It’s amazing and heart-warming when you realize that all the work you’ve done for years comes neatly together like the pieces of a puzzle. So it is with this year’s Council of Love Gathering on The Shift.

One of the very first things the Council ever spoke to me about – after I quite vehemently demanded that they identify themselves and their purpose – was The Shift. They were and have been always crystal clear with me that a major part of my purpose was to prepare people for the shift – the inter-dimensional shift from the 3rd to the 5th and onward to the 7th. This is not something I have talked about a great deal, choosing and being guided to keep people’s eyes and more importantly their hearts on the issues at hand – at anchoring Divine Union, at finding trust and forgiveness – self-worth; joy, co-creation – in a nutshell Love.

In those early days – almost 30 years ago, the predictions regarding the shift were quite dire and I can remember doing a lot of crying in that first 6 months. But lightworkers everywhere awoke, and sent healing to each other and Gaia and the picture changed. The Council began to shower us with gifts and tools and we surged forward. 11:11 and 12:12 came, people joined together in earnest and meaningful ways – I began to see the light and the wisdom of Universal Mother Mary’s Plan of Unfoldment.

So here we are – the 15th Annual Council of Love Gathering, in that magnificent City of Light that WE anchored. And it’s time – finally – to get ready for the big jump.

The Council has always been really clear that all we need to “get home” is Love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. So what’s left do????

The COL is using the analogy of climbing Everest to explain not only our journey but the agenda for this year’s gathering. All you need to climb Everest is a healthy body, meaning your heart and the full connection to Love. I have not only strenuously objected but actually found very distasteful those “channelings” that have suggested that in this dimensional transition, in this plan of the renewal of Love on Terra Gaia, that some get to go and some are left behind – the underlying insinuation being that some are “not quite ready or there yet”. It’s far too wheat and chaff for this girl. How could that eve be of Love?

In my reality all are welcome – equally and wholly. Every being, every kingdom, every elemental, every blade of grass is welcome to JOIN Gaia in this journey as she ascends – she is already well underway. Hence the puzzlement regarding this year’s agenda – let’s face it – what’s left to cover? The teachings of the Council have always been practical and applicable to our here and now lives – it has never been about mystery schools or far out esoteric practices. It is accessible and for everyone.

So this is the guidance of what the Council of Love would have us work and play on this year as we gather for the 15th consecutive time. However, it is also a primer for those not attending and working on making a smooth transition on what they may wish to embrace.
So, back to the Everest analogy. Yes, all you need is your strong body – the Love. However, it will make your ascent much smoother and easier if you have certain things and your “kit bag” and a Sherpa (the Council!) to guide you. The items for the kit bag or your backpack if you want to be au moderne are the things the Council has given us over the past 15 years, plus the energetic attunements they will channel and transmit to your core during the Gathering. Some are deliciously surprising; others anticipated.

As you read the energies that will be not only reviewed but anchored you also need to keep in mind that the bulk of our time will be spent on receiving new information, the higher frequency attunements and working with the creation energies now available to us. You may wonder how 15 years work can possibly be sandwiched into such a short period of time. Are you kidding – this is the Council of Love – this is the company of heaven – this is Mother / Father/ One – this is Source. So the question isn’t how – the question is are you up for it?

Even if you have never attended a Council of Love Gathering you will receive all of these initiations and attunements – it makes me heady just to think about it…But haven’t we always known that it could happen in a twinkling? Yes, there will be plenty of time to laugh and play, and probably shed a few tears together. We will venture out on the land and connect and create sacred ceremony with Gaia. We will sit, listen and share the wisdom of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels. We will align with the elementals, the kingdoms, the Cities of Light, our star brothers and sisters. We will do it all; we will have it all. And we will do it together, in community and unity of heart.

Now, back to the kit bag. We will ensure that each blessed and incredibly unique individual joining together in heart at the Gathering will be initiated and anchored in:

 The 13th Octave Process of Divine Union
 The 13 Blessings & Virtues
 Universal Mother Mary’s Gift of the Blue Diamond (healing, hope, trust, love)
 Gift of the Pink Diamond (wholeness, love of self and All, unity)
 Golden Flame of Yahweh (wisdom, co-creation, universal love)
 Violet Flame of St. Germaine (healing, compassion, forgiveness, transmutation, love)
 Universal Heart Tri-Flame (unity, connectedness, balance)

The Council engineered the Gathering date of October 28th – what many say is the real end of the Mayan calendar. It is an opening, a portal for us to make the inter-dimensional jump together. I pray that you will come and join us.