Now take your hands and extend them, palms up, let me take this from you, let me take the illusion, the limitation, the pain, the suffering. I give you your 7th dimensional self, if you wish it to be 5th then so be it. I place it within your hands for you to claim. This is not over-lighting, this is a re-creation, this is an Ascension in form
GD: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love. I’m GD. Our guest tonight is Universal Mother Mary. Hi Linda.

LD: Hi Graham, how are you doing?

GD: Doing well, well. It’s great to do this again with you this week.

LD: I tell you I am thrilled. I was sitting here meditating and preparing for tonight and I was thinking…”We’re just so lucky it’s, what I feel, like every week is my birthday. Not only does some enlightened being come forward and talk to us but they give us gifts and presents. It’s like whoa, and I love it, I just love it.”

GD: It’s a joy, for sure. So we have quite a guest tonight.

LD: I always feel humbled, honored, and almost overwhelmed when I am invited to channel Universal Mother Mary.

GD: So, do you want to do a meditation?

LD: Yes I do.

GD: So I’ll leave it up to you how you’d like to…

LD: OK. I think there will be a lot of Linda drifting in and out tonight with Mother Mary. So, let’s get started. Let’s get started by taking a nice, deep breathe of blue; the blue of a summer sky, of forget-me-nots, of bluebirds and blue-jays, the blue of Archangel Michael, and the blue of the deep Atlantic. And feel blue and breathe it in through your nose, following your breath, allowing it to go throughout your body. Wild blueberries, Siberian Iris and come and anchor in your heart and allow the day to go. Allow that tension and responsibilities and honey-do list to simply drift away and give yourself the present of simply being here and receiving these blessings and knowing not only are you loved but that you are worthy. Anchor in your heart and agree to feel the love, not only that’s sent to you from the Universe but that you have for yourself, for your beautiful, sacred self. And just be. And we’ll get started.

GD: Wonderful. That was beautiful. Maybe you can share a little bit about your relationship with Mother Mary, just whatever moves you to speak to.

LD: Yeah, I think the most important thing when we talk about the Universal Mother Mary, particularly in the realm of the Council of Love which, of course, is who we are dealing with, is we aren’t talking particularly about a religious figure. You know there are many ways in which the Divine Mother shows her face as what many Christians think of as Mary, the Mother of Yeshua, of Jesus, of Shakti, the Divine Mother, of Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Kwan Yin. She has many, many faces. But what we’re connecting to when we channel the Universal Mother and that energy is what I would call the ‘core essence’, the big energy that is the essence of the Universal Mother. So regardless of how you’ve experienced her or how you tend to think of her, this is the energy that we are calling upon and that we’re being gifted with tonight.

I have an incredible relationship with the Universal Mother; I think I always have. I can remember, even as a child, I was raised Catholic, and I still sometimes think of myself as “culturally Catholic” because, probably because I love Christmas so much. But I can remember statues of Mary turning to me and smiling or even crying. And I’ve visited many sacred sites where I’ve had apparitions or again statues turn and talk or take form shall we say. I think out of many of the higher beings, the enlightened beings, that Mary is one that takes form often, that she will apparite. And she has said to us in many channelings that she will show up in everybody’s living room if that’s what it takes to reach you. So, whatever you think of her, however you think of her, just staying in your heart, open up and invite her in tonight to show you her face and her energy and to share with you the miracle of her love.

GD: Terrific. Would you like to bring her up?

LD: I would. I would. Tonight feels very momentous.

UMM: Greetings, I AM Mary.

GD: Welcome.

UMM: Welcome beloved ones. I AM Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of Change, Mother of Ascension, mother of each of you for each of you, my beloved ones, has been birthed from my core, from my heart, and I hold you close not as a distant deity, not as an unseen element, but as your mother. I know you, I know your heart, I know your soul, I know your core and I speak to all of you upon the planet of my Gaia at this time. Never have I shared how we refer to you, but now it is timely; I call you my Ascension Angels. And dear hearts it does not matter whether you are earth keeper or star being, healer, teacher, channel, accountant, doctor, physician, gardener, it does not matter. You are the legion and I claim you all who have volunteered, who at times have been raucous in that volunteering to say ‘I will go, for I know of the unfoldment of your plan’; and the time is neigh, the time is at hand. And I say this to you as one who thinks and exists in terms of spans of thousands of years; we operate in and outside of time, but never think we do not understand it.

Before the channel begins I wish to speak to you tonight about Ascension, not the Ascension of Gaia, not the collective Ascension of humanity, not about disclosure or NESARA. I wish to speak to you my beloved children about your Ascension, about your becoming, about your journey to Love, and that is the doorway to enlightenment. The wholeness is already within thee, it always has been. But this is a time of reckoning, of movement, of flying free. Many of you have known me or have known of me when I took human form; yes one of my phases as Mary, mother of our beloved Yeshua, of what you think of as Jesus. When my time upon the planet of Earth came to a close, when I was ready I returned home, I ascended with my form intact. This is not a myth, this is not some religious hoax, and I’ve never really spoken greatly about this, but I wish to tonight because of the discussion about Ascension. I took my human form to show you, my beloved ones, my Ascension Angels, that it was possible, that the human form was a gift to be glorified, celebrated, enjoyed, relished. And that it could lift off, no not to disintegrate back into the light which all of you will do sooner or later, but simply to return home. But to show you that you may take your form into many different realities, into what you think of as many different dimensions. It is not about losing form. That is the gift that I have given you, that you have chosen in all its beautiful wonder. Never was it intended, and it is an illusion that we will deal with this evening, that it be shackled to you. It is a creation that you have brought forth, yes in concert with us, with your guides, with your guardian angels, with your parents, with your twin flames, but your form, your body and all of your bodies are a creation. So do not ever doubt your capacity to create, child. You are of my core; you are a combination of the Father-Mother-One. It is embedded within you, yes even within what you think of as your human DNA, this ability to create what you desire. The evidence sits and sleeps and walks and talks with you every day. So eradicate doubt. Tonight we eradicate a great deal. I will step aside for the channel, in human terms to speak of this exercise that I call ‘My Gift of Removal’. But I tell you we have amplified it because it is a time of amplification, it is a time of movement, it is a time of Ascension, not at some distant month, date, but right now. I invite you to begin this night with me; I AM your Mother. I will hold you, I will wrap you in my cloak of blue, I will swaddle you, I will protect you always, and I will show you your potential.

LD: OK. This is Linda again. I want to begin to talk about this gift and I understand why Mother Mary is asking us to first walk through it and as I was sharing with Graham is that this gift was one of the first gifts that was bestowed 15-16 years ago when we were first given the gift of the 13th Octave and the first Sedona Council of Love Gathering. And every year there has been amplification of this gift but basically this is how it goes, and it’s called ‘Removal’ because we give something away. So, if you’re on your phone put it on speaker and if you’re on your computer listening all the better because this is what I want you to do and this is what I want you to walk through with me.

I want you to take your right hand and put it on your heart, place it over your heart chakra, the center of your chest. And we start with the right hand because as you all know, I’m sure, is that you give away with your right hand. But then cover your right hand with your left hand so both hands are resting on your chest across your heart. Now this exercise that we’re going to do tonight isn’t something that changes over time, the sensations and the process always remain the same. And that’s the good news because when you know you’ve got it, you’ve really got it. So hang in there with me.

So I want you to go into your heart; we’re going to do a trial run. I want you to go into your heart and think of something that you have wanted to let go of for a long time. Feel yourself as if you are sinking into your heart the way a penny or a pebble sinks down into a lake or a pond, just bring your attention into your heart and think of that thing that you have prayed and hoped and asked to let go of. Maybe it’s a health issue, maybe it’s always being short of money, maybe it’s never doing the job that you know you’re here to do, maybe it’s the feeling of lack of self-worth, it doesn’t matter what it is, this is our practice run. But I want you to feel it because I want you to get full whammy for what we’re doing tonight.

