As I prepare for the 15th Annual COL Gathering in Sedona the Council tells me which channellings to include – and they are powerful. Interestingly enough they are also timeless, and I feel strongly that everyone deserves to read this incredibly beautiful and moving message from Jesus Sananda . For all of us who have ever cried out in the night and wondered if we are making a difference…..

Greetings, I am Jeshua. I do not wish for crystals because I like to throw my arms around as I am talking to you, I always have had a way of gesturing. I asked the channel to open her eyes that I may see you and you may see me.

New faces that I have known forever, new faces that I have loved forever. I ask to talk to you today about union and reunion, about the power of Love to continue on through so many incarnations you forget. But my brothers and sisters I do not ask you to spend your time remembering the past, to draw upon it most certainly as you draw upon the future, the future that you create in this very moment, but where love lives is in the now, it is in this precious moment as you breathe the fuel of the universe, it has not changed since I walked the Earth so long ago. Like you I came on mission from the Mother and Father to create a new community based in Love, the directive I received from my parents was simple, go forward and help them remember the Love, to love themselves and to love each other. Nothing more, nothing less. And this is what I tried to do.

I have heard your cries in the night when you have said, ‘Jesus, Jeshua, I don’t think I’m getting through to these people, I don’t think I’m making a difference, I don’t think I’m moving forward fast enough, I don’t think I’m good enough’. And I hear the pleas of your heart and I hope you hear my comfort, and I hope you hear my laughter because it is like listening to myself. How many times I would turn to my beloved wife, and to my parents and say ‘I don’t think I’m getting through to them’, and we would laugh and we would rest. We would restore, and we would start again. That is all there is, to love. It is the faithfulness, it is the loyalty, it is the stamina, it is the fortitude, it is the ability to know beyond doubt, beyond fear to who you really are – and you my friends are mighty, and you are gentle. Love does not push, it may sound assertive in trying to persuade, but it doesn’t push, it is convincing because of the gentleness, because of the solid strength of the oak tree.

I spoke to you several weeks ago about my honour for my father in physical life, Joseph, and what he taught me in terms of being a man, and I compared him to that oak, to this strength and this solidity. That is also the quality of the male that you bring forward, it is to stand strong against the winds, to protect everybody that lives underneath you and in you. It is the quiet teaching and holding of space, it is warming the people, the families at the end of your life, it is providing shelter. These are wonderful qualities to bring forward. Each one of you has a blessed uniqueness that you have chosen, that you have created with the Mother/Father/One Source.

Throughout all universes, throughout all realities, all dimensions, wherever you would search, you are unique. The gifts, the beauty, the Love you carry, its expression can only come from you in your unique way. Do not waste it and do not doubt it, sometimes you think you touched the heart of another you think ‘I did not get through’, and they go away and they think about it and they are transformed, you do not see all the results of your work, and you do not need to, it is simply to be the vessel of transmission. When you take away all that feeling of burden, of responsibility for outcome, you lighten up quite literally. When you do the fullness of who you are, when you are the embodiment of that, the outcome will be the Love; the outcome will be the peace. So detach from worrying, it has taken 2000 years but you are there.

So I ask you, I ask you as the brothers and sisters of my heart, my soul, and my family, hold tight in this community. Be the unity of one, be the unity of yourself, anchor that firmly so that it is unshakeable for you will be challenged, and when you have the slightest shadow of need or doubt simply turn to me, I am right there with you.

I do not think you hear often enough how well you are doing, the miracles that you perform everyday. We are grateful to you, our partnership is strong, our vision is clear and our purpose is community, our purpose is joy.

Go with my love.

Channelled by Linda Dillon in Michigan