A beautiful poem by Raisa Goltsin about this incredible transition energy we’re all experiencing.

It feels like I am riding the waves
Up and down between
The bliss and despair;
Between the bliss of the Spirit,
When the Promised Land seems so near,
And the depth of the ages within;

Long ages of suffering and despair,
Of hatred and wars, of betrayals;
Of disillusionment, loneliness,
And frustration;
Long ages of separation
From the Love and Unity of the Spirit;
Separation from our Source,
From our Cosmic Home.

And I ride on the waves,
Up and down one day,
Like a sailboat that knows
Its destination and course,
But is still lost under an onslaught
Of the storms and elements.

Like a sailboat I ride the waves,
Fully committed and certain
Of my course;
But still frustrated at times,
And overwhelmed with the fury
Of elements, of the darkness within;
Before the rough seas become still,
And at last I reach peace and bliss
Of the new Promised Land.