Every year during the Annual COL Gathering Jesus Sananda and Universal Mother Mary speak to us of the “agenda” for the upcoming year. In this incredibly powerful channeling Jeshua speaks to us about the 2011 agenda of freedom. If you read nothing else this year, read this.

“Let me talk in practical terms about freedom. It is freedom from want; it is freedom from struggle; it is freedom from desires not met; it is freedom from illusion; it is freedom from chaos, political, economic, social, family, communal…”

“Welcome, I am Jesus Sananda and I welcome you to Homecoming. I welcome each one of you who has come to sit with me and to be with me in the silence and in the laughter. This is not a place for tears and this is not a time for tears. We are glad and honored, all of us, that you have chosen to come and to be with us in this time of Homecoming, for it is Homecoming for you but it is also Homecoming for us.

And you say to me ‘well Jeshua who do you mean?’ And I could begin the litany we are not on some distant planet or in some distant realm. And never has this been more true than right now that I walk amongst you as brother, as friend, sometimes as teacher and healer. But that is no longer necessary for you are the activators of the future and the now. And we are here as your reinforcements, all of us. Sanat Kumara who has special affection for this group and for each of you; Saint Germaine, we have coaxed him from the doorway of heaven; the Archangels, including those in this room.

Very often we feel, and to tell you the truth we know, that you think what we say to you is platitudes and it is not. So when I say to you that I am honored and that we are honored to be with you that is exactly what we mean. There is no need and we most certainly have no need to bolster egos, for it is your heart that we speak to. It is your heart, your soul, your being, and your ego that we so dearly love, that we so humbly honor.

Do not go crying to heaven for help. Simply look next to you, and your eyes are opening now, and see that we are standing right next to you. The interdimensional doorways are fully opened. You are not 3rd dimensional beings, you have not been so for some time. Acknowledge who you are.

Now before I go too far, I know that this one wishes me to speak not only of Homecoming, for this is our party, but also of the theme for the upcoming times. I have repeatedly said, we all have, that you are far ahead of schedule in terms of what you think of and what we think of as the anchoring of the Mother’s plan upon Terra Gaia, upon this beloved Archangel. And you say to me ‘Jeshua it sure doesn’t feel that way’. And I ask of you to look around you. And I ask you very particularly to not pay attention so much to what is crumbling around you, for what is tumbling down. Of course, I do not ask you to put your head in the sand.

I want you to pay attention to what is also being created as never before. Not during my walk, not during the walk of Buddha, not during the walk of Lao Tzu, not even during the times of Lemuria or Atlantis. You are creating anew and it starts with your beautiful sacred self. It starts with the deep acknowledgement and acceptance, the Homecoming to your soul, to the entirety of your being. You have need, my beloved ones, not only to glimpse and see but to wholeheartedly embrace the truth of who you are, the totality of your might, your power, your gentleness, your vision, your strength. It is not coincidence or accident that you are here at this time of opening.

The theme that Linda is so anxious for me to speak of…there are times when I feel henpecked (laughter)…it is the theme of Freedom. It is the theme of Freedom. Freedom within each one of your own beings. And I do not simply mean in that wondrous spiritual sense. I am free to choose love, I am free to choose joy. I mean freedom in every sense of the word. Yes, I know the experience of free choice, I know the experience of free will and it is a blessing beyond belief. It is a sacred trust from the Mother and Father of All.

But freedom means many things. When I walked the Earth it was the freedom to align with my Mother and Father’s plan of unfoldment. I was the one who planted the seeds of love. But you are the harvesters. That is why we are here, that is why we come to Homecoming. We want the bounty of harvest, we want to share that joy with you.

So let me talk in practical terms about freedom. It is freedom from want; it is freedom from struggle; it is freedom from desires not met; it is freedom from illusion; it is freedom from chaos, political, economic, social, family, communal, I know of these things. There were many who wished me to embrace in the chaos of the political situation. It did not serve. And so I give you this gift of freedom, but more importantly than that my brothers and sisters, I ask you, I beg you claim this birthright of freedom just as I have and I do. The freedom to travel with whom you love, the freedom to join and marry and partner with whom you love, the freedom to be supported without fear of thinking that you will appear less than, the freedom to simply be the truth of who you are.

This freedom entails choices by each of you, creations by each of you. Do not turn to me and say ‘Lord, I do not know how to create’ for that is simply not so. You are creating reality every breath, with every in and out breath that you take. And if you are confused about how to do so, then I am with you. I am not with you as distant entity, I am with you as closest friend and ally. Yes I have promised the Mother that I will not take form until such time as there is peace, but let us tell you and I bring this from  Archangel Michael as well, peace is very close at hand. It is much closer than any of you can believe. And it will occur in miraculous ways. Because the time of conflict, whether it is interpersonal or global, is over.

And it does not matter how many of the collective are thinking, and it is not, and it is not a decree sent from up above. It is a decree that you, each one of you is sending out, because there is no freedom in struggle, in war, in poverty, in hunger, in strife, in death and disease. It is the time of awakening and it is the time of declaring your personal freedom. I say ‘I give it to you’ but really you already have it. But you are so used to being given things I thought I would pretend.

I ask of you, I request of you in this coming year that you declare and live, live not die, live your freedom. Do the little things that have to be done or adjusted to live your joy, for that is your freedom. I do not ask of you and I never ask of you to do your service in such ways that it drags you down, that it makes your heart heavy, that your burden is so heavy that you feel that you are carrying the cross. This is not what we are asking. Throw off the yoke. Allow us to help. We are your team as you are ours. I welcome you home to Terra Gaia. I welcome you home to my heart and to yours. Farewell.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon at  Sedona Annual Gathering