Sometimes we think ‘I know I am loved but I do not feel cared for’…
I am Mary. I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Fulfillment. Nothing has been forgotten or overlooked. I wish to speak to you about something very dear to my heart, and something that is troubling me. Can you imagine? I wait for permission from the channel. For she sometimes says to me on her own behalf and on behalf of many ‘I know I am loved but I do not feel cared for’. So I wish to address this with each one of you because nothing could be further from my heart and from my intent.

And I will not pretend, my beloved children, birthed from my very core, that this undertaking and that this mission has been simple or straightforward. I know it has not for there are times, even when we and I look down and I shake my head and say ’What is going on?’ But I do not interfere except for the turning of the pages of the unfoldment. No, it is not some irrevocable script. It is exactly as I say, it is an unfoldment. And you would not know enough to even say, ‘Hey Mother, where are you? And why aren’t you helping me now in this situation? Or why aren’t you helping my beloved friend in that situation? Why are you not doing Divine intervention when you tell us you love us?’

I do so because of many factors but let me speak to the first and most important. Not only do I honor you and your free will, I have infinite, eternal confidence in you. And my respect for you, in your unfoldment is infinite. And one of the reasons why is I do know the end of the story, I do know the unfoldment. And yes sometimes there are terrible trials, struggles that you are feeling because you are working with the transformation of the human collective, of that collective heart, of the bringing up and holding the frequency. Yes, not only of my blue diamond and the Father’s gold, but of your own blessed pink. So there are times when there is allowance. But never think for a moment that I or any of us simply sit back and say ‘Oh it’s alright we’ll let them suffer’. That is not the case and that is not of love.

So if you have these questions of me do not hide away thinking that I will be offended. I already know the depths and secrets of your heart and they are wondrous. You have no idea how magnificent you are. But I want you to know, I want you to know that fullness of your being. The strength of your entire self so that when you come home, and none of you are slated, that you will say to me with a smile that lights the Universe, ‘Mother I did it. I bet you thought I couldn’t do it. I did it’.

I do not want to interfere with that victory when you say ‘My God we did it.’ My love for you is infinite; my caring for you is personal.

Channeled by Linda Dillon