…the choices of creation are yours. The embodiment of energy into form is the next adventure. And the embodiment of Love into form, it is the fulfillment of my plan, and dear hearts, it is the fulfillment of your plan. It is the only reason you have reincarnated at this time.

Greetings. I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of change, Mother of all. And so I continue and I say continue because dear heart we have been having this conversation for eons. When I say to you that I am the Mother of all I want you to take it very personally. I am not some distant deity, some entity that floats on clouds and decides whether to grant you Joy or not. It was built in with the Love, dear hearts, and it is part and parcel of every particle, every molecule, it is who you are. And you tend to drift in and out of Joy and when you drift away what you do, whether it is consciously or unconsciously, is you choose to put yourself in a place of disconnection. And not only disconnection to me, to all the beings above and below, but disconnection to yourself, and disconnection to your ability to bring forth what your heart truly desires.

We have given you many, many tools, the most precious being the Gift of the 13th Octave, the gift of Divine Union that gives you the connection above the 12 realms, dimensions and 12 planes within each of those dimensions of your reality. It is the embodiment of your spirit in union with us, and with that has come a plethora of gifts, of teachings, of tools, so many that you forget and that does not matter, we never take offense. For the point is to have luxurious choices, because choice and free will is also the gift of this planet. But it was to know Love and Joy in form.

Now you have worked diligently, many of you, and you are destroying and have destroyed many of the old belief systems created by the humans. And you are seeing the truth of your existence and you are ready to let go and to fly free. The foundation that we have given you, yes of blessings, of virtues, of connection, of flames, of diamonds, this is to assist you in flying free, in creating your future reality. We do not simply arrive in 5th or 6th or 7th dimension and it is all made up for you. No, part of what you are doing is co-creating what the forms will look like. No, you are not arriving to a desert, for even as you know the desert is very rich. But the choices of creation are yours.

The embodiment of energy into form is the next adventure. And the embodiment of Love into form, it is the fulfillment of my plan, and dear hearts, it is the fulfillment of your plan. It is the only reason you have reincarnated at this time. And yes, I have heard your cries and sometimes your pleas in the dark of night saying ‘what on earth am I doing here?’ And you are here as anchors, as beacons, as showers of the way, but you are also on Gaia to have this experience of explosion/implosion and forward movement in unity and in Love.

This situation that some call the Shift, and that is the term that we have used with this channel for a very long time because it connotes the shift in being, not just one part of your being, but in the collective, in the planet, in the kingdoms, in the multiverse. This is all about you as beautiful, unique, individual soul and it is all about everything. You are unified, you are part of a unified grid, you always have been, you always will be. That is a gift. So acknowledge it. Do not sit in solitary, turn to those around you, both in your community and in your soul family and spiritual community. Unite. We have taught you the very simplest formula of co-creation, and frankly we are astounded you do not use it more. And we have said to you many times ‘the game changed dear ones; we are in sacred partnership’. I do not instruct my legions of angels to do to you, occasionally for you, but the message of the day is with thee.

Many of you are very anxious and yearning for the change, for the Shift, for the arrival of your star brothers and sisters, for the visibility of your Cities of Light, for your crystal temples, for the healing of humanity, but take time to create because you are part of that Shift with us. We cannot do this to or for you. So when you are working on the healing and creation of leaderships, and we use that term loosely, that allow disclosure and movement and the creation of different financial realms and ways of doing things that are based on access and co-creation rather than limitation. When you take the time to instill peace in the hearts of many, and yes I commend those who do this every Sunday, and I would ask you to do it every night, for Michael’s Peace Initiative is very sluggish. And yes he is being helped by many on earth and star brothers and sisters but it needs to be stronger. You have put in positions of power and leadership and trust those who understand what their mission and purpose is. Send them the confidence, the courage, the insight, the inspiration to move according to their truth not according to political whim.

What I am asking is for you to help. Are we underway? Absolutely. Seldom do we ever speak of what you think of in your realm as timelines. But let us suggest that the time is short. So, for those of you who have felt you have hung on for a long time, this is good news. It is like the birthing of a child, give it one last push. And what you are birthing is the new, is my beloved Nova. Can we help, will we help? That is beyond question. Of course. And for those of you who say ‘but I ask for help, I pray for help and where is it?’ I say to you ‘go deeper, go deeper and come with me into the heart of trust and hope, into the place of sacred mystery’. In Sedona we will awaken your sacred heart in ways that you have not known possible. There is further yet to go and you are prepared and ready.

I am with you, we all are, in Joy, in Peace, and in Love, that is all we are and therefore sweet angels it is all I can offer. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon