…these are essential tools and it is what I have to share with you and so I do so joyfully; I do so in gratitude that you will accept these humble gifts from me…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, I’m GD. Our guest today is Lao Tzu. Hi Linda.

LD: Hi Graham, how are you?

GD: Do I still have you?

LD: It seems like it’s been a heck of a week. I don’t know about you and everybody out there who’s listening but it seems like it’s been a long time since we spoke last week and spoke with Quan Yin. I guess we’re all feeling the energies.

GD: Well I’m experiencing some technical difficulties on my end and I can’t hear you Linda, so I invite you to go ahead and I will do my best to get back on.

LD: OK. It’s a deal. Well then welcome everybody. I’d like to begin our time together tonight by doing a little meditation, as always. So make yourself comfy and cozy and as I said we’re almost at the end of the week, at least the work week. So relax in your chair and take some nice, deep, relaxing breathes, deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth, following your breath and allowing yourself to let go of the day, the week, the month, thanking yourself for having the wisdom to take this time for your sacred self to refresh and to fill, to follow your heart and your special journey of spirit in form. Tonight we’re going to be speaking with Lao Tzu, beautiful Ascended Master, the father of Taoism, and his ray is magenta. So what I’d like you to do with me is to take a nice, deep breath of magenta, that perfect balance between red and blue.

The magenta is the color of many Ascended Masters and it’s the color of Lao Tzu, so breathe it in; the color of a good red wine, of very deep maroon and allow that energy to come into you not only through your breathe but down through your crown and feel that magenta, that wine color, garnet, fill your pineal and pituitary gland, your hypothalamus and feel your neck relax as your occipitals and that indentation that we know as the ‘mouth of God’ open. A great deal of work is being done on us right now activating parts of our brain that have never been activated before so many of you are experiencing headaches, or tightness in your neck. So let that magenta soothe you and then feel it pour down into your throat, into your chest, into your heart, relaxing your shoulders, letting go of the burdens. Remember what we’re told “if it’s not of love, let go” and none of the burdens that we carry, real or imagined, are loving to ourselves. Now bring the magenta into your solar plexus, into your sacral, into your tummy, into your root and down your legs and just feel yourself sinking into your chair, your bed, the sofa, the floor. Just allow yourself to be and receive these heavenly blessings.

As I was saying to Graham at the beginning of our program, this has been a heck of a time and it has been a really busy time energetically. We are being penetrated from above by the Love of One, Mother/Father/One, and it’s like riding a big wave. And sometimes we’re way on top of the wave as Archangel Michael has explained to us and sometimes we are in the trough. So the key right now is just to be gentle and if you’re on that surfboard or hanging on to a stray plank, is to really keep your balance. And that’s what the gifts and the teachings of Lao Tzu is all about. He is a wonderful, wonderful Master. He doesn’t tend to speak a lot and so I was very pleasantly surprised when he asked to be a guest with you on Heavenly Blessings.

I’ll never forget the very first time that Lao Tzu actually appeared to me I guess you would say. I was taking a puddle-jumper, I was flying into Durango to do a 13th Octave workshop in Vallecito in Colorado and he all of a sudden appeared in the isle, very skinny isle, and he looks to me like this very old and yet young, young energy, wise energy, this old Chinese man. And he was standing there in his robes that were dark colored with a sash of burlap that looked like magenta and he was standing there holding a stick, like one of those old, gnarled sticks, the kind now that I keep on my alter that’s all crooked and curved, and he was just standing there with this stick extended on his index finger and not only was it balanced, it was perfectly still. And he’s standing there and with these dark black eyes and this wisdom just emanating from him and he’s looking at me and he’s saying “That’s the key, that no matter how many twists and turns, no matter how many curves life throws at you, the key is balance and the key is stillness because it’s from the stillness that all the creation, all the movement that follows the stillness can come forward.” And that was it, he promptly, literally disappeared into thin air and that was the message I got to bring with me and to share with the group in Colorado and now I’m sharing with you.

GD: Sounds great. Linda, I’m back, can you hear me ok?

LD: Yes I can. Welcome back. I was just explaining my travels with Lao Tzu…

GD: I was hearing you talk about staying in the balance and for our listeners, I was able to get on, we were able to get on just as the music started playing which is unlike us. We are usually quite organized and we’re on well in advance of a show going live. And Linda, as you know, I’m living in a cabin temporarily in the woods and today I just got internet and I thought it had been working fine, I’d been doing email and my work and yet when it came to the show I couldn’t get on. It must not be strong enough. And so 10 minutes, maybe less actually, I happen to know there’s a wireless option down the road, I hopped in my car thinking this is…oh my gosh, what is this about? This is ridiculous. I just pulled in and of course you got me just as the music was playing, we were talking off air and they said ‘are you ready to roll?’ and we rolled and then I couldn’t hear a thing. So, I’m back and the message I’m hearing is to stay in the balance. Wow, what a good…

LD: What do you think Graham?

GD: I’m putting it to the test.

LD: And you know what, I think everybody is having this kind of experience, is that we’re rushing and it often feels like we’re rushing and we don’t know where we’re rushing to or what’s going on right now the energy is that intense. So, yea, balance it’s a good theme for tonight. Yea we’ll just stay in the balance.

GD: Well I missed your great introduction but looking forward to listening to the archives. Are we ready to bring him on?

LD: We are and it’s going to be a bit of back and forth tonight. He wants to talk about some gifts that he’s bringing forward for the group but he also wants to talk a little bit about 13th Octave LaHoChi. And LaHoChi is a very ancient and very new, new again, healing modality that came to us from the Pleaidians, from the star sector of the Pleaides and was brought to Atlantis then disappeared when Atlantis disappeared in that rise of ego and the love of technology and science gained precedence then the appreciation for touch and the conducting of energy disappeared and it was hidden, this energy modality was hidden for a long time and then it was brought back by Lao Tzu in ancient China. And then was lost again and then brought back. I started channeling this around [the year] 2000, so we will talk about this a little later in the show but I want to move aside and give our beloved Master a chance to speak.

GD: OK. Sounds great.

LT: Greetings I am Lao Tzu.

GD: Welcome.

LT: And welcome to you and do not worry, you are in the stillness and you are balancing on the stick and you are balancing within and without. There are many challenges upon your planet at this time and the key is to stay within the stillness and the balance of your heart and in that to stay in the balance and the stillness of your mind and your emotion. Because when you are in this place you are also in the place of receptivity and you are able to bring forward what you need, what you desire, what you anticipate and what you are here to do. So yes, I have asked this channel for the opportunity to speak to all of you and I welcome you.

We have traveled together for a long time and we do so yet again. I have taken many forms in many incarnations but I wish to come to you this way as ancient teacher and ancient friend. I always am willing to give you my stick, that you may carry it with you, that you may treasure it and you say to me “But Master, what is so special about an old gnarled stick that is crooked and bent?” Well, first of all it teaches you, reminds you to honor the wisdom of the elders, the wisdom that has been gathered and that I come to share with you. But it is also a symbol of your life; it is a symbol of what each of you go through in your journey. There are very few beings and particularly on earth, whose life is straight forward. There are always bends in the road, there are always unexpected detours, there are always bumps and perhaps gnarls. I ask you to take this stick and carry it and to practice balancing it that you may honor your journey. Do not strip it down, do not take the bark off it, do not polish it, look at it in it’s perfect, natural form and appreciate it and then appreciate your life.

It is a time when many of you are going through a period of reflection, of life review, of examination of what you have done and not done, accomplished and for many of you this is tinged a little with judgment and sometimes disappointment, feelings of what might have been. My friends, this is not the purpose of this examination and reflection, quite the contrary. The purpose is to see and to exclaim and to claim everything you have done, everything you have come to know, everything that you have experienced. Not judging it as good, bad, or indifferent but simply embracing it for the journey it has been.

