A message from the goddess riding the dragon. Quan Yin spoke to us during the recent annual COL Gathering about the gift of her perfect pink pearl, compassion and gentle strength.

I am Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Goddess of Mercy, for as you ascend and as you contain, as you spread your wings, yes, sweet daughter, even dragon wings, for there is nothing more elegant than the goddess riding the dragon.

I wish to speak to you about compassion, mercy, and kindness, for this is a conversation that has been ongoing with my daughter and I. You are tender, and you are kind, and you are gentle and that is the way you have conducted your lives, in that gentle strength and in that compassion and tender mercy for others. For those who are close to you, and those who are far away, I ask you at this time to send that tender mercy to those who are suffering and do not know that they are loved, that have forgotten that they are one with all of us. And this is true all over your Earth, and of course, that is why Gaia comes also to speak and to attend to you. There are too many who suffer alone in the darkness.

There are too many who have embraced the Light and who count themselves as Lightworkers and Lightholders, and yet suffer because they believe and feel that they have been forgotten. And if they feel that way, then that is the truth of their reality, and it is such an illusion. Nothing, nothing could be further from the truth, from the Divine Truth. And these are the ones that you tend to, that you heal, that you teach, that you send the waves of compassion to. But you must also wake them up. And how do you do this? Well, of course, you may use the Golden Flame; of course, you may use the Pink Flame; of course, you may use the Blue Diamond of the Mother.

Long ago, 9 years ago, I gave you my perfect pink pearl to remind each and every one of you of your perfection. That from an irritant like a grain of sand comes the most beautiful, lustrous sense of being, and it is whole and it is complete, and it is containing Divine perfection, and it is containing not only your perfection but mine, not only your compassion but mine. So I come this day to simply re-gift you. I know it is the same gift, but it is still lustrous and beautiful.

Put these wonderful pink pearls in people’s hearts that they may grow and that they will learn the truth of their being, and that the irritation and the frustration, the aggravation, and the loneliness will be covered and transformed into the beauty of who they are. Insert this pearl into the heart of nations; insert this pearl into the heart of oceans, rivers, streams, hurricanes, tornados, mountains, and into every City of Light. Carry them in a bag so that you are never running short. It is a beautiful peridot bag that is my vibration and color. It is the gentle, tender love that I gift you.

But my daughters and sons, while we are talking about compassion, while we are talking about pearls, I also remind you about compassion for your sweet self. Many think of me as the very gentle goddess, but as I remind you, I am also the goddess riding the dragon and I carry the magic and alchemy of compassion and love. It is not meek and mild, but it is very gentle and it is tender and caring, and that is what I gift to you.

Be blessed.

Channeled by Linda Dillon at the 2010 Sedona Annual Gathering