“Feel the deep joy of being alive, being alive at this time, being alive on Gaia, and being alive as my beautiful agents and angels of change”
Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of Joy. And yes dear hearts, I come this day once again to speak about joy, about the joy of being alive because many of you, my sweet angels, have not been fully feeling that joy of being my angels dancing in physicality, smelling the flowers, talking to the trees, laughing with the fairies, howling at the moon. You came, yes voluntarily, sometimes with a little encouragement, but you came to the planet in service and to assist me with my unfoldment, with the restoration of love and therefore peace upon this beautiful planet Terra Nova, Gaia.

But when I have asked you and when you have agreed to incarnate and step forward yet again into a physical form there was also an agreement that I wish to remind you of, and it would be the agreement of joy. Look in your contract, dear heart, it’s the second paragraph. I am teasing you, but not.

I did not want, I did not ask for you to come to this planet and suffer. And yes I know there have been times in each of your life where there has been pain and sorrow. But it has not defined your life and it most certainly does not, and never has, defined you. Many times I have said to thee ‘I do not wish to be known of Our Lady of Sorrows. I do not wish for you to be known as the Children of Sorrow, as the bearers of suffering, as the carriers of the burden basket’

How this shift upon the planet occurs, and there are many theories and that is fine, but the fundamental truth of this shift is a raising in consciousness, a raising above those ancient paradigms that gained such materiality. And in the raising above what do you find there except love? And inside the love is joy.

No, I am not suggesting to you, although frankly I would like to see it, that you are walking around all day, every day with a smile from ear to ear. Many of you take yourselves too seriously to consider that. But that is the feeling that I wish to instill and reawaken in each of you this day and in this moment. So, I am refilling you my beloved ones with my blue diamond. And I am reinstilling within you that deep feeling of joy. It is the feeling of connection, of rightness, of being loved and loving.

Even if there is disruption I want you and I give you that smile, not only on your face but in your heart, in your solar plexus, in your sacral area. I want you every single day, not now and then when you think about it, I am asking you every single day to take time for joy. Now often I have asked and prescribed as a treatment for you to take 10 to 15 minutes inside your house to find joy, whether it is looking at my picture, taking a bath, looking at a favorite piece of poetry, but this is different what I am asking you. I am asking you to go out and join, in joy, with Gaia. It can be 5 minutes or 10 minutes. I want you to go outside my beloved ones and find something, not the panorama. So it can be a stone, it can be the song of a bird, it can be the texture of the bark of a tree, a flower.

I want you to connect with that energy and to feel the deep joy of being alive, being alive at this time, being alive on Gaia, and being alive as my beautiful agents and angels of change. The shift is underway but it is not done in drudgery, it is done in joy. Embrace yourself, each other, the elementals, and proceed. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon