Universal Mother Mary speaks on her inspiration of birthing this planet of Love, of her inspiration this day “to anchor you more fully, more deeply, more wholly within your essence of your Pink Diamond,” and of how she wishes you to think about inspiration, “inspiration that is given to you directly from the Holy Spirit…I wish you to think on the same scale as I do.”
Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Love, Mother of Change, and yes dearheart, Mother of Inspiration. And my inspiration this day is to anchor you more fully, more deeply, more wholly within your essence of your Pink Diamond. This is the gift of your wholeness. This is the allowing of your divinity to come forward – not in subtle ways, child, but in ways that are of magnificence and the truth of your meaning and purpose and your decisions upon this planet in terms not only of your service but of your joy.

I do not ask for your service, your mission to be completed in anything but the sweetness, the laughter, the love of joy. No, that does not mean that you are always walking around giddy. But what it does mean, my beloved ones, that there is a sense of alignment, of alignment with the purpose and the truth not only of who we are but of who you are. That is what I seek and that is what I give you with this Pink Diamond, that I imbed within you, within the very center and core of your heart and the very center and core of your being. Let it shine as brightly as I do. You do not need to ever dim your light or your flame for anyone. It is not anything that we would ever ask of you. Yes, there have been times out of safety concerns, fear, need for survival where you have hidden your light, but this is not that lifetime. Allow yourself to shine.

And allow the inspiration that is given to you directly from the Holy Spirit to come brightly within you, to shine brightly within you. I speak to you of inspiration and how I wish you to think about this. I wish you to think on the same scale as I do. I would not call it a thought process but so that you will understand what I am speaking of in talking to you about, I will use that terminology.

Long before, long, long before what you think of as history, I had an inspiration. And it was not only to crate an incredible universe, a multiverse but an omniverse, a galaxy with one very particular planet, a planet of Love. This inspiration was so sweet and so big many joined me. Many wished to participate. And the creation and the birthing was of a planet of such diversity, of such incredible beauty that it was beyond anything we could have hoped for because we came together: angels and archangels, Father-Mother One, all beings. And this is your planet of Love. And that is why you say to me time and time and time again, even those of you who are not of the Blue Ray but the Magenta and the Green, the Violet and the Rose. You say to me, “I’ll go,” because each one of you yearns not only to see your (AUDIO MARK 11:21.6) unfoldment of my plan and the restoration of Love but the fulfillment of your inspiration, of your plan. And, dearheart, let me tell you we are all waiting and we are all helping – anxious, patient, but anxious. So when we join together to explain and to co-create, because this is not simply about learning a science formula, this is about throwing open your being and saying “I will.” And you are. You are my divine inspiration. And I have more than hope in your fulfillment; I have knowing.

So as you step forward in this and every day of your life, I walk with you. I walk next to you. I am in your living room. I am in your office. I am in your sacred space. And I watch over you as you sleep. I am with you as Mother, as sister, and as beloved friend. So when you are uncertain, when you are not sure how to let go, turn to me. I am waiting. Go in peace and go in Love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon  Creation Series