Yahweh talks to us in very practical terms this day, in this year of creation. “I wish this union and unity between us to be much stronger. I wish it to be the relationship that cherishes and warms you in the darkest hour and the relationship that you share in the most shining of glorious moments. I wish to teach you what you need to know to walk your dream and your fulfillment upon this planet and this sojourn on Earth.”

Greetings, I am Yahweh, Universal Father, Father of the Universe, Creator, friend. But I do not come this day to simply speak as distant Source or friend. I come to speak and to embrace you, my beloved ones, as my children, as the children of my heart. For as the Mother and I are united as one, so are you. And in very practical terms, I want to speak to you about what this means.

Each of you has had a variety of experiences with parental figures, especially father figures, and the fathers that you have chosen and who have chosen you to travel together with during this lifetime. And some of your experience has been wonderful and loving and kind, respectful and honoring. And for some of you, it has been mediocre. And for some, it has been a walk in terror. And often you have asked me through this channel, “Well, why did I make that choice?” And, of course, you made it to be a vessel of Love. You made it so that you would be an anchor of Love in that family. Never does one choose parents and come into a physical situation anticipating that you will not be loved and nurtured, that you will not be tended to emotionally and physically and spiritually.

But throughout all of those experiences, my beloved ones, the immutable fact remains: I am your Father just as Mary is your Mother. And there are so many times when I feel you shy away from that. And I understand about independence and choice and the growth of spirit whether it is in form or even on this side. But I wish this union and unity between us to be much stronger. I wish it to be the relationship that cherishes and warms you in the darkest hour and the relationship that you share in the most shining of glorious moments. I wish to teach you what you need to know to walk your dream and your fulfillment upon this planet and this sojourn on Earth.

Year and years and years ago, I have invited you into the family business, thinking that this was language that you would understand and embrace. For our family business is creation and Love. We are manufacturers, my friends. We manufacture all kinds of creations, things that you know upon Earth and things that you have never even dreamed of. And how we do this, the material that we manufacture with, is Love. And we do so in unity and in Joy. And so I repeatedly ask you to come with me, come with me to the factory or to the warehouse where we will go and we will access the creation codes. And we will gather once again the molecules of Love, the subatomic particles of Love. And we will manipulate them and Love them into form.

Now I am talking as a very practical Father this day. So I am not talking merely exclusively, shall I say, about creating those qualities that you wish to see upon the planet, that we all wish to see upon the planet, for Michael is very busy these days. And, yes, we thank you, for all of you who are helping him. But we are not just talking about peace or patience or stamina. I am also talking to you about the practicalities of your life. What is it, my beloved one, that you wish to manufacture, bring into form in your life? How are we going to work together and transmute this energy of the universe and package it into what your heart desires. And it can be a book. It can be a healing practice. And I don’t mean that we are manufacturing the ability for you to hold energy – you already have that. I am talking about the bricks and mortar, people walking through the door. Is it a mate? Is it a mate of flesh and blood. And I am not suggesting that we are going to build him or her, but we will create the energy field that will draw that person immediately to you. Don’t forget Gabrielle’s magnets. Don’t forget the whoosh that she has given you. Don’t forget the Lao Tzu that St. Germaine has given you. Don’t forget I have invited you to access the Warehouse of Heaven with me or even without me. But as Father, as one who Loves you so deeply, I want to accompany you until you have the knack, until you really understand in very human practical terms how to do this.

In many ways, it is that we have given you and given you and given you the theory of how to create, the formulas, the how to’s, and yet still it is not of a magnitude that we wish to see. And let us be clear: it is we wish to see it not only for you, but for the planet. Because once you have the knack of this, you are not going to stop. You’re going to keep going, and you will be creating for the collective and for the planet. So, yes, I urge you: take care of yourself first. When you are flying in one of Raphael’s planes, we say put the air mask on yourself first and then turn to others. Well, that is my advice as well. Let us tend to your sacred garden, the garden of your heart and your soul and your emotional being and your delightful ego. And from there let us expand. And yes, and then if you wish to specialize, then I would be happy. I would be honored to help you do so. So if your goal is that you wish to create homes for humanity, then I will help you. If you wish to write books and not just write them but publish them, if you wish to sing and have a hit song, I will help you. I am trying to cover the range that you will understand the magnitude of what I am offering. Please come with me.

Part of your divinity, part of assuming the miraculous gift of the Mother is this gift of your divinity in form in this time of magnificent rebirth and building of Nova Earth. But it is also energy that is involved in stepping forward and creating, and that is why I am talking to you about this this day. So the question is what. You have been given the energy, the totality of your expression of us, not esoterically, not spiritually, but physically. And your world is becoming a gentler place second by second, millisecond by millisecond. And, yes, I understand time. So what are you going to do with it? And if there is the slightest hesitation of “Well, oh gee, I’m just not sure Dad. I’m not sure what it is I want to do, what business I want to create or what conglomerate I want to create,” then let me help you. Let us all help you. This Council of Love is exactly what its name implies. It is our expression of unity and community. And you are part of this Council. You declared yourself part of it a long time ago.

So come with me. Let my gold warm you. Let my Love warm you. I am not an old man sitting on a mountaintop in judgment. I am the Father sitting next to you with my hand on your shoulder simply saying how can I help? And when I’m saying this, I’m not saying let me do it for you. You have grown out of that. It would not be respectful of me to say that to you now. But there are pieces perhaps that are not clear to you, parts that are not fully available to you. I will ask this channel to make that available.

I am with you. This is the year of creation. The codes are within you and around you. Gather them and call on me. Go with my Love. Go with my laughter, my joy, for this is intended to be fun. Think of it that way. When we created the multiverse, we did not sit with furrowed brows agonizing over what to do. We did it with delight and joy. That is how creation takes place. It is ecstatic work. It is bliss. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon January 2, 2010

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