When I have walked the world as teacher and healer I would travel to the villages and I would share the secrets of the healing and the chi, for it was really no secret at all. But when I would travel to the poorest village and still I would be honored to share a rice bowl and people would say to me “Master, what is it like in the palace of the emperor? Is it not grand? Do you not wish you were there? I wish I could go.” And I would look at these beings, my fellow villagers, my fellow travelers and I would say to them “Look at the riches that surround you, for your feet are on the ground, they are in the soil all day long. You feel the heartbeat of the Mother, you awaken to the song of the birds as the sun rises in the sky, you feel the warmth of the day and the gifts of the breeze, you drink the fresh water with your hands, your children surround you, your grandchildren honor you. These are the riches. For the emperor was always sick, he was always out of balance and so yes, he would beckon to me and like any who would beckon to me I would respond and go, often with some of you in tow for you are my students, my friends, my followers, my journeyers and we would work our healing and restore the balance and chi flow within those of the palace walls and the emperor himself. And he would say to me “What must I do to maintain this balance, to maintain my flow and why can you not simply stay here and tend to me?” And I would always just smile and look at him and I would say to him “What you must do is put your feet on the earth and raise your face to the sun and give thanks for the riches, for you are the son of heaven and this is much to be grateful for.”

And so I say to you my dear friends, my children, be grateful for your stick; be grateful for what you have, for even the hardships. The hardships have come to you because you are strong enough to walk through them, to reveal the inner meaning, to share with others. When you do not know sorrow, when you have not experienced any of the old realm, then how do you know how others feel, what they experience and challenge. So bless the hardships that you have faced and the victories both large and small, for there are times in each of your lives when simply opening your eyes and choosing to go forward another day is a victory.

But I do not simply leave you with empty reassurances. I have brought the LaHoChi back that you would have the tools to restore, not only your sacred self but all of humanity and all of Gaia; that you would have in your hands, at your fingertips what is necessary to obtain, maintain and retain the balance in all things for this healing is not simply for the body, the mind, the spirit, the soul, it is also for situations, environments, and for the planet we love, sweet Gaia.

But I have other gifts that I also wish to gift to you this day and I know that you have been gifted and blessed with the Silver Flame of Archangel Uriel; is he not magnificent? My gift to you is more humble than that, it is my cup, my small oil cup, my light, for we simply place a wick as you would think of it in some oil and I give you this, I give you my light that burns deep orange, that it will light your way. You are courageous; you are the adventurers, that is why St. Germaine and I have called to you. But I want you to have this light as you travel into unknown territory so that you may feel reassured, that you may see into situations that seem to be unclear or that you are uncertain of. You are breaking new ground, you are ascending into new territory, you are receiving the qualities of your inter-dimensional self during this time of transition. But I am not a foolish old man; I know there will be moments when you will feel a little nervous. And so I ask for you to use this light that you will see your way and if you are still nervous, if you are still anxious as many of you are, ‘will this happen? will I make it?’, then turn to me. There is nothing frail about me; I am very strong and I will offer you my arm or my shoulder to lean upon for I want you to find your way. And if you need guidance I will help you. I do not run ahead of you. No, I want you to be able to find your way for that is your joy and your journey but any assistance you need I am right there.

I also gift to you, my beloved friends, fellow journeyers, I give to you a ball of twine, yes it is the old fashion twine that you have not seen in a long time. But I always carry this with me, I travel very light and my sack holds very little, but these are essential tools and it is what I have to share with you and so I do so joyfully; I do so in gratitude that you will accept these humble gifts from me. “Why the twine?” you say. It is very useful, it is useful in a number of ways; first of all if you think you are running out of wicks for the oil simply cut a piece, it will burn brightly and show the way. But primarily I give it to you that you may lay it down around you and form boundaries.

It is a time of unity and this has been always what I have taught. I have taught it in ancient China, I have taught it in Atlantis, I have taught it in Tibet as my incarnation as Djwhal Khul, I have taught the importance of unity. But the comfort level of unity, for you see that I tend to your comfort this night, is knowing your boundaries. If you do not feel safe and secure and if you do not feel within your safety and secure your sacred space which grows daily, my dear hearts, if you do not feel this sense of boundary, of the wonder, the beauty, the magnificence of your sacred self, the divine expression of who you are in every dimension, in every reality, then it becomes frightening for you when we say to you “Join as one, acknowledge that you are one heart, part of one mind, one energy.” The fear will rise up because you think “I will loose myself in this sea”. And of course ultimately that is the goal, but not at this stage, not at this stage of your journey. And so I give you this twine that you may lay down a border, a boundary to define your beautiful self my sweet child and healer, my teachers, my gatekeepers, my showers of the way. So use this twine to outline what defines you and that you may feel safe in inviting people in or opening the door.

And if you feel that you are going in this journey from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, to the 7th, to the 9th, and you are afraid that you will not know your way back home, that you will somehow loose your way, then simply unravel the twine, anchor it, anchor it to your alter, to your bed, to your chair, anchor it within your home. And as you travel simply allow the ball of twine, it is much better than bird crumbs for our experience is the birds are a hungry group and they believe that you do this for them not for you, so use the twine in this way that you may always find your way home. And it does not matter whether it is home to your own home where you think your family lives, where your children reside and love you, or home to the 5th dimension, or home to the 7th, or home to the heart of One. So I give this to you in this way that you may keep it with you always; my gifts are always multi-purpose and then you may also use it however you wish. But I want you to know, although I am silent, I am always present. I am the observer, I am the watcher, I am the teacher as well.

Now before we go any further, dear Graham of the inter-dimensional reality, do you have any questions of me?

GD: Well firstly, thank you for your wisdom and your gifts and your peaceful messages. Can you hear me ok?

LT: Yes I can. And I think everybody else can as well. And I am not just speaking about the radio.

GD: Well, your message and your visit with us today is so timely and one of the things that strike me…[at this point he was having technical difficulties again and I could not piece together his questions]…

LT: I believe you have some further technical difficulties, but I want to talk, and that is why today I chose to speak of these messages of comfort. Like you I have lived as a human being and my journey has been long and there have been times of ups and downs. Many of you are feeling the penetration of the energy directly from the heart of Mother/Father/One and it is bringing up for you all kind of things including what I have called ‘insecurities’. And you can also use this ball of twine you know as a buoy, it will float even in the roughest seas. But how do you navigate, how do you navigate first of all when you know that you are walking in areas that have not been walked by the general population of earth, by humanity, ever? And how do you deal with the peaks, the troughs, the waves, the emotional challenges?, and I would be remiss, it is also one of the reasons I asked to speak to you because I have wandered the village, I have wandered the rice fields, I have seen children die of hunger, I know what it is to be in poverty, and I have seen the riches of those who rule, let us say through arrogance, believing it is divine right; the only divine right is unity and equality and freedom.

That is why I chose to go from village to village to heal my people, to allow the force of love and light to move through them rapidly; not that it would take years to heal, but moments, it is instantaneous. And I ask each of you to remember and to learn if you cannot remember, learn my LaHoChi because it is important especially now we have amplified it. And if you say “Lord, I don’t know what to do with this”, I say “Take your hands and put them on your heart and stay still.” Too many of you so often you are running, you are leaning right, you are leaning left, you are leaning forward, you are leaning back, and you are not learning to stay still, in balance. And once you have this, yes what the channel has called ‘stillpoint’ when you have the balance, when you can be the stick in perfect balance, then you can move.

It would be absurd, ridiculous and a form of denial for us to say to you “Everything is fine.” Everything is fine in divine timing and right and process and what you are being gifted with, but we do not pretend that there is not inner turmoil. That is why I speak to you of ‘choice’ and sometimes the choice, the decision, the biggest decision is just to keep going, to get out of bed. Sometimes the biggest choice and the wisest course of action is to sit, to be still, to simply be and know that you will be nudged by appropriate action, by appropriate inspiration. When it is time to move you will jump as if your feet are on fire and you are filled with the spirit of action. But the balance is the movement and the stillness.

