I can think of no sweeter Valentine’s gift than this message from Archangel Jophiel…

“I come to speak to you today of acceptance and no, not of acceptance of things the way they are, for you are agents of change. I do not want you to accept things the way they are. I’m talking about the acceptance of the truth of who you are the core of who you are.”

Greetings, I am Archangel Jophiel, beloved brother of amethyst/magenta. Welcome, welcome my beloved brothers and sisters, welcome my beloved soul family. Yes I know I do not speak very often for I am of the future you know, but that does not mean that I do not peek and make my presence known in your here and now. I’m a great time traveler.

I come to speak to you today of acceptance and no, not of acceptance of things the way they are, for you are agents of change. I do not want you to accept things the way they are. I’m talking about the acceptance of the truth of who you are the core of who you are. When was the last time, my beloved friends, when you gave yourself the gift of an hour or two to simply sit with me and to examine, to look, to understand and to marvel at the truth of who you are? I want to take it a step further. I’m not referring to who you have been in that never ending chain of so many incarnations for you have been famous and infamous, you have been saint and sinner, pauper and lord and all that is just history. It is a reflection of your essence and your expanded self much the same way as your Wingmaker, your future self, your Atlantian self, your Lemurian self, all the reflections of who you are and who you have been and aspects that you call upon to gain strength and insight. And all of that is important, but I want you to move this day with me past all what I would call personality. And you are beautiful and the vessels that you have chosen to incarnate in are beautiful and wondrous and flexible. But I am talking about something deeper; I am talking about not only of the examination but the embrace and allowance of your very core and your essence. And you can say to me ‘well Jophiel, Joe, that is very simple…I am the essence of Love’. Yes you are. But each one of you is different in the expression of that essence.

So often when you have spoken with your guides and they have called you earth keeper, or communicator, or agent of change, or bringer of the future, or keeper of the hearth, there are so many hints that have been given to you, valuable information, but what does it mean? What does that core essence, what does the truth of your being really stand for? What is it made of? And what the heck are you supposed to do with it? Now some of you will turn to me and say ‘Jophiel, this is a lifetime I have chosen to stand in the shadows’ or ‘Jophiel, I am the support team’ or ‘Jophiel, I do not wish to stand in the spotlight because I have done so and have been murdered and killed for doing so’.

And I say to you my beloved ones, dig deeper. It is a time, as our beloved father Yahweh has told us, of conscious, meaningful action. Well I suggest to you, yes there are times when that conscious, meaningful action can take place in the shadows, but when it does you are not a shining example of change, you are not the representative of the truth of who you are, you are not the representative of the lightholder community or of Nova Being. You cannot hide in the shadows any longer. You cannot say ‘I keep my spiritual beliefs to myself’. If there was a house on fire and you knew there was a baby, a cat and a dog, would you not rush into that house and save them? Of course you would because you are vigilant, brave, courageous, loving human beings, angels, ET’s. Well I am telling you that there are many houses on fire. For what is the burning down, the elimination of all these insane ideas, belief systems, and paradigms that have been borne of disillusion?

You do not rush forward and show the truth, not in an aggressive, pushy way. When I have walked the Earth as Joseph many knew that I, they had called me a strong, silent type in your day, but no one ever questioned where I stood or what I believed in because I always made that very clear. Yes by my words but also by my actions and simply how I lived my life, how I carried myself, by being that truth of who I am and that is the holder of strength, the bringer of the future, the holder of compassion and healing. You can think of my role as one of support, for did I not support my beloved son, and did I not support my precious wife? But I did not get top billing, did I? And that is exactly the way it had need to be. But my support wasn’t in the shadows it was spoken and acted upon.

You collectively, I am asking and asking and begging you, you are not seeing the totality of who you are and you are allowing your personality to blind you, to get in the way, to limit you. Now I have never spoken to you in this way, but it is time for the deepest knowing of your core, of your strengths, of your talents, of your essence, of what you are capable of and what you are not capable of. We do not wish to destroy the personality much the same way we would never wish to destroy your vessel. It is part of what your essence has created with us for the purpose of this life. But go deeper, go to that quiet stillpoint and look at what is staring you in the face and then be that.

Each one of you is in for a surprise, the layers are being removed. That is why so many of you have been feeling sick or tired or overwhelmed. I will do this with you. I will do this with you so gladly. I will sit with you and bear witness; I will shower you with Jophie dust so that you will have the clarity of magic and right, that it will clean away all the debris. And then I will stand with you as you step forward into that truth, the wholeness of who you are. I can hear you already, ’well Jophie once I find out what am I supposed to do with it?’ It will all unfold. All that is required is the acknowledgement and the allowance. And when you do this your life will change even more. You are already creating miracles and you are already creating the life that you desire to experience, now you are moving it up a notch, you are creating the world that you wish to experience. And that is done through the power and acceptance of who you are, of stepping out onto the stage of life. No more hiding. No, we do not want soapboxes on every corner. What we want is the alignment and the integrity. You are in alignment with us and it is because of that that I can speak so bluntly to you, that I can speak this way even as you know of my undying love for each one of you. I know what you are capable of. I know the truth of who you are. It is time my beloved friends for you to know this as well. So sit with me the other Archangels will surround us. Let us discover the truth of your being.

Go with my love, go with my blessing, and go with the trust that I have so deeply in each of you. Farewell, my family. Farewell.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon