Archangel Jophiel speaks of the need of patience, prudence and temperance during this time on Earth, with yourself and others. “I am asking you as my friends, as my beloved family, be patient with those who are still in this transition phase. Be compassionate with those who are not fully awake. Be prudent in what you say so that you excite them and encourage them but don’t overwhelm them. Practice temperance with them, in front of them.” Jophiel also speaks of patience in the creative process.

Greetings, I am Jophiel, Archangel of Amethyst and Garnet, Archangel of Temperance, of Courage, of Patience and of Action, for I am Archangel of Balance and Archangel of Unity. My beloved friends, welcome. For, yes, seldom do you hear from me, for I am of the ancient way and I am of the future way and I am the brother of your heart who also knows and remembers very clearly what it is to assume a human form and the trials and tribulations that accompany that as well as the joy, the rewards.

There has been a theme in past conversation after several weeks that we have engaged with you about compassion. And while I also wish to build on that, I wish to talk to you about prudence and patience. And you say “Jophiel, there could be nothing more boring than hearing about these qualities for I am tired of being patient. And I am tired of being prudent. And I am tired of being temperate. And to tell you the truth, Jophiel, I’m just plain tired.” But, of course, that is not really true, for many of you have already received and begun to work with the gift of your own divinity, the gift of the Mother’s Pink Diamond.

So why do I speak of this to you? Because that is how many in your human reality, in your collective are feeling. They are tired. They are worn down. They are overwhelmed. And they think that if they have to clear or struggle one more day that they will simply dissolve into despair. Now we know that that is not so. And we know, each one of you knows, that the key to struggle and letting go of struggle is just that: it is a choice to let it go. It is so simple and yet so straightforward that for many it seems too simple to be true. And that is where you come in, my friends. It is to have the patience and the temperance to simply say again and again “Let go. Embrace your divinity. Embrace your joy. Choose Love and let go of the rest.”

It has always been baffling to us – and yes, even baffling to me as I walked the Earth as Joseph – how any being could choose and consistently choose to be unhappy, to buy the illusion of separation. Now, it is not even courageous to choose freedom. It is simply what makes sense from your ego, from your mind, from your emotional body and certainly from your physical body. Why would any being choose enslavement? Why would any being choose despair? Why would any being choose consistently to believe that they are abandoned and isolated and unloved? So there is no Heavenly or Earthly logic that explain this other than the false paradigms, the false mirrors, the false grids that have evolved over eons and eons. And until that false imagery, until there is a true knowing of self-worth and a comfort level with that, then the human collective, the human race is not ready to embrace other realities and other races. That is why your star brothers are very slow in revealing themselves. No, not to you, but to the collective because they know that unless that sense of autonomy, of freedom, of self worth is present, then the human beings will act irrationally with feelings of being threatened rather than with feelings of unity.

Long ago, I saw this even as we traveled from town to town. And it always amazed me, for as you know I was very much the observer. But how a man from Jerusalem would disdain a man from Galilee or Nazareth, it is baffling. Even as it was baffling, when they were presented with wise prophets, disciples, and yes even my son, and people would say “No, no that can’t be true” because they did not feel self-worth, self-love and that anchoring of divinity that the Mother is already expanding within you even as we speak this day. Yes, that is the deal: I talk; she beams.

I am asking you as my friends, as my beloved family, be patient with those who are still in this transition phase. Be compassionate with those who are not fully awake. Be prudent in what you say so that you excite them and encourage them but don’t overwhelm them. Practice temperance with them, in front of them. There is no need for boastful behaviors. It does not endear anybody to anyone not above or below. And as you know, I can be quite a flamboyant Archangel, but I can also be very quiet.

The time comes for me to step forward more clearly and to work with you in the anchoring of New Earth, and as Einstein has much that he is going to say on the subject. But let it be known: you do not need to travel anywhere to access All. Not only is it within you, it is all around you. There is a great confusion, even amongst the lightholders, lightworkers, that you are going somewhere. That is not the case. Are you shifting energies? Yes. But that energy is all around you. You have had access to all realities, all dimensions all along. So I want you to truly consider and to sit with this.

I want you to think of every day as a magical day because it is. Every single moment, every single hour, every single day is filled with unlimited potential to create and co-create. It is ever present within you and around you, so it is not a matter of needing to shift realities, planets, dimensions. It is a matter of acknowledging and joyously accessing everything that is already there. And I am going to help you and teach you to do that – yes, singly and collectively.

But I am asking you as we begin this next step together to be patient not only with the human beings but with yourself. So often I witness when something doesn’t go exactly according to your plan, your human plan, that you automatically think and feel that you must have missed something, that there was an ingredient to this cake that you must have left out. And then you will fall into guilt or blame or fault or anger or fear, and that is what cancels our creation. That is what immediately erases the board of creation. So sometimes it is patience. When you were children, many of you had these magic markers, these writers where you would write something, and then you would watch it develop on the screen. That is what I am asking you to do. Wait for it to develop on the screen before you bring yourself into a downward spiral.

Each of you are doing mighty work with Michael, with Uriel, with Gabrielle, and with me and the legions, the legions that surround you. So breathe, be temperate, be prudent and call on me. Call on me for I am the Bell of Freedom. Go with my Love. Farewell.

Channeled message by Linda Dillon

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