Gaia is preparing herself for the reception of new energies, certainly new inter-dimensional energies, but she is also preparing to receive visitors, your star brothers and sisters.

Greetings, I am Germaine. I am called St. Germaine, honorary Keeper of the Violet Flame, of the I AM Presence and yes I am pleased to join you this day and I am pleased that it is playful, for you may splash me all you wish, I dry out easily. It is good that you send and continue to send this healing to Gaia, this mighty Being. But do not dismiss Her because you believe she is mighty and strong.

If you had a dear heart-friend who was going through tumultuous changes, no matter how strong or how consistent or how anchored you believed they are, still you would stand by them. And you would extend your hands and your heart and you would say ‘What can I do to help? I know you are strong and self-sufficient, and I know you are whole.’ But during times of upheaval, the human examples death, divorce, loss of love, illness, setbacks, finances, when you saw someone hit with all of these you would say ‘Let me help you steady up’. And if it was only simply to sit with them and to put your hands on their heart or to send Angel Light healing, you would do so. And I will certainly ask for you to send the Violet Flame with me to reinforce them so that they may go forward in their Nova journey.

And so it is with Gaia. All of these factors are Her shifting and yes cleansing and particularly cleansing areas, that for reasons humanity may or may not understand, that need a refresher. And yes there are many soul groups who have volunteered in this collective undertaking to leave together, to teach compassion, to teach love, to teach patience and fortitude and grace.

But, believe it or not, that is not what I have come to talk to you about today; well it is and it is related. Because one of the things that Gaia is doing is also preparing herself for the reception of new energies, certainly new inter-dimensional energies, for this one is much further along in Her progress in Ascension than humanity. But she is also preparing to receive visitors, your star brothers and sisters. And it is just like if you were having company, if I was coming to dinner, you would clean the house. And that is what is going on.

What I ask of you this day, and particularly in your Sunday night Peace Meditation is to make this a purple, a purple party. I am asking each of you, but I am also asking you as a collective to work and to hold the energy of the collective. Yes it is part and related to our beloved Archangel Michael’s Peace Initiative. And we have said many times that peace must reign on Earth in order for certainly the Masters to walk, but also for your star brothers and sisters to walk. The stage is already set; many heads of State are already in agreement. What we are asking is not only for the elimination of fear but the insertion of peaceful welcome, of openheartedness; of the recognition of the I AM Presence in all beings and all things. This is the healing of the Violet Flame that I wish you to focus upon right now, tomorrow night, and for the next several weeks. To see in each person’s heart, whether it is a five year old or a ninety year old, whether it is an African, an American, an Innu, a European, it matters not. See the entire planet open-armed, welcoming in a spirit of peace and love which means a healing of fear and trepidation of the different.

You can do this and you can help. Yes there are anchors for this energy in many, many cities, in many places even in what you think of as the isolated places. So if you were having that dinner party you would ask everyone to dress comfortably, but nice, and to be welcoming, for the feast is at hand. And I will join you at this feast.

The collective has need, they do not know it but they will benefit greatly from the gifts of science, of technology, of the exchange of cultures, of the fulfillment of the Cities of Light. So I ask for your help, and more importantly, I thank you for it because I know already your heart. Go with my love and go with my blessings and the Violet Flame. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon