred of pain, of hurt, of dis-illusion to be eradicated and that you will rise not only as the dove but the phoenix from the ashes of the flame into the place of creation and co-creation. So this is what I ask of you and if you can give me 5 minutes three times a week I will take it. Farewell.

Daria: Thank you, thank you. We are so blessed to be here at this time and I thank you for sharing that with me.

GD: Daria thank you so much for your call in joining us today.

Daria: You’re welcome.

GD: OK. We’re going to bring on Rosemary. Rosemary welcome to the show.

Rosemary: Oh hello.

GD: Welcome.

Rosemary: Thank you it’s really a pleasure and honor to be here and to speak to you St. Germaine.

GD: Where are you from?

Rosemary: Montreal.

GD: Terrific. What’s your question tonight?

Rosemary: I actually have two, just to let you know I sit in the Violet Flame, I have Linda’s CD’s, I’m bringing forth a book which I have been bringing forth for about 3 years but it’s really coming out now, so I sit in your Violet Flame every day when I sit down to write so I know I have your help and at the end of that meditation we have all the Masters. So the question I mentioned to Suzanne, it’s about something you said last week, I don’t want to steer people wrong with what I’m saying because I’m now obviously including all this scenario at the conclusion and in my book. So you said something about when we’re in the 5th dimension we won’t have to go to work, we won’t have to go to jobs we don’t like etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Um, I’m presuming that that would be the ideal situation, or that will be the situation we’re going towards that after December 1 or in January when we all get back to our regular but obviously not regular regular lives we will still go to our jobs, most of us will obviously have to go to the store and buy supplies, they won’t just drop out of the heavens like manna and so I’d just like some clarification on that and on this and what you meant last week the process will be leading towards that. So if you could just clarify that.

St.G: Yes, welcome sweet Rosemary. And yes that is exactly what I have meant, but understand also when I have talked about that moment and a moment can be an hour or days of infusion of light, of shifting and I do not pinpoint a day, please understand what I say…

Rosemary: Yes.

St.G: …but yes there will be an immediate transition. Some are already practicing the co-creation processes and so you see them moving into work that they feel is rewarding, jobs that they feel that is their sacred service. There will be a shift economically as well away from the need to be working at something that you do not enjoy. Will it happen on day 1? Well you see this is where we are not intervening except the energy will be entirely different, so the job that you hated may be the most delightful place on earth because do not forget you have been bringing your energy there for years, most of you. But what we are talking about is the choice, the choice to decide and to create and to bring forward what you desire. Now the idea of having the physical form, in terms of the Shift, is also to have a physical experience, so much like your brothers and sisters of the stars, you will have a choice of what to eat and where to eat and how to eat, how to fuel yourselves. But your physical forms have been changing dramatically over the past, oh particularly 2 years, and so your DNA is shifting regardless. But I, for one, have always enjoyed the taking of water, of bread, of food, of kinship to share. So yes, if you are asking “Do I wake up and my job is gone away?” Well frankly that is also going to depend on your job. There are some jobs that will very quickly be eliminated because there simply will not be a need for them. So for example if you work for an arms manufacturer, don’t bother going into work.

Rosemary: Right, ok.

GD: Rosemary, thank you so much for…go ahead…

Rosemary: I’ve seen that also in people around me. I also had one quick question ah, this is on a totally different subject. A couple of months ago or a month ago through Linda, I’m not sure if it was Archangel Michael but one of them suggested that Archangel Gabriel, being the messenger, is the one that appeared to Mary and he also appeared to Mohammad. I had actually asked about Mohammad because I am writing about the different spiritualities and religions and there are similarities so I don’t want to leave out any of the religions. Um, but in the meditation of the Violet Flame and any of the other conversations his name has not been brought up again at all. I’d just like to know why? Is he an Ascended Master and why has it not been brought up or has it just been an omission? I’d just like some comment on that.

GD: Linda, do you want to speak to that?

LD: Yea, hi this is Linda.

Rosemary: Oh, hi,

LD: Hi. You’re asking why Mohammad has not been brought up more.

