I wish to give you the gift of My essence because you are now strong enough to hold it.
Greetings. I AM Yahweh. Welcome, welcome my children of the Light and welcome to this homecoming of the heart. That is what we are doing together and those of you who have joined us across the magnificent Golden grid are here with us and me. But what I also want you to know is that I am there with you and I always have been.

Last year you have been gifted the essence of your true self with the anchoring of the Pink Diamond. And it is in this place of wholeness of heart that I come to you this day. For understand, the time of healing, the time of healing, of clearing, of wanting is over. And it is not over because I decree it so; it is over because you have anchored this Mother’s gift of pink wholeness. And it was a gift and is a gift that only she could bestow. It was and is the ultimate gift of Love, of your Mother’s Love.

And so I humbly step forward this day as your Father, as Divine Masculine, as Source, as One. However you want to think of me, my beloved ones, I am willing to fill that slot. But I wish to give you the gift of My essence because you are now strong enough to hold it. There have been times when you have turned to me and said ‘Yahweh, do you not hear my prayer? Do you not intervene?’ But I had no desire to knock you sideways or to blow your circuits. But you have grown and you are magnificent in your rainbow array, my angelic force. I love you so much and there is truly nothing I would not do for you, to help you, never to control. Because so often you said like a child riding a bicycle ‘I want to do it myself’ even as you have been yelling at me saying ‘why aren’t you helping me?’ So I give you what I have and that my beloved ones is my Golden Flame. It is the flame of my essence, it is the flame of infinity, eternity, power, will, wisdom, courage. And it is the balance; it is the balance with the Mother’s Blue Diamond.

And I ask you to accept this gift from my heart to yours. Allow me now to place and activate it within your being. There is nothing subtle about my flame and it will burn brightly and it will be tempered by the Mother’s gentleness and Her wisdom. It is the Flame of Creation. It is what we have used as we have created the multiverse and it is what we use continually, because we never stop creating. So it is your heritage and your right. But I would not give a child the gift of fire until they were ready. And my beloved angels, you are ready. You are ready to set your life, your world, your collective and the omniverse on fire with Love, on fire with creativity, on fire with previously unrecognized potential. This is my humble gift to you, from Father to son and daughter. I anchor it within you now. Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh (sung). And so it is. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-06-2010