I am still basking in the golden afterglow of our annual COL Gathering in Sedona, and want to share with you insights on two particular current and inter-related themes: healing your broken heart, and, the time of differentiation.I will conduct a free special Live Stream broadcast devoted just to this issue on Saturday Dec. 11, 2010th at 11 a.m. EST.

During our opening meditation I was guided to express the special intention and gift of Mother/Father/One (also a very personal desire) that each and every person in the room’s broken hearts be healed and that wholeness be restored. It was a powerful gift and one the Council now asks me to share with each of you. Are you ready because the higher realms are waiting…

There is so much that has occurred and is occurring right now with our frequencies both individually and collectively that at moments it feels hard to keep our feet on the ground. We are being gifted with the golden flame of Yahweh to complement and balance our blue diamond and pink diamond – and trust me it’s as big a game changer as the gift of the pink diamond was last year.

Sanat Kumara is talking to us about the time of differentiation, which we are in the midst of it right now and will be until about the New Year. The process of differentiation is both individual and collective and is NOT a process of clearing but of absolute surrender and letting go. We are in a period when we are simply letting go – leaving behind – those behaviors, issues, environments and people that no longer serve us. This is the pioneer lightening up the wagon to make their journey across the Rockies – knowing they would never return to pick up the “stuff” they thought was so precious.

What this means in practical terms is issues are coming up – perhaps things you thought you had gotten rid of years ago. But this isn’t about clearing; it’s about letting go – of swiping something off the counter that no longer serves you; of bringing it out to the curb with the trash. For a fuller understanding read the just posted channeling by Sanat Kumara. https://counciloflove.com/2010/11/the-process-of-differentiation/

And this is related to the gift of Yahweh’s Golden Flame and the gift of healing heartbreak. Heartbreak is one of the things we’re letting go of – but because it is the most pervasive deepest wound of all, it requires a divine intervention. Who of us has not felt that bereft despair of heartbreak at some point in our lives? Now it’s time to let go of that hurt, that deep injury. Part of that intervention is the gift of Yahweh’s golden flame, which is action, empowerment, wisdom and infinite creation. But another part of it is the compassion of the divine feminine.

The gift of Yahweh’s Flame was recorded at the Sedona Gathering both live and on the Saturday conference call. It can be accessed in audio form on the COL website. https://counciloflove.com/2010/11/yahwehs-gift-of-his-golden-flame/

Which still leaves the issue of healing your broken heart. I will conduct a special Live Stream broadcast devoted just to this issue on Saturday December 11th at 11 AM EST. The call is free, my gift to each of you, but you will need to register in order to get the link and for us to make sure we have enough “seats” at the table. How you do this is very simple – a few minutes before 11 AM EST on Dec. 11th go to the front page of the COL website and sign in – https://counciloflove.com/ The location to click on and participate will  be very obvious.

One of my favorite things to do is to visit the backend of my website where I can see where people are signed on from – Novosibirisk,RU; London; Varmland,SE; Perth,AU; Ottawa,CA; Stockholm; Beijing; Latvia; Erfurt,DE; Netherlands; Tallinn,EE; Ljubljana, SI; Kiev, UA; Paris; Madrid – all over the world we are uniting as one community and one heart – lightholders united in purpose and Love. So my dream is for all of us to come together on December 11, 2010 and heal our broken hearts – our own, each others, and the worlds. Seldom do I ask for you to share or promote a COL event but this one is such an amazing gift that it would be crazy not to have as many as possible join us. Whatya say?

Let me know – I’m waiting to hear from you – and so is the Council of Love.