But when you are feeling tossed by the waves, by the trough, by your emotions, by what you think and let go of judgment please, it is very old 3rd dimension, it has no place in your life, it never has. It is judgment that has gotten you, the collective of humanity, into this mess so let it go and when you feel that you are indecisive then be still. Your reaction and your reaction particularly in the west is “Oh I have to do something.” And I ask of you “Why?” Sometimes the wisest action is no action; it is tending to your self.

We bring this healing forward now because it can work the miracles of clearing, of uniting, of honoring your boundaries and helping you feel safe of letting them go. We bring this forward to you, and I do not do so alone, I do so with my beloved St. Germaine and Archangel Raphael, Metatron, Jesus Sananda, the Mother, the Divine Mother and yes as Mary, as Quan Yin, El Morya, Serapis Bey, Sanat Kumara. All of these beings join with me in this healing that I offer you, not at some future date but right now. We are also joined by my dear friend and ally Grener of Ashira of Neptune, yes your star brothers and sisters have brought this healing to you in the first place. They have not forgotten it and so they bring it to you once again, we all do, not on a golden platter but in our hands and in the activation of your hands, of your light, of your God force divinity, of Love. So often I hear you say “Master, how can we heal the world, how can we do this when time is running short?” And this is how you may do it.

What this chi, the LaHoChi does for you is also allows you to direct and to work more clearly with this energy that is this love, the laser beam of light that is being sent to you directly from the heart of the Source One. It helps you to direct it into yourself, into others, into your political situations, your financial situations, into the environment where many are still living in the 3rd dimensional reality, so that they may be penetrated and wake up in time to claim their sovereignty. Yes this journey of Ascension is about Gaia and her reclaiming her rightful place, her journey of light and love; but dear friends, make no mistake it is also about each of you claiming and reclaiming your rightful place as well. The great awakening is upon you, it is not coming in future times, it is here and it is yours and I am here to help. I will share my rice bowl, I will share my twine, I will share my light. I will share my wisdom and I will give you my stick.

I ask of you not to doubt yourself. I know what doubt is. There were times that I would go to the palace and I would worry. I would worry not because I couldn’t heal the emperor but because I would doubt and worry about whether he would accept the healing. But that was futile and of course that was part of my learning, my journey in that lifetime. It was part of finding the middle way and staying in the middle way, the Tao. It is none of my business whether the emperor wishes to accept healing, if it is requested it is given. And so it is with you, if people request your help do not wait one moment to judge or to think ‘will it work?’ simply proceed, proceed from balance and stillness into the action, into the flow of love through you to them and I guarantee you, my dear hearts, it will work each and every time. So acknowledge your doubt, acknowledge the worry and then let it be gone, do not carry it with you; make sure your sack is as light as mine. Go with peace and go with my love.

GD: Thank you.

LD: Hi, it’s Linda.

GD: Hi Linda……[?] as we think about this transition, about the waves and what we’re going through and the practice of being in balance and being at peace..

LD: And admitting, acknowledging in one another and being there and saying “You know, yea I do feel that, I am kind of nervous, or I am feeling kind of down today and letting each other support each other to come back to that place, of the middle point, the middle way which of course is what Taoism is about.

GD: It helps so much to talk about our experiences, you bring up a really good point; it really helps to share and connect and process.

LD: It does because we are in this together, you know, it’s not Ascension of one it’s all of us and you know we may have done this before in another life, another planet but we haven’t done it recently and we haven’t done it together in this way. So I think that support is just so important. And I want to give a plug, if people want to learn LaHoChi, the book’s for sale, I wrote the manual years ago. It’s really easy, just pick it up, do it, learn it, it’s the easiest healing and it’s the most powerful healing. That doesn’t come from Linda Dillon, that comes the Masters. So yea, it’s time for us to let that energy flow through our hands and to each other.

GD: Yea, yea. Thank you Linda. Another great show.

LD: You are so welcome. So this is the show where we give everybody permission to ask for help. Right?

GD: That’s right, that’s right. Absolutely.

LD: Thank you Graham.

GD: We’ll do it again next week.

LD: Yea. I think Archangel Gabrielle is coming back.

GD: Oh good, ok.

Channeled by Linda Dillon