This is Ragini’s account of her sighting of the Neptune and other ships visible above Grand Haven, MI this week.

For many months now, I have been scanning the skies asking Halazar (Chief Science Officer aboard the Neptune) to grant me a glimpse of the Neptune. During daylight, I scan the sky hoping to catch a peek from behind a cloud.

Last evening around 7:15 ish, I was walking home and looked up at the sky. I noticed it was a peculiar, but exceedingly beautiful purple/blue color. It is usually a murky charcoal. I haven’t seen any stars here in Michigan in the eight years I have been here.

So, I’m thinking that this is an unusual Saint Germain hue, and I mentally remarked that it was his color. While I am reveling in the beauty of the color, I looked to my left and saw two lighted crafts traveling seemingly across my path from left to right. At first I thought they were planes, even though they did not have the usual placement of lights that planes have. But I noticed two curious things:

(1) They were parallel to each other and one was slightly ahead of the other. I have NEVER seen two airplanes traveling that close together. And I don’t imagine it would be allowed according to aviation rules. It would be potentially dangerous.

(2) Although they were travelling in an apparently straight path, they never seemed to actually go away from my left. I placed them relative to the spires of a local church and the tower of our (Grand Haven) courthouse. They never crossed past the spires.

So, then, I thought they must be lights from a power plant tower. BUT WHY WOULD THEY BE TRAVELLING?

So, I asked Halazar to let me see his ship __if indeed it was his — dance for me. AND HE DID.

So, I stood still and went in and out of trying to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. By the way, I felt dizzy and buzzy while watching. I alternated between walking and stopping, questioning what I was seeing and trying to make it something else “sensible.” But EVERY TIME I asked for a dancing demonstration, I got it.

I then looked behind me and saw a third light. I asked it to dance if it were a ship, AND IT DID They were soaring and dipping so I could have no doubt about what they were. I kept saying, “Thank you.”

When I got about a block from my apartment, I stood still and thanked them again and again. Those three lights never stopped doing loop de loops when I asked.

Then, suddenly, BAM! There was an explosion of them suddenly appearing in the sky. At first, I wanted to be rational and declare them stars. As I was looking at one group, I thought, “Is that a constellation? I wonder if it is the big dipper or the little dipper!”

There were dozens of them, and most of them were moving about. So, “No Ragini, we are not stars. We are STAR SHIPS. AND WE ARE HERE!”

I stood still for a few moments and enjoyed the show. Then I got on the phone. I couldn’t get Antinea — who by the way, has seen things jumping from ships. She lives up in a wooded region near Twin Lake without street lights. So, she CAN see the stars. So, I left her a message and then called you.

I called my sister, who is just opening up to this “stuff” in conversation with me. But she believed me. And she told me if I get to go aboard Halazar’s Neptune, I should bring back pictures as “proof.”

By the way, I think it is interesting that a former government official has now gone public about President Eisenhower’s meeting with ET’s. It was in last week’s news. He says he was there along with other high-ranking officials. He says the ETs were “Nordic-looking.”

I heard about Eisenhower’s secret meetings way back in the 1980’s. It’s about time it came forth. I also heard that President Kennedy wanted to tell, and that may have been one of the reasons he was assassinated.

But anyway, I had to share this encounter with you, because it was spectacular.

By the way, I don’t know whether or not you know of a Christian minister named Joel Osteen. I am reading one of his books entitled “IT’S YOUR TIME.” He is pastor of the largest church–Lakewood– in America in Houston, TX. Yesterday I was reading a chapter in which he speaks of a WAREHOUSE IN HEAVEN. He–in short — talks about going there to fulfill your dreams for material and non-material things. So….. Linda, it looks like he might be getting some Heavenly downloads from the same beings you are getting them from. I had to laugh when I came upon that passage.

Take care,
Grand Haven, MI

February 2012