Rosemary: Yes, again, he was brought up once saying the Archangel Gabriel did appear to him…

LD: Oh absolutely and when do, for example when we do classes or a lot of private sessions Mohammad is often very present and we certainly always invoke his strength and his faith…so no, he is among the Ascended Ones…

Rosemary: Yes, ok, I just haven’t heard him mentioned. I have the meditations from your book or in anything else I’ve heard on the shows, I could have missed something or even on Steve’s site I haven’t seen anything…

LD: I think that’s a really good question. Mohammad hasn’t visited me to do a lot of channeling on the shows and he hasn’t been front and center in terms of having messages to share on the channeling show, but Mohammad is very much with us and this is, the work that you’re doing is in alignment with the work of the Council of Love because that is what, you know, it isn’t east or west or based in religion at all because we have the Buddha, we have Maitreya, we have Quan Yin, we have Lao Tzu, we have Jesus Sananda, we have Universal Mother Mary, it’s everybody, Mohammad included meeting in the middle because the middle point is the unifying point and that’s our heart and the heart of One and the heart of love. Because it can’t be either/or anymore.

GD: Rosemary I want to thank you so much for your questions and Linda I’m sorry if I’m cutting you off, go ahead.

LD: That’s ok, let’s go…

GD: OK, we have several callers lined up and our hour’s running short, so I’d like to move on…

Rosemary: Thank you.

GD: Thank you so much Rosemary. Welcome to the show and…

LD: Thank you Rosemary. And greetings to Montreal, I’m from there.

GD: Yeah. Mike, welcome to the show. Where are you from?

Mike: I’m from Phoenix, Arizona.

GD: Oh terrific, welcome. What’s your question tonight?

Mike: My question is “Lord, I’m moving into the higher dimensions and it just seems like every once in a while or when I meditate and so moving out of the 3rd seems to be difficult even though I’ve been tap on the shoulder, what 20 years ago, and just recently this year just really being awakened and bringing up all kinds of things like, I love the previous callers work, I’m a construction worker and that just doesn’t work anymore with love I don’t see it working for me anymore. So Lord, I’m asking how to best transition from this old 3rd to the heights I really want to co-create?”

GD: Excellent question Mike.

LD: It is an excellent question and I think it’s one that many of our listeners share. How do I get from point A to point B, from where I am and where I’ve been to you know, pay the bills, take care of the family, be a “responsible citizen” to where we really want to be? So I’m just going to step aside and let St. Germaine answer this because I think it’s an important issue and it’s one that I hear almost every day Mike.

Mike: Thank you.

St.G: Greetings and yes I do continue. Welcome.

Mike: Thank you Lord.

St.G: And first my advice brother, brother and friend and to all of you and I have said this in Atlantis, I have said this in Lemuria, I have said this in Egypt, I have said this in Israel, stop underestimating yourself, embrace the truth and the reality of your grander self, take time to dream, take time to soar, take time to plan. But also you, whether it is in construction, for those of you who go into places of school, of hospitals, of government, of law enforcement, of cleaning buildings, understand you are bringing the love. What I am asking of you when you are in that meditative state, anchor deeply in your heart so that it is bedrock, so that as you emerge from the meditation you are not leaving that deep sense of connection, of euphoria, of bliss behind. But that you are carrying that sense of wonder, of grace, of connection, of love in your head, in your smile, in your eyes, in your heart, in your tummy. Because this is in your field and what you have need to understand, those of you who think that you are not doing “the armada work”, “the clarion call work” is that you are carrying this energy to some very rough places and you are holding this as beacons of light, anchors of love. Now will you have to do this forever? Absolutely not. But what I ask of you, let us not just say “how do I get from point A to B,” you are not dreaming and I do not simply mean you Michael, I mean all of you…dream more, dream big. And do not say in the middle of your dreaming, “Oh I cannot do that because I don’t have the money or I don’t have the time or I don’t have the support.” Formulate your creation and then let it fall into place. You don’t have to do everything; we truly are in sacred partnership. No we do not interfere with your free will and choice; that is the delight and the bane of human existence. But let me tell you, most of you limit what you think you deserve, what you can do and what you can create. So no, while you are maintaining what you think of as your 3rd dimensional job you are also simultaneously, trans-dimensionally, inter-dimensionally creating your new reality. So I ask of you “What do you want your 5th through 7th dimensional job to be? Do you wish to build Cities of Light? because dear heart you are a construction person and your creations are beautiful. How would you like to work with the wingmakers and your brothers and sisters of the stars to create rivers of purity and trees that sing and buildings that are energy free?” I invite you to dream and then I offer to help you bring that forward.

GD: Terrific. Mike thank you very much for your call. I’m going to move right along to another caller. Thank you so much for calling in and Harriet, why don’t you ask your question and welcome to the show. Where are you from?

Harriet: Thank you. I’m from Longwood, Florida.

GD: Terrific. Welcome, what’s your question tonight?

Harriet: Well I wanted to know if this was Adamus St. Germaine from the Crimson Circle, the same St. Germaine? That’s one question but the main question is about the collective healing of humanity. We were told that before Ascension all those who’ve chosen to ascend, their physical bodies have to be healed because you can’t take a broken, sick or weak body into the higher dimensions. So I was just wondering when that collective healing, when we will see it manifest on the planet?

GD: Thank you for your question.

LD: And I would ask that the radio or whatever, the computer be turned down because there is a real echo.

GD: I just took care of it.

LD: Welcome Harriet. Yes, this is Adamus St. Germaine and it is one and the same. There is only one St. Germaine and very often I get the question “well St. Germaine doesn’t have an ‘e’ on the end of his name” and as I mentioned in the book, is that St. Germaine asked me as a personal what he wanted was to add an ‘e’ to the end of his name in an honoring of the sacred feminine because he felt it softened the energy and he wanted us to know fully and completely the balance that he brings. And maybe it was a little bit for me because he is such a strong masculine energy.

Now the collective healing has already begun and I am assuming and correct me if I’m wrong Harriet, that your question is based because you are still feeling ailments, illness, dis-ease and one of the things I should explain is that when I’m in this zone, whether I’m doing the trance-channeling or whether I’m simply talking to you in this way, is that I’m still being in the zone and channeling. But I wanted to address this issue of collective healing and I know that you are probably doing everything you can and this hurts and I hear this because there are people out there who are still really suffering and hurting with especially physical ailments. And what’s happening right now to the collective is that if you have anything within your body and when I’m saying this not only from this lifetime but from other lifetimes, it is up. So people are experiencing, as part of what we call the Ascension symptoms, flare-ups of conditions whether…

GD: What about disabilities, Linda?

LD: Yes, but at the same time these disabilities are beginning to be lessened and one of the things that we are working on as part the collective is activating or reactivating our DNA. Now I want you to think, we all have what we call the central channel or the central column, you think of it as a big golden tube around your spine that comes out your crown chakra and down through your root chakra. And within that is our bundled basically DNA and what we’re being invited to do and I would invite everybody to do this and do it judiciously, do it with great discernment and don’t turn on everything at once, but go to the marker and just do this in meditation, you go quiet, you go into your heart, look at your golden column, look at your DNA and ask to see the marker for that disability. So for example if you have a disability that you’re schizophrenic or you’re paralyzed, you can’t walk, go and ask and what it looks like, you know the flag on our mailboxes, at least in the United States we have these little red flags that you raise up, that I thought was so cool when I moved here, that you can raise up to let the postman know or the post person know that there is mail to be picked up in your box? That’s how it looks like, ask for that DNA marker to be raised, to be activated and then sit in the Violet Flame with St. Germaine. Give it a couple of days then go back and do it again, make sure that marker is up and there may be twin markers because you know our DNA comes in bundles. So look for…

GD: Linda I just wanted to interject here, Harriet I needed to put you on mute only because you had a pretty significant background noise and it affects the ability to listen and to speak on the studio end, but Linda I think Harriet’s question, if I understand it right only from what I gathered from what Suzanne was sharing, is that she has a disability and she is wondering when will physical healing come? When will she be free of that?

LD: Well if she starts this it will start to ease right away. But yes, if she has a disability by the time the end of the year comes I expect Harriet and everybody who’s in that same spot because as we shift to the 5th there is no dis-ease, there is no pain, there is no suffering. That is an old 3rd dimensional paradigm and it’s one when you’re in pain it’s so hard to get out of it. Don’t tell me I’m not in pain, I know, and I’ve been there. I‘ve had very severe illnesses and injuries so start asking for your 5th dimensional physical body to be activated.

GD: Great. We have a couple more, well, we have a lot more callers with questions and I don’t think we’re going to get to everyone but I’m going to do my best, we have a few minutes left. Ralph, welcome to the show. Where are you from?

Ralph: Hello, I’m from Atlanta.

GD: Great, terrific. What’s your question tonight?

Ralph: Thank you for taking my call.

GD: Absolutely.

Ralph: I wanted to ask, we no longer talk about the 4th dimension anymore and I was just curious, because I thought that December 21st was, the lower realm of the, and Mother Earth was considering the lower realms of the 4th dimension and I’m trying to, I’m a little confused about the difference between the 4th and 5th dimension. Can someone clear that up for me?

GD: Linda would you like this one?

LD: This is a great question Ralph, so welcome. You know what I want to explain, the 4th dimension is also the dimension of magic and alchemy, where we start to see transmuting and transformation taking place. So a good example is people healing instantaneously, “money manifesting magically”, the ability that many people are experiencing to communicate very clearly with trees, with rocks, with animals. So if you think of earth, of Gaia, as a huge, huge orb and she’s growing, she’s expanding just like our bodies, our etheric bodies, our energy fields are expanding, so is hers. So the bottom of that globe right now is brushing into the 3rd and then the 4th and then the 5th and then upward into the 7th. But the 4th dimension, we’re already experiencing a lot of the qualities of the 4th dimension. So it’s not that we’re not going there, it’s just that we are going to continue on. Does that make sense to you?

Ralph: Yes, thank you very much for entertaining that because I just want to make sure I didn’t miss it.

LD: Yeah, and you know what, the 4th dimension is a great place to hang out because it is magical, it’s the place where fairies live and the elementals and the water sprites. And so what you’re going to notice, as a practical thing in your life, start looking for those signs. You know when you’re outside, particularly when you’re outside and you can place yourself there, just say “Now I want to be in the 4th dimension. I want to have that experience.” But go up and sit against a tree and then after a couple of minutes just ask the tree to tell you about itself; you will have a phenomenal experience, it’s really, really fun. Or ask the fairies to come and show themselves to you if you’re lucky enough to live in a house ask them to come into your garden or when you’re walking in the park, and this is the time of day where it’s just getting dark, it’s not quite sunset but it’s dusk, is a great time to go and to look for the fairies. And at first you might think they’re fireflies but if you really focus and say “stay still” you’ll see their little bodies, they’ll talk to you.

GD: Ralph, thank you so much for your call.

Ralph: Thank you.

GD: That reminds me Linda, we are letting go of the old, we are letting go of what we’ve known, we letting go of what we’ve been taught and this is the invitation to welcome magic, to welcome newness, to welcome surprises, to welcome wonder and so I really appreciate you speaking to that. We have time for one more caller. Kathy, welcome to the show, where are you from?

Kathy: I’m from Maryland.

GD: Oh terrific. What’s your question tonight?

Kathy: I was told that St. Germaine is with me and I want to know if he is and how he’s helping me.

St.G: I AM St. Germaine and welcome Kathy and yes this is a perfect way for me to be able to communicate with all of you. I am with you, I am with all of you and yes, just like Michael has his legion and Archangel Gabriel has his legion and many of you are Mary’s girls or boys, many of you are with me and have committed long ago to the Temple of the Violet Flame. How I help you is helping you to connect with your I AM Presence, with your Universal Highest Self and through that into the collective I AM Presence and through that to THE I AM Presence. Don’t stop. That is what happens with so many of you, you stop because you feel the euphoria and the bliss and you think ‘good, I am there’. What I am inviting each of you to do, including you sweet Kathy is to keep going, come with me, travel with me to THE I AM. Anchor this within you, never let it go, hold this flame brightly and then share it with all. Thank you for calling. Farewell.

GD: Thank you St. Germaine and thank you everyone for calling in and participating today. I’m so sorry we weren’t able to get to everyone but please come back again next week and we’re hearing some wonderful messages tonight from St. Germaine which includes ‘be conscious’, ‘have a conscious decision to choose love’, ‘take time to dream and ask for help’…this is a co-creative process, ask your guides, ask our star brothers and sisters, ask the heavenly angelic realm for help as we co-create the new earth. Thank you for joining us tonight and we hope that you’ll join us again next week.

LD: Thank you everybody.

Channeled by Linda Dillon