Seldom do I post information from other web sites but this is so in keeping with what Yahweh is telling us about the times of differentiation I just had to post it. Many thanks to for their message of December 7, 2010.

God said:

You like what you like, and you don’t like what you don’t like. That is fair enough. What you like, however, matters. What you don’t like, let it go. Carry on. Let go of the bygones. Don’t carry them. Do not put your nose up in the air about what you don’t like. In terms of life, what you don’t like isn’t important. What you don’t like is only what you don’t like. Don’t complain. Move over to what you do like.

Don’t get enmeshed in your troubles or anyone else’s. For what purpose? For commiseration? For drama? For gossip? Does talk of trouble make you important? Does talk of trouble make you a star? A prima-donna? Do you think that talk of troubles, yours or someone else’s, somehow makes you smart or powerful? Or does it make you weak?

Dislikes don’t need your full attention. Walk away from them. You do not have to be superior to anything, not to anything. You, who may well have lack of sense of self worth, nevertheless feel yourself superior or more discerning than others. You lick your chops over what you see as less.

By certain standards, you feel superior to the ant that crawls at your feet. But are you, are you really? You and the ant are here at My bidding, and ants do what ants do, and you do what human beings do. Ants are earnest, and they work hard, and they support one another. You do not even imagine what purpose ants play in your life and the life of the world, and birds sing a beautiful song each morning. And why not you? Why not you?

Find more to like and more to value. Do it today. Imagine all the little things that serve you, and yet you have overlooked them, as if they aren’t worth your attention. You haven’t thought for one minute to value them. Value them now. The floor under your feet. The ground you walk on. The sky above. A moving shadow. The sunlight. Laughter. Give importance to what you like. Do not give importance to what you don’t like.

I am pointing you to love. Love the leaves that fall. Love the pines. Love the weather. Love the hot and love the cold. They all serve you. Growing things breathe with you. The same God loves you and all the growing things. Let Us call love what shall We call love? that which you honor, that which you appreciate, that which you call yourself to do, that which you thank Me for, that which you value. So value a lot. Value more. Like more. Respect more. Love more. As you appreciate more, you love more. You will love yourself more.

Discontentment lies with yourself. Put your discontent on a thousand things outside you, and discontent still comes down to you. The outside world does not demand discontent from you. You demand it from yourself, as though it were queenly to be discontent. It is not queenly. It is the opposite of queenly. Queenly is gracious, and I ask you to be gracious to the world and everything in it. Be gracious. Have manners. Have manners, and you will gain insights. Start liking everything you do. Start valuing yourself. In My book, there are no lowly anythings. I love everything. I love. Love is My State of Being. Adopt My State of Being. Love. See how much love you can stir up from the depths of your heart. Empty the trash. Bring in love. Make room for love.