These are the messages of Mother Mary and Gaia on Healing Japan and Terra Gaia.


We begin today by breathing in the blue diamond energy of the Universal Mother. As you begin to feel this energy allow it to cover the Earth, your skin, inside you, breathe it in. It’s that beautiful blue of the Atlantic Ocean, and the incredible blue of Mother Mary’s cloak; just breathe blue, let it come into you. And we know this blue of Mary is the blue of our oceans, of our skies, of our very being. And it is the gift that the Mother has given us for healing, and healing not only of our own sweet selves but of each other and of the planet. So let it come in because we’re going to use this blue diamond today in our healing of Gaia, our healing of the collective, and our healing of one another.

We’re going to begin with a prayer. Heavenly Father, divine sacred Mother, angels and archangels, beloved saints, ascended masters, enlightened being, wise prophets, Council of Love, we gather here this day in hope, trust and love in one circle to unite with you and to come home to our heart. We have traveled far and have known the dark night of our souls. We have healed and embraced our sacred selves and each other. So now, united in heart we welcome you Council of Love. We ask humbly and gratefully for you to walk among us, to operate as your sacred selves, to join in the joy of unity, connectedness, and balance, to walk again as one family equal, whole, strong, and tender, to tend to each other and to tend to Terra Gaia as the sisters and brothers that we are. We welcome you Council of Love but we also ask to be joined this day, in this miraculous healing by our brothers and sisters of the stars, by the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, by the Intergalactic Council, by the Healers of Tralana, by the Halion engineers, and all beings of peace, of love, and of wholeness. We welcome you wholeheartedly in this moment, in this time, and in this intersection on the Universal grid. Amen.

Now begin once again to feel that incredible blue diamond coming down as if you’ve unzipped the sky, as if you’ve peeled back the cellophane from the sky and feel that blue diamond coming down. Open your crown, open your pores, put back your head and open your mouth and let that blue diamond fill you. And the same way as beautiful snowflakes would be falling down allow it to fall gently on the earth, feel it on your feet, and feel it on your tongue. This is the essence of our Universal Mother Mary. This is the essence of who we are. And breathe.

Anchor deep, deep within your heart, deep within your soul, deeper, deeper than you’ve gone before. Sink into your chair until you feel that you weigh 5000 pounds. And feel yourself anchored in the love of your being, in your heart, and let go of your head, of whatever it is that’s happened during the week, whatever it is you have to do today, just let go. Now anchored in your heart I want you to feel that you are picking up Terra Gaia; that you are picking up this blessed planet, this miraculous being, this mighty archangel who has traveled with us forever. Reach down and pick up Mother Earth, the entire planet and bring it into your heart. Hold her within your heart, there is always, always plenty of room. Bring her in and whisper a prayer of gratitude to her, to this wondrous being who has housed and sheltered and fed us forever. Love her.

And we’ll begin. We have a line-up of beings who want to talk to us this morning about Japan, about the healing of Gaia, about the healing of the human collective, about the destruction of false belief systems and paradigms, about Archangel Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative, about the tipping point. So I’m going to take it slow because I really want you to be with me in this very, very sacred energy. And so while we are doing this and while we are receiving the information from our beloved friends I want you to continue to hold and cherish Gaia in your heart center, in the stillness of your heart center.

Universal Mother Mary’s Channeling

“Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, Mother of Love. Sweet angels, my beloved children of earth and far beyond, I ask of you, I guide you, I request you to find your way through that corridor of fear to the place of hope, of trust and Love. This is not a planet of fear it never has been, these are false illusions that are man made. And you my beloved ones have been doing tremendously well at eliminating, letting go, bringing out to the trash those belief systems, habits, addictions that no longer serve you. This is not about us upping the ante; let us be very clear about this. Each of you have been birthed from my womb, each of you are the children of my heart, and the heart of this Council of Love. We only ever come in Love. Now there are times child when what looks like devastation is clearing or letting go.

And so we wish to move right into the discussion, and I will hear your questions, the discussion of what is going on upon my beloved Gaia. This earthquake, yes this 9.0, actually it was much stronger, they simply have not recorded it accurately quite yet, Nevertheless, this earthquake was part of what you on Earth think of as Earth-changes but it was made more severe through human action. I do not wish ever to join into a discussion about dark forces, evil plans, because what it is is also judgment and as I’ve said a million times judgment is not of Love, ever. But that does not mean my beloved ones that there is not need for the assumption of that dreaded word called responsibility. Let me back up. You have entered into a new time period, a new phase of human existence, and I have been talking to you about this for several years now and you have crested, you are at the peak. And it is you, each and every one of you, stepping into your creator self. And that means partnership, co-creation with us, with each other, with Gaia, with your brothers and sisters of the stars, with the beings of the Cities of Light, with All.

You are old enough and big enough to do this. And yet in so many ways you are like a child; you are behaving, you are reverting back to being a child and you are screaming at us for help and at the same time you are saying ‘no, no, no, no, let me do it, let me do it’. It cannot be both ways and so we use this channel to have this discussion with you because you are at a turning point, you are at the tipping point. So no longer can you turn and say ‘it is because of’. The future, the healing, the creation of Nova Earth is yours my beloved ones. Not the person in the next city, or the person down the street, or even the person you love sitting next to you, it is yours.

Yahweh has said at the beginning of this year that it was time for you to move into meaningful, conscious action. What did you think that meant? I can tell you my beloved ones it did not mean sitting home and staying quiet. And we are overjoyed because all over this planet, there is not a corner of Terra Gaia, where this movement of freedom, (the declaration that Jesus Sananda has spoken of) is being claimed. It is not political, and it is not religious, it is your birthright and it is in that freedom that you create and co-create. It is in that unity of One. You do not create in isolation; you do not create all by yourself. Yes Einstein, Grener of Ashira of Neptune, and Sanat Kumara have given you the tools, the formulas of how to undertake this. But be very clear that as you collect the atoms, the codes of creation, what you are doing my sweet angels, is you are also collecting the energy of the collective. That is the place of unity. You are one, you always have been, you always will be. So why this devastation, why? Why this potential threat to our beloved Gaia, who will speak following me. Why?

We have asked you, nea, we have begged you thousands and millions of times to come and to rest in your heart, to be the Love. And when you are acting in a way that is not of Love this is what happens. You have had, just last June, the tragedy of your Gulf and the oil spills in the waters of Gaia. And you have cried to us and to your brothers and sisters of the stars for assistance and we have helped you, Gaia herself has closed the wound and helped you. And as soon as that has occurred you have moved your attention away as if it had never occurred. Now we do not expect you nor wish for you to sit in pain or in agony. But there are understandings and wisdom to be gleaned from such situations that the testing’s, the spewing forth of poisons into the waters, into the skies, into the very pores of Gaia has continued. Not always with malign intent but certainly not from a place of being heart centered and an understanding of what one person’s actions results in. If you wish to create and be part of the Creator Race, then you have need to take that understanding of who you are. So do so.

You have been given all the ways in which to live in harmony with all races, creeds, creatures, elementals upon this planet. There is sun and tides and wind and you have even been given the science of scalar energy. But rather than use it for peaceful purposes, people are hiding in basements and thinking of military applications. That is never of Love. And you cannot believe that so much experimentations or so much interference with the grid, with the energy flow of Gaia, will not have effects. Of course it will.

So what we are hoping and what we are asking each of you is to become aware, wake up. You are no longer at the mercy of anything outside of your sweet beloved self. You have been regrided, you have received not only my blue diamond, not only the golden flame of Yahweh, but your own pink diamond and it burns brightly, it shines everywhere. Begin. And you say to me ‘Mother, how do we begin?’ I do not discount everything you have done. And yes we know how tired, how exhausted many of you are and yet I ask you again, come with me this day, come with me my beloved ones and begin.

The fires that have raged in this beautiful island country of Japan pose the greatest threats to all beings and all life because you cannot say ‘Oh, it will not reach me, I am safe’. If there is one child, if there is one mother, if there is one bird, one cat, one dog, one spider who suffers then it is too much. I did not create this planet of joy for suffering. It is unacceptable. Yes, there was a very large soul group in Japan who agreed to depart at once, as one family. And the purpose of that departure was to teach compassion, to raise such compassion in your hearts that it would stir you to movement. So this is the movement that I am asking you to do with me; we are going to fight fire with fire.

You have been given over many years many, many tools including the sacred flames. And if you have never heard of these before it matters not because I am going to take you by the hand and teach you right now. We will begin with the blue flame that I have given Michael so long ago. I want you to take Gaia in your hands my beloved ones and hold her and suffuse her, surround her, penetrate her, right now, and not just Gaia, every being, every being including your sweet self upon the planet, and suffuse it with the blue flame, that bright royal blue of my beloved Archangel Michael. Go ahead. And the purpose of this flame is to ignite, calm; it is to ignite change, and it is to ignite truth. And within the heart of that flame lies peace. Now, take the green emerald flame of my beloved Archangel Raphael and again surround Gaia and the atmosphere into the deepest parts of the ocean, into every river, every tree, the fur of the rabbits, the horns of the elk, infuse the emerald flame; the emerald flame of restoration, of rejuvenation, of Love. And feel that Love not only for everybody you hold in your hands, but for your sweet beloved self. And now bring in the silver flame of Uriel, not only the flame of the future but the flame of clarity. And feel that silver as if it is ice and let it cool everything as it becomes crystal clear and shiny and new once again. Now to the violet flame, to bring forth the I AM presence in each and every one of you to claim your sacred divinity and healing of this beautiful planet. All of you are healers of the violet flame. There is not one single being who has been sent to Earth during this time of restoration that has not been given this gift. So I activate in you this day in the name of my beloved St. Germaine. Go. And now my beloved ones, we can not ever leave you out. We are family, we are One, we always have been. The veils are lifted, we sit here in front of you, so take the radiant pink flame of your heart and give it gently, strongly, softly, tenderly, completely, give it to the planet, to Gaia and to every being. Share it with your star brothers and sisters who are at your beck and call just as we are.

And as you do this, from your heart of wholeness, I ask you to pledge your heart and your hands to our partnership, to the raising of all vibrations to the place of Love. We do not care if you call it ascension or descension, 6th dimension, 5th dimension, 7th dimension, it matters not. What matters is that we are in the unity of Love, and that you my beloved children are ready to accept that and say yes. I have complete faith in thee. I already know your heart; I already know your mind. No I do not eavesdrop or invade. I know your heart because I know mine. I am your mother, and I am here to help, not to interfere but to assist, we all are. Go in peace. Farewell.”

Gaia’s Channeling

“I AM Gaia. I am Terra Gaia. Thank you for knitting my grid, thank you for holding me in your heart. My dear ones, family of my heart and soul, I come this day in love and in peace and in freedom. The freedom is not just for you, I claim it as my own.

Last year we have had many conversations, particularly with this channel, as I decided to either stay or go. I do not know why so many found this to be an odd concept when many of you have witnessed the death of planets and galaxies again and again and again. But I do not come this day to talk of death. I come to talk about life and freedom and the fulfillment of our Mother’s plan on Earth.

I thought we had a deal and I know, as I look out, of your reverence, of your love, of your light, of your support, of your work. So please, as you have seen, many of the shifts that I have been undertaking I have attempted to do in the softest, gentlest of ways. It is not my intention to cause devastation and most certainly I do not do or even know of punishment; I am an archangel. But we must, we must work in harmony. That is the promise that we have forged, that we have agreed upon. And my beloved ones that means the elimination of chaos.

I am very flexible. I can change rivers, I can change plates, I can change mountain ranges, and even climate. But I also need the partnership with humanity, with the collective, that you will honor my being as I honor yours. It is not enough for you to say you love me and then allow my skies to be polluted, and particularly the sound pollution that is killing the birds. This is not acceptable. It is not acceptable to pour poison into my waters, onto my face. I am infinitely patient, I always have been; that’s what made me so right for this job. But I need your help. And I do not accept that you say ‘this is the work of dark forces, this is the work of industrialists, this is the work of the power brokers’. Oh I understand your old paradigms and structures that you have evolved upon my surface, but you are of an age and of a wisdom that you are getting rid of these.

But this is about what you are not doing. You say ‘well I do not have access to those powerful places’. Dear heart, why are you not writing in the air, the water, the wind and sending me the healing that way, transmuting the poisons that way? Use the flames the Mother has given you. They quench my thirst; they soothe me like a fresh coat of snow. It is not enough to say ‘I am powerless’ because the light-holders have reached the point where, dear hearts, you are the majority.

So will there be chaos? Will there be that two year old kicking and screaming? Yes. See the humor in it, calm them down, let them go, put them to bed, and then be with me, be with me in the flames, be with me writing in the air, praying at the waterside. All of these are acts of creation and healing, and I accept. Let me share with you that as you heal me you heal yourself, you heal your brethren, you heal all. Accept help from the person sitting next to you. Accept help from the other realms, not the higher realms, the other realms. Do not underestimate who you are. We have agreed, in June, to forge this sacred partnership. Do not waver.

Surround my island of Japan with a bright ring of magenta to calm, to ease, and to restore vitality. There is much talk upon your planet, and even amongst the light-holders, of leaving a negligible footprint on my surface. But where there is war, where there are nuclear generators burning, where there are oil dumps, these are not negligible, these hurt, they hurt me. And they hurt everyone on the planet; the animals, the trees, the flowers.

So I ask for your help once again, and it will be reciprocal; as you help me so I help you. Champion the causes of Nova Earth. Stand with pride in your bright self of Nova Being. I love you. And yes once again I will help as will your star brothers and sisters of UFOG. Go in peace and go with my love. Farewell.”

Wow, that was intense. I want you to continue in that holding of Gaia and the application of the flames as Mary has taught us; of the blue, and the green, the emerald, and the amethyst, the violet flame, and the silver flame, and finish up with your pink. And just keep her right here in your heart. The most significant thing that the Council of Love is telling us is that we have reached that point, that tipping point, that hundredth monkey that we’ve all been waiting for. We’re there. So you need to decide in your heart and in your collective consciousness what it is we’re going to do with that as we move into this new time. And that’s very exciting. And we’ll certainly be talking about it on upcoming weeks. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon