Graham and Linda conduct a “round table” discussion regarding the tools, gifts and blessings we have recently been given, how they are manifesting and how we are integrating them into our everyday lives…

GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, I’m GD. We’re going to do something a little different today: on previous shows we’ve received lots of gifts and guidance and teachings from the Council to assist us with the Ascension, in the process of Ascension and today Linda and I thought it would be helpful to discuss the application and experience of what they have shared with us, what’s been coming up for us personally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, what’s been coming up for others. It’s certainly a significant time isn’t it Linda?

LD: It sure is and welcome Graham, thanks for having me and welcome everybody out there. This has been a heck of a time, yeah, and I think a lot of people are experiencing different things and so I think our idea of sort of just talking about what we’re going through together and what some of the tools and gifts and blessings, how they can help us and what their deeper meaning is might be really timely.

GD: Lao Tzu was talking recently, a couple of weeks ago, on one of our shows about past life reviews and what really stuck out for me is that the past life review is not about beating ourselves up about ‘oh, I should have done this’ or ‘I could have done that’ or it’s not about regrets it’s really about reflecting on what we’ve accomplished and how much we’ve done and there’s an invitation to extend forgiveness and compassion to us.

LD: Exactly, and especially to ourselves, it’s the one consistent message that we hear again and again and again from the Council of Love is “no judgment.” And judgment really encompasses so many of the old false grids and illusions of what we call now the old 3rd. And so, when we’re doing our past life review and I don’t know about you but I have had so many thoughts and memories and things come up that I haven’t thought about in years.

GD: Oh yeah, same here.

LD: And it is this sense and I think, as a collective and I think it’s even more true of lightworkers, that we often tend to say ‘I should have’, ‘I could have’, ‘I might have done better’, ‘I could have done more’, ‘I could have helped more’, ‘I could have been stronger’ and that’s like you said, that’s not what the past life review is about. It’s looking back and really seeing that in spite of everything, because I think for most of us this hasn’t been a straight shot life, and in spite of that look at what we’ve done and what we are doing and what we’re committed to doing. Perseverance and fortitude and prudence and all those things that we don’t like to talk about, we’ve been practicing and we have seen the fruits of that labor, of that consistency. Maybe not always how we expect it or how we thought we wanted it or how we thought we were asking about it, but we are seeing the fruits of that labor.

GD: I really resonate with the word ‘compassion’ and so as things have been coming up for me, past memories and experiences that could be painful or where I’m shown how I was in a situation, it feels so healing and so nice to extend compassion to that situation and toward me and I’m giving myself permission just to really take that in and change the experience that I might have with that past memory. And I see that as a clearing, I see that as a releasing and I think that’s right in concert with where we’re going as a collective to clear and release, wouldn’t you say?

LD: I would absolutely agree. The compassion piece as well and the forgiveness piece which Archangel Michael and Universal Mother Mary have really been talking to us a lot about. I’m also finding that when I’m going back and I’m looking at those situations I may have forgiven or let go, situations that I encountered in my life, in you know personal relationships or professional relationships, it doesn’t really matter, but what I’m finding is I’m seeing or I’m feeling a new level of compassion for the other person or persons involved as well. So that’s been interesting because I’m visiting a lot of old friends.

GD: Linda, I so appreciate you speaking to that. It reminds me of my ex-wife and I’ve come to a place of seeing her as my greatest teacher in this incarnation and it’s been a highly volatile, challenging experience and I extend respect and loads of love to the situation and to her and so I’ve come from a place of feeling that ‘geez, I’ve got to get out of this situation, I don’t even want to be around this, I don’t want to be around the drama’ and really wanting to just escape the experience, and this is over the course of a number of years and I don’t mind sharing this personally, I hope that it would be helpful and it certainly is helpful to reflect on it. So I’ve gone from a place of really wanting to push away her and the experience to a place of really embracing her as such a great teacher because it’s put me in a position where there’s an invitation to practice extending unconditional love to her and if I can do that with her, I can do that with anyone and so as a lot comes up for a lot of people and you just said it, where there’s an opportunity to forgive, there’s also an opportunity to extend love and light as we, as a collective start to understand on a larger level what’s been happening with those that have tried to control earth and what they’ve done to humanity to that end there is going to be a lot of feelings coming up. And so I’m trying to hold on to the fact that yes, let’s extend forgiveness, let’s extend love and light and recognize that there are roles that people are playing and a larger perspective from a higher good, it’s assisting in many ways, in ways that we might not know about.

LD: It is assisting and you know what else I think, Graham, is that as we do, as we extend that compassion and forgiveness, even though we may not even see the person, we may not have seen them for 20 years, is that I believe, no I know because Archangel Gabriel is giving me the nod, I know that it also effects them, that it helps them in ways that we don’t even have the foggiest notion about.

GD: Right.

LD: But we’re just releasing that energy and just staying in the love. I’ve never understood when people can be madly in love and married or in sacred relationship one day and the next day they can’t stand the person and they never want to talk to them again. It like, whoa what happened? Because what we’re always guided to do is let the relationship shift, stay in the love, hold the love for them, but change the relationship and what it looks like. And one of the things that’s coming up for me and my past life review is really honoring peoples choices. I’ve had situations over the years and mostly in my intimate, sacred union partnerships where my partner chose, and not just once, to not be on the same path or have the same understandings or beliefs that I do. And I loved these people and it was very hard because what it did was it made the relationship untenable and that was really hard. So one of the things that has been coming up for me is not just the compassion and forgiveness, because I still love these people, but the really deep respect as you’re saying, the honoring of peoples choices because they’re in their human journey, they’re in their spiritual journey and you know what, their choices aren’t always going to match up with ours.

GD: Boy, I really resonate what you’re saying and I really appreciate what you’re saying. We’re all on this unique adventure together, the Ascension process is so individualized and so unique and our own journey and our own soul contract is very unique and different. One of the things that we’ve been learning is that as the old paradigm starts to melt away we’re looking at relationships, we’re looking at what we choose to do for work, we’re looking at our beliefs, we’re seeing old habits start to change, we’re even seeing people, and I’m experiencing this, people are talking about their lack of interest in anything from food to maybe movies that they used to watch. Just going back to relationships, relationships are definitely changing and people are really evaluating, does this serve me? does this make sense? And what you were saying about a partner not being aligned on your path but still loving them and honoring them and accepting them for the choices that they need to make and it may be taking a different path.

LD: Yeah. And when Quan Yin gave us her pink pearl it gets to that point where that grain of sand, which may be a real irritant, actually can evolve and morph into something incredibly beautiful and that we can share it and keep it in our hearts, tuck it away somewhere and just remember that what may have felt like a rejection or abandonment or separation at that time, wasn’t. It contributed to who we are and it contributed to their path and to our path.

GD: I’m thinking about Archangel Michael who has said numerous times to not engage in the drama and to hold on to the love, and again I’m talking about relationships here, hold on to the love, the form may change, but keep the love and not engage in the drama. I really like that.

LD: Yeah. And it’s so important, we talk about Archangel Michael and he gives us so much guidance and advise and I think that one of the things that during this process of Shift, Ascension, Descension, whatever you want to call it, is that we have to keep our field, our energetic field, our huge field, really clear. So using that sword and cutting away cords which, you know cutting cords is not a one time deal, it may feel like a huge release the first time you do it but we all get cords, sometimes they are skinny little strings, sometimes they’re big, fat cords, but we all get cords from time to time. And sometimes we get them from the most caring and compassionate feelings and relationships. But right now it’s so important that we not be really attached to outcome or to situations or to people or their things or drama that we really are in that place of yes, being proactive but at the same time really being our Buddha selves and being the observer. And you can’t be the observer if you’ve got cords tied to you.

GD: That exercise I found particularly helpful and the way he described it and the way I followed up on it with the idea of taking the sword and cutting emotional cords with a person that I have had cords tied to and visualizing and seeing that sword as I go to my right, in the front, in the back of me, on my left side, underneath my feet, I felt that clear.

LD: Oh yeah, you can feel it.

GD: Help me understand this, oh yeah and then I felt the need to do it again and I did it a number of times, but emotionally it shifted for me, I felt better. The cord, or the connection to the Divine coming from the crown of our head, we have to be careful about cutting that though, right?

LD: But, yes we don’t cut our cords that are connecting us either to Gaia or to the Divine, you know our golden cord and our red cord out of our root chakra, but there are cords that can be coming out of your head as well, so it’s important to use your sword like 360°, above your head, below your feet, everywhere because also what we sometimes form cords to are our own belief systems or our own desires, what we think, and I think it’s more think than feel, what we think we need or what we think we deserve and you and I have had some conversations on this one, but it’s sometimes we get attached to an idea when in fact what the universe is trying to give us is something so much bigger.

I’ll share a personal example, I’m getting better at sharing my personal stories, this is new for me, but years ago I lived in Niagara in a cute little town, Port Dalhousi, in Canada and I had a beautiful house, well it was beautiful to me, it was a cottage on the water and it was an old ship captain’s house and it was sweet and it was, it was my nest let me put it that way. But I’d had some issues where I felt that, I’m going to make this brief, where someone was either trying to break in or stalking me.

GD: Oh, geez.

LD: Yeah. And so it started that my guides, particularly Archangel Gabrielle, started waking me up just as dawn was breaking, so like 4:30/5:00 in the morning, and I’d have to get in my car and drive and she would take me way out into the Niagara farm land and down this dirt road to a place where there was even a chain across the road and I’d take the chain down and there would be this little cottage right out on a spit of land on Lake Ontario and it was beautiful. What I care about when I’m looking for my nest isn’t so much that the house has to be perfect but the setting and the land and they kept saying to me ‘We want you to move here, we want you to move here, we want you to move here’ and I’m thinking but I love my home; and I was really attached to my home and I was attached to my community, all my girlfriends were there, my friends were there, it was just perfect. Long story short, there was someone stalking me and it’s my new neighbor who had moved in across the street turned out to be one of the only mass murderers that Canada has ever had.

GD: Gosh, gosh.

LD: They moved me in the space of about 10 days, sold the house for the price I asked, moved me to this cottage that happened to be “available” and there I was and it was a happily ever after story. But the point was that I was really attached, I had cords coming out the ying/yang with this house, I didn’t want to leave but the Council had a bigger plan and so while I was hanging on in my attachment and to my idea of what I wanted to create, they were saying “no, we’ve got something better and more suitable for where we’re taking you on this journey.”

GD: Well you’re bringing up an excellent point and as we’re letting go of the old paradigm of the 3D world we are in a position and the invitation, what we keep hearing from the Council is to let go of our construct or our idea of how life should be or has been and really let go of those attachments with everything. And in doing that we create the void or an opportunity for the universe to create likely something much, much better, I mean it will be better.

LD: It will be better, we may not know what it is and that as human beings straddling dimensions can be hard because it is, we are moving into the unknown and I don’t care whether it’s you and I or other channels or other writers, none of us really know fully what Ascension is about and I’ve gone through the Ascension process so I’m in the middle of it as you know, but none of us really know what the future world is looking like. We get glimpses and it is amazing and it’s beautiful but together we don’t really know so it is this huge walk of trust.

GD: Well, let’s talk about fear. As things are coming up for a lot of people and as we talk about stepping into the unknown and as we talk about letting go of the old world and attachments and as things are coming up for people, the whole gambit, right, emotions and things are happening physically and relationships are changing and housing and work and the list goes on and on, it’s likely to bring up a lot of fear. And so, one of the great messages that we’ve been hearing as a theme I think in many of the shows that we’ve been doing is changing that and getting to a place of joy, a high vibrational state.

I’m thinking about Archangel Gabrielle and I want to share a little story about fear; as you know I just previously have been living in a cabin in the woods and I was coming around from the back side of the cabin one day and right in front of the cabin was a big black bear 15 feet away and I just froze and the bear had already seen me by the time I saw it and so it was already walking to the other side, toward the back of the cabin, but I was still 15 feet away and it kind of grumbled and I didn’t know at that point if it was going to turn on me or do what and I just froze and I called in reinforcements and it was great that I was mindful and aware enough to do that and the bear went on its way behind the house, I certainly didn’t follow it to make sure it took off down the woods, but I immediately went inside the house, cabin really, it’s just this rustic little cabin and I just went into lockdown mode.

And then I thought to myself, “well, wait a minute” and of course my adrenalin is pumping, it was just whoa, and it was a big bear, I’ve seen bears enough to know, from a distance, it was a good sized bear and you don’t ever really know, especially with a bear that’s hungry and it’s springtime and you are really close and I didn’t know if I surprised him or her, but so here I am, I’ve locked all the doors and I said to myself “you know what? I’m not going to do that.” It’s a beautiful night, I was loving the sounds, I was loving the breeze and so I opened up the main doors, I had the screen doors shut, I locked them as if that would really do anything if the bear really wanted to come in, but it was a conscious choice of really, and this is what I’ve been practicing, it’s really about choosing how I want to experience my reality. And I keep going back to that quote that’s often referred to as Gandhi “be the change you wish to see in the world”, so the practice of, if I’m feeling fear to change that and obviously when fear comes up and that this exercise is being driven by the ego and we want to be mindful of any situation that might be unsafe, but for me I felt that I could stay at that cabin and I think at that point I was a week into it, I could keep the door locked every night and just stay in lockdown mode or I can say “no, I’m not going to do that” because I don’t want to feed into the fear.

It’s been a practice and an exercise and I’m changing that default setting and so if I’m thinking about “oh man I don’t know where I’m going to live or I don’t know what’s going to happen with money.” I know one of the things that Lao Tzu was talking about which I really resonated with is the first thing is get into the moment, get into now and then in that place I can say “you know what? I am safe, I have food, I have shelter, I have my health, whatever it may be extend gratitude for that and it may be the sun is shining or I just had a nice little note from a friend or the fact that I can speak or the fact that I can…whatever it is. And then it completely shifts my mindset in thinking out of that fear mode I’m in the moment, I’m in the now and then I can start extending gratitude and it completely changes my state to higher vibrational state. And it’s an exercise that I’ve been learning from our shows that I have been putting into practice and it’s resulted in a much more peaceful way of being. Now grant it, I keep on having these default settings come up but they don’t last as long.

LD: And they’ll last probably shorter and shorter because, you know what I want to say is “Bravo” because we do have that fight or flight and that’s different but what you did was you didn’t go into the house and like you said lock it down forever and you didn’t go into that place that every time you heard a noise outside that you knew the bear was coming to eat you.

GD: Right.

LD: And so often that’s exactly what happens and the Council always tells us that “fear freezes”, so as soon as we go into fear whether it’s that full blown panic which we’ve all experienced, or even that mild trepidation that keeps us hanging back, fear stops the flow. So it’s literally like being frozen where you are and the best way to get rid of fear is exactly like you say, it’s a choice and if you think that you’re frozen because of fear give it away, give it away to your guides, give it away to Archangel Michael, you remember one of the first shows we did, Mary’s Removal Exercise, the rolling out exercise, give it to Mother Mary, bring in courage, bring in bravery but don’t get caught in fear. And that’s one of the things too that the Michael shield is for; it’s for us, when we’re in scary situations or if you’re with people or in situations that you know you have to deal with but the drama is high, you hold that shield up and it will bounce off anything that is not of love. So you don’t have to go into the fear mode, you don’t have to go into that protective mode. And the other thing we sometimes forget is that Michael’s sword also transmutes and morphs, so if we’re tired and that’s one of the things I’m hearing a lot from people as well, if you’re tired, if you’re not feeling well and there are a lot of people who are experiencing illnesses and things they haven’t experienced in years coming up.

GD: Sometimes referred to as the ‘Ascension Flu’.

LD: Yes, Ascension Flu, Cosmic Flu, Psychic Flu…That sword will morph into the staff of life so that you have something to lean on as well.

GD: Perfect. Let’s talk about peaks and valleys or the crests and the troughs. We touched upon that the last show but I think as we’re talking about all this stuff it’s important to come back to this. What do you do when…I’ll just back up…a lot of people are reporting and I know you and I have shared this, that we’re experiencing with all the wonderful love energy downloads, moments of wonderful euphoria and bliss and concurrent or immediately following sometimes, feeling these real troughs and it may be on the heals of a life review or maybe experiencing some of the symptoms and the discomfort along with it, what are some of the strategies that you apply when you are in that trough state?

LD: Allowing, acceptance and that ever unpopular word fortitude, but I, as probably most people these days, I think probably as a collective we’re all a little too busy. But one of the things that these troughs are showing us and teaching us is that when you’re there you need to just allow yourself to be there and if it means feeling weepy, crying supposedly for no reason, or feeling emotional, or feeling as if you don’t even have enough energy to go and make a cup of tea, or that everything you’ve ever wanted isn’t there and what’s the point? or why am I going through this? is this really ever going to happen? We need to embrace those feelings, not to stay with them but when again, as soon as we judge them, as soon as we get fearful that we’re not going to get out of the trough then what happens is of course we’re stuck there. So if we just can allow ourselves to really say “ok now this is my sacred integration time” because that’s actually what the trough is about, it’s about the integration because our physical bodies as well as our energetic bodies that are growing phenomenally, we’re not used to holding so much love energy. And so our bodies are catching up with what’s happening on the unseen levels and the Council has talked a lot about “making peace with the 3rd”, we’re not going to be able to leave the 3rd dimension until we made peace with it. So it’s not a matter of ‘I’m going to jump the heck out of here’ it’s about really being at peace and what’s the first way to make peace with the 3rd I think is making peace with your body. And I know I’ve had people say to me, gosh my sweet cousin Patricia says “wait a minute, Ascension is so joyful, the whole process is about joy and expansion, why should we have any of these symptoms? It doesn’t make sense.” And I look at her and I think, you know you’re absolutely right, but the point is that we are having these symptoms and they’re emotional and they’re mental and we’re questioning our belief systems and we’re questioning what the heck’s going on. But it’s because our forms are trying to catch up.

GD: Well right. I mean we’ve been using what 3% of our DNA, 10% of our minds, our cells are changing from carbon based cell structure to crystalline based and so there’s this huge expansion and changing that’s going on with our bodies to bring in that light energy, more light.

LD: Exactly. And you know, Archangel Michael has been telling us that there are parts of our brain that are being activated with this love energy every single day and that he’s activating it with his Blue Flame of Truth. And then we’ve got St. Germaine doing the same thing…sorry about that (both talking at the same time)…

GD: No go ahead, say that again.

LD: And then we have St. Germaine penetrating us with the Violet Flame doing the same thing so our bodies are really trying to catch up.

GD: People have been reporting headaches, sometimes really strong headaches, people have been talking about you mentioned it, sleep patterns changing, diet changing, a lack of interest in food or not as much interest in food or changes in eating habits, what else, what else has been coming up?

LD: The joint pain.

GD: Oh right.

LD: People having old injuries, if fact years ago I had torn my rotator cuff and dislocated my shoulder, part of my car accident scenarios, and that recently flared up on me and I thought “what the heck, I haven’t had this problem in years.” Knee pain, hip pain and of course when we look to the emotional things, all of that is about going forward, all that is about flexibility, but I also…when you’re ill and I’m talking to a lot of people who have had persistent illnesses like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and it is, it’s disheartening and there are moments in there of despair where you think “I’m praying, I’m doing everything that’s being asked of me, why isn’t this lifting?” And the thing is, love it, because when we’re sick, when we’re in that dis-ease or un-ease zone we really begin to disconnect from our bodies. And the key is to absolutely love the diabetes, love the fibromyalgia, and I know because I’ve been there, it’s hard but that’s the key. So go lie down and cherish yourself, hug yourself, send yourself some love energy and if you don’t feel like you can do it then ask your guides, your guardian angels to fill you. And all you have to do is, remember the ‘good old days’ when you would pull up to a gas pump and they would come out and fill your tank? Well just flip open your crown as if you were flipping open your gas tank and ask your guardian angels to fill you. And as they fill you what happens is that empty feeling, the despair, the dismay, the disappointment will flow out of you, it will go away.

GD: Well that’s key and it’s good for me to hear this and remember to continue to ask for help, we don’t have to do this alone. We have so much help from the angelic and heavenly realm, our star brothers and sisters, our higher self, friends, family, there’s just so much help and to continually ask for that help.

LD: Yeah, and sometimes we think we’re supposed to be able to do it on our own but another element of where we’re going and the theme for this year has been not just Ascension but unity and community. And so when we’re in community, when we’re in that unified field not just with our human friends, but with our star brothers and sisters and with the Ascended realms, and if we never ask then we don’t receive because they don’t interfere.

GD: Good point. Good point. Can I go back to something you were saying? I just want to pick back up on it. I think I get what you were saying about disease and illness, I’m of the mindset that whatever you think about you bring about and that’s not my quote, I’ve heard it and I really like it, it’s catchy. So you focus on, you grow or whatever you put energy toward it grows and so if I’m thinking about a disease what I’m hearing you say is, so in that mindset my inclination is not to even think about the disease because I don’t want to give it energy, I don’t want it to grow. But what I’m hearing you say is to give firstly yourself love but also to extend love energy to the disease and is the goal there to transmute it with that love energy?

LD: That’s exactly right. You know we do healing work LaHoChi that Lao Tzu has talked about, 83% of all physical maladies, whether it’s a full blown disease or just a headache of the day, they emanate from our mental and emotional bodies, primarily emotional but it’s not like a cement wall they flow back and forth. So often we’ll have an idea about a disease and then of course it enters our emotional or visa-versa until it comes into our physical body and then it manifests. And when it comes into our physical body it’s the universe, it’s our higher self, it’s our guides saying “please, this is urgent, please pay attention.” So very rarely does dis-ease or illness or whatever you want to call it start in the physical body.

So what happens is, and I want to sort of tip my hat also to people who have had chronic, long term disease and some of you have been doing it because you’ve been helping to transmute for the collective and that’s a selfless, thankless job so often. But what happens is when you are in that place of pain, of chronic pain or debilitation, it’s really hard to say “I’m not going to think about my disease” but you’re absolutely right, it’s like ‘what you think…you are what you eat kind of thing.’ But if you send, if you can take the time and send the core issue, the core energy the love, starting with your physical body and working your way back then that’s going to start to ease. The other thing is don’t give up because let me tell you, in the higher dimensions, in the 5th dimension, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, there is no disease. That came from the false illusions and the false grids of the old 3rd; that’s part of the illusion of separation, lack, limitation, death, destruction, disease that we formulated, that came from the human race and nowhere else. So as we transmute it with love energy because when we do healing energy all we are doing is sending love. Love is the entire essence of the universe, it’s the sub-atomic fibers. So yes, as we love it, as we love that child that was injured at 3 or 2, you know the young person that was disappointed because their dreams didn’t come true or that their love life fell apart, as you go back to the core then it starts to change things. And it’s right back to where we started which is compassion and forgiveness. I still think that Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life and that chart she has, I tell you it’s the only book I’ve bought literally dozens and dozens and dozens of times and I continue to give away because it’s truth.

GD: Well this is a perfect segue to the manifestation process that we’ve been told by a couple of our guests, Archangel Michael, and was it Archangel Raphael?

LD: Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Sanat Kumara is the king of the Creation Codes but yeah, they all have been talking about it.

GD: Well they’ve shared the manifestation process as intent, stillpoint, action, equals manifesting, or equals bring about what you want…

LD: Creation.

GD: Creation, thank you. And I think it’s important to speak to that, so obviously the intent is there to put out, to visualize, to get really clear on what that which you wish to manifest and let’s maybe connect back to this idea of ‘perfect health.’ So the intent, and I’m just going to use this as an example because I think it illustrates such an important exercise, as we’re creating and co-creating this new earth this manifestation exercise is going to be more and more powerful and relevant for us. So I’ll put out the intent for perfect health, I’ll visualize it, I’ll experience that and then there’s this idea of ‘stillpoint’ which before we were doing the shows I never really understood or embodied, but I think it’s really key and of course Linda, you really know this well, I’ll speak to this so jump in, but stillpoint really being getting into that place of stillness, that place of calm and quiet and taking that vision and bringing the creation particles into your being and I like to see it as ok there’s perfect health all around me and I actually take my hands and I scoop up the creative particles if perfect health and I breathe that into my being and I hold my breathe in a state of relaxation for about 17 seconds and just let it just be there and I experience the joy and the bliss and the reality of perfect health. And then I just send it out, breathe out, exhale, send it out to the universe and I do that repeatedly and when I feel inspired through intuition or through divine guidance to take action I do that. Is there anything to add to that exercise or does that pretty much nail it?

LD: That’s pretty much it, now I want you to think of that if was on a chalk board or in a basket, the basket that the creation code, that formula, that creation formula sits in is a basket of gratitude, joy and love.

GD: Excellent point.

LD: So if you, and we’ve all done it and even Mother Mary has said to us “sometimes screaming is expression of intent”, so it’s not that we have to be in our perfect space because we’ve all had those times when we are screaming at heaven “help us.” But once you’ve done that you have to bring it to that place of stillpoint and it’s the feeling of no breath, no movement, no nothing, that you really just entered that void. And that’s where that moment of what Einstein calls implosion/explosion, a fertilization takes place and then it drops down out of your heart as if you have a hole at the bottom of your heart into your solar plexus and when you exhale it it’s literally coming out, and now because it’s gone into your solar plexus, it’s infused with Divine will and your will. And it is released out into the universe, the molecules have been collected, the creation codes have been collected and now you are magnetizing it to you and you’re taking appropriate action to do.

So for example, you know if you’re, and I’ve used this example before, but if your looking for perfect health and you’re only eating garbage or you’re never exercising or you’re never taking time for your sweet self, if you are not eating green, and by that I mean eating love, then you’re not going to manifest that perfect health. Now one of the things we don’t talk about too much is when we’re taking something, and we all do it, admit it, we all do it, we eat something or drink something that isn’t of the highest vibration or the best for us, but during these times too, you are either not interested in food or you might go through periods where you’re ravenously hungry, it seems to be both extremes, hold that food in your hands or hold that pill, that medication in your hand for a wee minute, you know just like we’ve seen how the transformation of prayers for water, well it’s the same thing. If it’s medication or food or what-have-you hold it for a minute, pray and in your hand allow the substance and we’re not talking a long time, a moment, allow the substance to be transmuted into pure light and love. And then take it, drink it, eat it, but take that moment to bless it and to allow the light to just fill you.

GD: Perfect. Perfect. We don’t have much more time left and I wanted to get into doubt and strategies for keeping vibrations high, talk about joy. One of the things I wanted to mention that I heard that I think is really important on one of our shows, it might have been Archangel Michael, is in the manifestation process to not give up and don’t stop asking. To your point earlier, are angelic and heavenly guides and brothers and sisters, they can’t intervene without us asking, and it may not occur right away, but they are working on it and to keep asking and to keep asking and sometimes it’s hard to put trust into that. And doubt creeps up and that’s something we’ve talked about on the shows is doubt and you touched upon earlier. When are things going to happen? I don’t see anything happening. I’m talking about the Shift and signs that the Shift and Ascension is happening and having doubt in so many things and one of the things I really appreciated was the suggestion to hand doubt over to the Creator, hand doubt over to the universe and that’s something that I’ve been doing so when I feel doubt crop up I actually take it and hand it over and it actually works, it really does.

LD: Yeah it does.

GD: So I don’t feel as much doubt and there’s a difference between, I think it’s important to think through things and have healthy discernment and follow our inner guidance and compass, as a young child friend of mine used to say “I’m the captain of my own ship”, we are driving this and it’s important to be mindful of this journey and how we want to play it out. And if something comes up that doesn’t quite ring true to listen to that but if it’s a fear based doubt kind of thought to hand it over because I’m actively working on creating and manifesting the world that I want to see come to fruition and if I have doubt that creeps up in me and says “you know what, this isn’t going to happen” just be mindful of that and I hand it over and I think that I just share that as a powerful exercise for me.

LD: It’s a very good exercise because we know that doubt is the twin brother or sister of fear so you know, very often we will go into doubt and we just slide right into home base with fear. And it’s just the same way as trust and hope are twins as well and Mother Mary says to us “without hope there is no life” and if you really think about that statement it’s true. If we don’t have hope then what do we have? So when the doubt comes up because it hasn’t happened and give yourself a break, we’re in human form and what we’re doing has never been done and certainly not on earth while maintaining our human form, this form which is going through all these massive changes. So when doubt comes up acknowledge it and then hand it over because it is, it is a choice.

GD: As you experience the troughs and the crests and we’ve touched upon this a little bit, I think it’s really helpful to talk about strategies for one, right it’s important to let these experiences happen and at the same time recognize when we’re in a low vibrational state and we have the power to transmute it. If I stub my toe my automatic default is to swear.

LD: Yeah.

GD: And it’s been that way for years, right? But at least I’m appreciating where I’m going with it because right after I can say “ok Graham, that’s not the state you want to be in, so change it around” and I try to think of something, while I’m grimacing, that puts me in a higher vibrational state and so I’ll turn on some nice music and I did this the other night, I started rocking out to some really fun dance music that I haven’t listened to in a long time and it totally transmuted that experience and I forgot all about it. And there are other things that bring me to a state of peace and good vibes, being out in nature definitely does that, meditation, yoga, maybe seeing a good you-tube video, some neat thing that a community did to come together and help solve a problem. What kind of things do you do to help get in a place of high vibration and peace?

LD: Well I have a file on my computer of you-tube videos I call ‘feel good videos’ and it’s everything, the last one yesterday were a mother moose and two babies playing under somebody’s backyard sprinkler.

GD: How fun.

LD: Yeah, I go and I sit in my garden and I watch the birds, I feed the birds, I go for a walk with my dog down to the river and if I’m really lucky I might see an eagle ‘cause there’s an eagle’s nest in the preserve across the river, I have an automatic mood change,r now I’m lucky because I live in Florida and I have a tiny little lap pool and if I get in that pool it’s instant, my vibration changes and that’s true if you get into a bath or the ocean or a lake or a river because the water is emotion and it’s going to shift and absorb our emotion and help us relax into a higher state. And sometimes it is, it’s movies it’s just what Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary are saying to us “be gentle with yourself.” There’s a new emphasis on being gentle and kind to ourselves and you know, I don’t hear a lot about kindness any more, it’s something that they’re reviving, there’s a ‘kindness revival’ and if we’re not kind to ourselves then we’re missing an important ingredient because love is kind.

GD: Yeah. I love it. You know what I’m just thinking of Linda, I’ve been really enjoying bubble baths lately, I’m letting myself be a kid, I went out, I could say it’s for my 8 year old son, and I told him it’s kids bubble bath, and I said “buddy I got this for the two kids, you and me” so when he’s with me he had this really great bubble bath, he had bubbles all over, one minute he was Santa Claus, the next minute he had this huge mop of bubbles all over his head, well I’m doing the same thing so I’m being a kid too and I absolutely love it, so a bubble bath just to soak in the tub. But you know what you just reminded me of, if I put intention and love and all kinds of good stuff into that tub before I hop in, I was just talking about this with someone recently, the study that was done on the chemical composition of water, depending on what energy you give to it, so if you give a glass of water love energy or if you give a glass of water hate energy, what’s that study, do you know the one I’m talking about?

LD: Yes it’s the Japanese…

GD: Yeah I’m forgetting his name but he was able to display, for those of you that haven’t experienced this or know about this, he was able to showcase how giving love energy, oh it was writing joy on a cup of water and hate on another cup of water, something like that, or love on a cup of water, so the love/joy water chemical composition was this beautiful crystalline display. I want to look back into this to remind me or refresh my memory. And the other one was convoluted and dark and looked angry.

LD: Yeah.

GD: So next time I take a bath I’m going to follow your lead, I’m going to send it all kinds of love and good vibes and joy and I’m going to have a good, dandy old time.

LD: Well you know St. Germaine taught us and asked us years ago, and we teach this in the healing classes, to not only program our water but to go and whether it’s in your bathtub or your sink or in your glass of water is to write ‘love’, just take your finger and write ‘love’ in the water, in the ocean, in the lake, in the streams, and then the other thing he asked us to do was to write it in the air and then just whoosh it away. So that we can be cleaning our water whether it’s going down into the sewers or the septic or it’s going in the ocean and in the air up to the…

GD: What a great exercise.

LD: Yeah, it’s just, and I always do it in bright violet-purple because that’s his color and it changes the vibration. Programming your water is probably the most important thing you can do in terms of your health and if you take the – Emoto, Dr. Emoto – if you take his cards and you put it, some of those beautiful joy or gratitude cards and you put it underneath your glass of water and just leave it for a few minutes it will absorb that beautiful energy into the water that you are drinking.

GD: Wonderful, beautiful. We only have a few seconds left and you know me, I really like to end things on a really happy note, and we’re talking about high vibrations anyway, Archangel Gabriel talks a lot about joy. What do you want to say to that?

LD: It’s our birthright, we are worthy of it, it’s who we are, sometimes we forget but it’s inside of us already so let it just bubble up from your heart, from your tummy, let it be part of every day.

GD: That’s our natural state – joy and love.

LD: Yeah.

GD: Beautiful, well this has been great Linda, this has been so great I’m going to listen to this a bunch of times, just remind myself of everything we’ve been learning and discussing so, thanks for doing this.

LD: Oh you’re welcome and next week we’re going to start back to our old format.

GD: Sounds great. Looking forward to it.

LD: Thanks Graham.