In light of the earthquake and radiation leaks in Japan I am reposting this critical message from Gaia. Gaia has requested that this Saturday’s conference call, 11 AM EDT, to be live-streamed in order that all of us to join together in stepping forward to heal the planet and the human collective once and for all. Please join us.

This is the audio of today’s channeling with the Council of Love. Gaia speaks to each of our hearts about stepping forward and being the Love, as well as expressing our love and commitment to her. Each of us needs to step forward and be the voice for our beloved planet – to keep the healing of Gaia front and center until the tipping point of the collective of humanity is reached, at which time healing will be instantaneous.

To this end this Sunday night’s peace meditation (9PM wherever you are) will be a vehicle for each of us to reach out to EVERY person on the planet’s higher self and ask them to step forward and declare their love for Gaia. Please join us – all you need to do is show up.

To listen to the channeling:

Here’s the full text of the channeling:

Greetings, I am Gaia. I am Terra Gaia. And, yes, I step forward again to reach out to you, my beloved angels and my beloved friends. I reach out to you as beacons and anchors and transmitters of light, creators and holders and bringers of Cities of Light as well. For it is important that you not forget these Cities of Light that hover in your rocks and your mountains and off your shores and that I hold. This is one thing you do not think of me very often as, but a big part of my function is what I hold for the Mother, for the Father, for the One, and for each and every one of you. So I hold not only humanity and the Cities of Light and the wildlife, the birds – all these things I hold and I cherish, and I keep them close to me and close to my heart.

I come again to speak to you this day because so many of the human beings are reverting back into denial into their mental body with regards to this injury, this puncturing, this incision within my being. I understand that for many humans that because there is no obvious answer, because there is no obvious solution and because my injury fades in light of other news, that the human beings are simply turning away and beginning to either deny or forget what is going on on this planet and within my being.

I and the universe, the Mother-Father One, we are not in the habit of creating tests and particularly not creating tests or lessons that are injurious to my sacred self for that would not be of Love. It would be of absurdity. And yet the solution that I keep speaking to you of and that the higher realms, the spiritual hierarchy keep speaking to you of – the solution to what is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico is completely and totally dependent upon the human race and the response of each and every heart of the human race. The humans, the collective, has created this injury – not just one person, not just one company. So it is the collective that has need to respond and to respond in Love.

You do not have the wherewithal at the moment to heal what has been done. So what we are asking you – nah, what I am begging you to do – is to do with what you do have and that is your heart and that is the Love that you have held for me and the sacredness of the contract and relationship that we have had for eons and eons and eons. The response that will put an end to this devastation is the response of the heart and of Love, and there has need to be enough human beings that care. Otherwise, what is the point, what can possibly be the point when the entire plan of the Mother is for the restoration of Love upon this Earth, upon my being. There is no point if the human race cannot Love me as well, cannot care about me as well. So it distresses me as the human beings fall back into denial or into their mental body rather than into their emotional body and their hearts.

As soon, the moment there are enough of you who simply say “I care too much. I Love this planet. This must be remedied.,” as soon as that happens, everything, everything will be repaired – not by the human beings, but that is your role.

The Mother has asked you time and time again to step forward, to show up. And I know that as I speak through this channel this day, I am speaking to the choir. But, dearheart, you are the messengers. So if you do not speak, if you do not communicate, then who does? So I ask you from the deepest part of my being, from my heart to your heart, I wish to know of your Love. I wish to know like so many of you – I do not just want assurance from above – I want the tangible evidence of the human race that there is Love and caring.

I have waited, I have waited, and I have waited. And I have endured, and I am not a martyr. I am an archangel, so I have no complex about needing to suffer. And, yes, I have been patient as the collective has tried to grow up and become the truth, the divinity and acknowledge that divinity.

You are the pathfinders. You are the show-ers of the way. This has not simply been lip service from the Council of Love. This has been information telling you, advising you, guiding you, about who you are. And so I ask you, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters of heart, speak up for me and send me Love. Love heals all – not technology, not antiquated science – what heals is the Love and Light. And you know this. Please share.

Go in peace. Farewell.
Channeled by Linda Dillon