OK, now with your hands, your right hand against your chest covered with your left I want you to feel that thing that you want to let go of. Go ahead. (Pause) Now the sensation is that it is moving out of your heart into your hand. And how you know this is quite literally you are going to feel the center of the palm of your hand warming up. Now there is so much we need to get rid of right now, individually and collectively. We are going to talk about that as we finish up. Got it? Now take your hands and roll them out, hand over hand over hand until your hands are extended, your arms are extended in front of your body and your palms are face up. (Pause) And you can still feel that heat in the center of the palms of your hands of what you’re choosing, once and for all, to let go of. Now you’re going to feel the tips of your fingers beginning to tingle. (Pause) Got it? Don’t rush it, let it happen. This is quite literally Mother Mary, our beloved Divine Mother, removing this burden from you. So feel the tingling. (Pause) Now as Mary suggests, too often we give something away, we clear it, we let it go, and then we leave that empty space in our hearts and we grab it back, or we just fill it with another drama or addiction.

So this is the second part of this exercise. I want you to think of something that your heart desperately desires. It can be the opposite of what you just let go of. So, for example, if you let go of ill health then you would be bringing in perfect health and perfect balance, or perfect relationship or harmony in your relationship, the perfect job. But it doesn’t have to be the opposite; it’s what your heart is just begging for. So take a second, you know what it is. (Pause) Now what you’re going to feel is your hands, the palms, the center of your palms again are starting to heat up and feel heavier and heavier and heavier. And that is Mary literally piling on the gifts of what you’re asking for. And that’s how you know it’s there. This is a very physical, tangible gift from our Mother. And when you feel it’s so heavy that you can’t hold up your arms any more, I want you to roll your hands, and this time the lead hand is the left hand because we receive and we bring in with our left hand. So you’re rolling your hands back in, you’re bringing your left hand to your heart first, covering it with your right, and you are going to feel that energy moving into your heart. (Pause) Let it come on in. (Pause) And then just give thanks. (Pause) So that’s our practice round. Before we go back to Mother Mary, Graham did you have any questions because if you do I know our listeners do as well?

GD: I think I know what you mean by rolling hands in and out, but I’m not exactly sure. Is it just moving one hand then taking the other hand over it?

LD: Yeah. You know how when kids play or ‘Proud Mary Keeps On Rollin’, it’s literally a rolling your hands, your rolling as if you are playing a child’s game until you just roll them out.

GD: I see. So I’m keeping my palms face up moving one across the other…

LD: That’s exactly right.

GD: OK. Thanks.

LD: But it’s a circular motion as you’re reaching out…

GD: So each hand goes around, up and over and around.

LD: Yes.

GD: Got it. OK thanks.

LD: And there is a you-tube on this, an old you-tube on this, but it’s called ‘Mary’s Gift of Removal’. So if you really ever want to see the visual you can go; it’s like 3 minutes long. But Mary has very specific intentions for us tonight with this gift. So the biggest part of this is make sure you’re taking it from your heart, you’re feeling the heat in your hand, you’re extending your hands full out, palms up, your feeling the tingling in the tips of your fingers, and then you’re receiving the weighty gift that she’s giving us, and then you’re bringing it back into your heart. Clear?

GD: Yes, clear.

LD: OK. Now I’m going to get out of the way.

UMM: Greetings, I AM Mary. Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, and it is these two gifts that I bring you tonight; it is the gift of hope and the gift of change. Too many are stuck in the old paradigms created by humankind. Now never do we interfere with free will for that was the primary gift that you were granted in assuming form. But that free will sometimes binds you dear heart and it is also blinding you to what is possible. And I say to you tonight ‘Yes, what is possible for the human race?’ but what I wish to address, my beloved ones, is ‘What is possible for you?’ you the child of my heart, the angel that I have loved forever.

I have asked this channel to clearly explain this gift of removal and receiving because I wish to invite you to let go of old earth. I ask of you to give me a precious gift this night. I am asking each of you to give me your current self. Yes some of you are inter-dimensional already, some of you, this channel resides in the 7th, many of you are in the 5th demonstrating in the 3rd, but many are not. Many are trapped in that old illusion of the false grids of duality, polarity, of lack, of limitation, of control, and that is not the truth of who you are. And what I am saying to you, to each of your hearts, is regardless of where you are I do not care. If you are in the 1st or the 12th there is more. And I invite you to come and join with me in the 7th, the dimension of Love, of Christ Consciousness. It is where you belong. It is the intersection and from there you can move wherever you choose but it requires surrender, allowing, and for some of you sacrifice of ego. I am asking you whom I have known forever to let go, to relinquish to me the idea, the concept, the beliefs, the limitation of who you are. It is surrender that I have never requested in this way of any of you. I am not simply requesting a surrender of ego, I am asking you as your beloved mother to let go of who you are, of who you believe you are to fully become your Ascension Angel self. For that is what I will give you and I will bring you to the higher realms; I will give you and assist you in anchoring your 7th dimensional self. Yes, then you are free to be in the 5th with Gaia, the 6th, the 7th. You are free to fly to the 11th and 12th, but you will anchor in the Love, in the heart of Love.

I wrap you in my cloak of blue that you are completely protected, that as we do this you are physically, mentally, spiritually, etherically rejuvenated, regenerated, restored. I hold you in my arms. I love you like a mother. So begin with me my children. Do not be afraid; fear is part of the old, thinking that you could not possibly do this is part of the old. There is a new cycle of existence and I beckon you to it. I have given you the blueprint, now I guide you this night. So come with me, let me guide you.

Place your right hand upon your heart of Love, because this is the ultimate truth of who you are and who you have always been. And feel your tri-flame of blue and gold, the Father and I, and the pink of your own Divine Radiance. And simply feel, as you hold your hands on your heart, that you are willing, for this is an act of will, it is an act of Love, that you will let go of you, without judgment, without saying ‘I wish to keep this particle, this subatomic fiber’. Do not worry, you will not disintegrate, child; that is not the purpose of what we gather for this night. Let go of your 3rd dimensional self and everything, everything that it entails. Please do it with me now.

Now take your hands and extend them, palms up, let me take this from you, let me take the illusion, the limitation, the pain, the suffering. I give you your 7th dimensional self, if you wish it to be 5th then so be it. I place it within your hands for you to claim. This is not over-lighting, this is a re-creation, this is an Ascension in form. Do you accept my gift? Child of my heart, please accept my gift. And bring your left to your heart sealed with your right. Allow this to anchor within thee, allow this change to fill you; it need not be difficult. It is of Love. This is my gift from my heart to your heart. And I ask of you to share this with every being you know, every stranger, every elderly person, every child. Your star brothers and sisters have joined in this ceremony tonight; they are awaiting you, we all are. My love for you in infinite but what many of you sometimes forget, it is also personal. I care for you my sweet angel, so turn to me and if you need to do this every day to reassure yourself, do so. But I suggest to you it is done.

Beloved Graham do you have query for me?

GD: Thank you for your presents and your gifts.

UMM: You are welcome.

GD: If you would be willing to share, what did Ascension feel like in your form while on earth, what was that experience like for you, what did that feel like? Perhaps that I can give us some perspective of what we might experience during Ascension, I realize it’s all a very individual experience.

UMM: It felt like sweet release. Now you know that as Mary I was trained in many of the Mystery Schools, in the sacred ways, I was not simply a naive young girl as sometimes I am portrayed. And often I would bi-locate to accompany my son. I talk about having followed him far and wide, but often it would be a very rapid bi-location. But what it felt like was the release of gravity, the release and yet the presence of everything I held and felt dear to me upon my beloved Gaia, including of course my family and the people. But it was as if, this word ‘gravity’ is strange is it not? it’s very appropriate, but it was if the magnets that had held me to the planet no longer did. And that is one of the reasons, when I have counseled all of you and yes, have given you this way to Ascend, that it is important that your cord, because we are not asking you to leave the earthly realm, otherwise you would certainly continue on, so we ask you to keep your cord, your beautiful cord anchored within Gaia. So that as that feeling of gravity releasing, as that shifting of being, shall we say slightly displaced, occurs that you don’t drift off into space. Now for me it was much like one of your space shuttles, only not so rapid; I wanted everyone to see and to witness, that was a very important part of what I wished to accomplish. And in that situation also many were able to see the cherubim, the seraphim, and who was accompanying me on this journey. Now as Gaia is shifting you will hear and you will witness many of the Council, many of the angelic realm around you. No, do not panic, it does not mean that you are dying in terms of a human definition; it simply means the veils that you have held so intact are gone.

The feeling is sweet release, it is such a relief to feel that you are no longer bound by a reality that in fact, in your time and I talk now present day, has become more restrictive, more confined, more distorted than even in my time. Yes there were many rules and religious rites, but in fact the illusions of your times have become far more restrictive. So it will feel as if a burden has been lifted off your chest, off your shoulders, and that you can run on air. Your bodies are already in the magnificent transformation, the shift to crystalline rather than carbon. Your DNA has already been activated, some more than others, but let us also talk to that as well because we have noted that there are many lightworkers well intentioned who are indicating that if you have not done every speck of your work that you do not get to ascend. That is rather cruel and limited; that is why I give you this gift. If you give me your old 3rd dimensional self you will receive what is required. Understand when you give your old self, you are giving over the fear, the lack, the limitation, though very limited understandings. It is very peculiar, for humans tend to think of themselves as either very superior or inferior. Where you are coming to is that place in the center of wholeness, of balance, of unity, of knowing that you are neither superior to the kingdoms, to the grass, to the trees, to the mountains, to the fairies and you are not inferior to the Ascended Beings, what you think of as Masters, as your star brothers and sisters. Are you different? Yes. That is what Ascension feels like. It is the recognition of the totality of your wholeness, of your being without any restriction. It is glorious freedom. It is what was always the plan. You were never intended to be stuck indefinitely in a body if you did not choose to be. Death was never part, as you define it, it was never part of my plan. So you are ridding yourself of all of this. So does it take some adjustment? Yes, physically, mentally, emotionally, we are not eradicating your fields. Quite the contrary, they are being filled, lightened up, expanded, But I am asking you, do not wait. You may ascend now; that is why I am here and I’m not just offering my help, my assistance. I am entreating you to give me your old self, to allow yourself to be raised up to feel this Ascension now; that you may help, that you may spread this good word.

And do not think this exercise that we have gone through rather laboriously this night needs to take long. It does not. The more you do it, the more you will know this, the more you will come to know me in physicality.

GD: Thank you, we have a couple of minutes left and everything you share is inspiring, so beautifully said. Do you have any other words of inspiration and hope you would like to offer. I just think we don’t get enough of it.

UMM: Many of you have been feeling despair, discouragement, feeling disjointed, disconnected as if you are in a neutral zone or a null zone. That is why I have nudged this channel to introduce me this night. There are many gifts that I have and choose to bestow upon you but it is important that this feeling that is ranging from despair and disparagement by the way, to ennui, that it be irradiated and lifted. So that is why we are asking you to let it go because it is a choice, this is why we have begun by talking about the way you are powerful creators. So when you are in despair you say ‘Oh, it is the energy’ well dear heart you are fully capable of creating different energies. Create the energy of joy, of excitement, of wonder. Look around you, yes there is much to see that can be disheartening, but what you do is you create something different to change that. You are mighty agents of change; you are my Ascension Angels. That means you are driving this process in partnership with us. So yes we know how you feel and we offer you, hand in hand, heart in heart, choices to change that, to create something different. So if there is sadness, let there be joy. If you are ticked off, if you are fed up, if you have had it up to here, then create something new. Each of you are doing this but I am inviting you, I am begging you, dream big, create big, allow limitation and lack to be a thing of ancient past. You do not live there any longer. Go with my love. Farewell.

GD: Thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 04-19-12 Heavenly Blessings