Seldom do I speak but it is my honor to step forward and to speak about this wondrous quality, the essence of the entire multiverse, the omniverse, and I am talking about Love; for really dear hearts, is there ever anything else…
Greetings, I am Mary Magdalene, I am the Magdalena, I am the rose as well. Welcome my beloved friends, those I have known and journeyed with, those I have loved. Welcome to the Council of Love and to this circle of one today. Seldom do I speak but it is my honor to step forward and to speak about this wondrous quality, the essence of the entire multiverse, the omniverse, and I am talking about love; for really dear hearts, is there ever anything else to really talk about? It does our hearts good to hear you laugh and play together, to be in that place of the innocent child and seek to amuse yourselves together. For that is the gift of heart.

Our father, Yahweh, has guided you and from my perspective, commissioned you during this year of 2011, my how time flies, to step forward into the world and to take conscious, meaningful action. For it is time for all the light bearers to truly claim their place in the world.

Before I talk about that I also want you to know and understand, I understand your reticence sometimes to step forward and in a way to be counted, to expose the truth of who you are, yes even to criticism. While I was with my beloved Jeshua, always we traveled together, seldom were we separated. Of course there were times when I stayed home with Sara but my roll was very often to prepare and to conduct sacred ceremony, for that is what I had been trained in as well and it was something that truly delighted my heart. Not only as ceremony, the bestowing of blessings, activations of energy, commitments of the heart, but it is also a form of stepping forward. So I loved to imbue all ceremony for the very sacred recognition of what the person was really doing and that was exposing themselves. When my beloved one died there were many, many tears but I also chose to withdraw from the world. I no longer wished to stand front and center. I had done that and my beloved husband had been murdered for it. Even in my understanding of the unfoldment of the Father’s plan, my sadness was deeper than any ocean. So it was very easy for me when the apostles were worried for my safety that I withdrew and I left our home behind and I went to live in what you now think of as the south of France although I also spent time in Spain. And I lived very much as a recluse although of course I tended to my daughter, but so did many of the villagers so it was not onerous. But I basically withdrew into a very sheltered, almost monastic life and I no longer wished to stand front and center and be counted. I wished to remain in solitude where I could commune, communicate and see my beloved Jeshua and that eased the pain somewhat, it made it bearable to go on.

So I know what it is, my sweet angels, to feel reticence when you are asked by the Almighty Father to step forward again and to take actions, and to do things that teach in a public way the truths that really are self-evident anyway, for there is only one truth and that is love; all the others are illusions and you are witnessing and seeing how quickly those illusions are being torn down. A few years is nothing in terms of what we have waited and prayed and worked for. So yes, the old is collapsing and the angelic chorus is singing Halleluiah’s and there are so many above and below that are working to shine the Light, to shine the Love where it belongs.

But that also means you, it also means you having the courage when people speak out of drama, behave out of drama, or when they speak in ways that you know are not consistent or in alignment with truth and love, to say ‘you know that’s not my understanding, this is what I think, this is what I believe’. I understand the nervousness that such risk taking involves. I understand your reticence to stand there and in many cases to be the odd person out. And yet if you do not speak the truth, if you do not live the truth, and when I say ‘live the truth’ I do not simply mean within your cave or home, for I lived in a cave, if you do not live it, if you do not speak it, if you are not teaching by example in the outer world, then how does it come to pass that people know. This movement, this unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, it has never been and will never be about dogma, about religion or politics for those are divisive factors. This is simply about love and about creating and co-creating, not only in love but with the energy, the molecules, the codes of love.

So in this new business, because each one of you in different ways, in different forms are going to be and already are being presented with situations where you are very nervous about speaking up. I have seen it within each and every one of you. So I am here today to tell you not only do I understand but I fortify you. I will stand with you; I will overlight you if that is what you wish. The red rose is very strong you know as is the pink. And when you are speaking your truth remember to transmit the wondrous gift of the Mother’s pink diamond into the heart of the person that you are speaking to so they are getting double dose, what you would call double whammy. I do not ask you to press your cause but simply to state it in clear and loving and joyful ways. It is important that the joy be there. It is not meant to be a dreary reporting of the nightly news. It is meant to be glad tidings of great joy.

So I step forward, not as ascended master, not as saint, and not as sinner but as fellow being who has lived as you have lived, who has embodied the divine feminine as do you whether you are male or female this makes no difference. There is a misunderstanding sometimes that the divine feminine is the receptor and of course that is true. We grow things in our field not just babies, we grow energies and then we birth them. But we also, we do not shy away, for look at what women do especially in your world and your reality, but even in mine. I did not simply create sacred ceremony or ritual, I cleaned, I cooked, I swept the house, I tended the babies, I tended my extended family, I nursed the sick. These are all conscious, meaningful actions. It does not mean that you have to take a soapbox and stand in the middle of the public square. It means that you speak, you live, and you take the action that expresses who you are. And my beloved dear hearts you are beautiful, you are my family, you are my friends. So as you move forward in this magnificent year of unfoldment and of creation and co-creation turn to me I will help you; I will leave the cave and I will stand by you. I have fought for freedom many times and this day and this year are no different except that it is time. Go with my infinite love, go with my blessings. I love you, farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon