The Father’s message on 01-01-2011 of His gift of the Golden Flame. You can either read the channeling or listen to the mp3 recording.
I am Yahweh. Welcome my children, my sons and daughters, my beloved children. Yes, I have given you my Golden Flame, the flame of infinite creation, my essence to balance with the Mothers and with yours. Do not forget my sweet ones to work with that tri-flame within your heart; the blue of the Mother, the pink of your divine self, and My gold. Balance this and let it burn brightly for it is what holds you in that place of clarity.

I want once more to talk to you about creation. As you know it is not just a hobby for me, it is who I am. And creation is infinite and eternal and it never, ever is limited or stops. This is the Omniverse that I have created with and for you. But you are of our loins and you have this gift of creation within you. Now, I have taken you, I have invited you to the Warehouse of Heaven and frankly I’m appalled at how seldom you come to visit. Even when you think, and I mean think, that you’re in dire straits you don’t come home and help yourself. Now I have offered to a very special group, a group of my daughters of my heart, to deliver whatever you need from the Warehouse of Heaven. And I extend that offer to each of you this day. If you feel in your humanness that you are too busy to come home then still I ask you to call me. It is like ordering on your computer or calling the grocery store and asking them to bring what you need. Because I love you that much I will do so. But you my beloved ones have need to be clear about what you are asking me to deliver.

Now because of that I want to talk to you today as you begin this wondrous New Year with a deeper explanation of the creation codes. Let me refresh your memory. When you come to one of the rooms in the Warehouse of Heaven you gather not the physical thing but the energy, the atoms, the subatomic particles, the fibers of what it is you are collecting to be manifest into the physical. Take a moment with me my children and put out your arms and simply feel as you bring them together and circle into your heart the collection of that energy that you are taking in. These are the codes and if you are directing the codes they will fly into your arms and they will come to you. This is the way I wish to explain it. When you are on your computer and you type in that you wish to go to the website or to read something that is on the Council of Love website, or to watch a video, behind what is shown to you, if you were to go into what has resulted in what you are looking at, you would see reams of coding. And it is that coding that then results in what you are really wanting to look at, read, watch, it doesn’t matter. That is exactly the way I wish for you to think about creation codes. I want to do this and therefore I am accessing all these creation codes, I am bringing them into me, I am being clear with the Mother/Father One about my order. And if you aren’t clear that’s why I go with you, that’s why Uriel is there. If you say ‘I’m not sure about the coding Father, teach me’ there is nothing, nothing I would rather do because my teaching you and showing you is part of that infinite creation. And when I participate with you it is a gift of love, both ways, from my heart to yours and from yours to mine acknowledging me as your Father, as one who wishes to see only the fullness of who you wish to be, of what you wish to experience.

We keep telling you we are in sacred partnership. This is part of it. The time of creation is now. The DNA markers are already activated. The energy of Terra Gaia vibrationally is correct. The veils are removed, open your eyes, open your heart and please call me. There is nothing, nothing that I would not assist you with. Not just give you, not just drop on your plate because I honor your ability to co-create with us. It is time, it is time my beloved angels, as star beings and archangels, it is time. I wish you to think of this year of 2011 as the portal to forever, to infinity, to eternity. Walk through the portal, fly through the portal as you so often have with me. Come, and come in love. I am waiting for you and so is the Mother. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 01-01-2011