An inspiring message from the Universal Mother Mary on the meaning of motherhood – a perfect reminder for this Mother’s Day. Read and enjoy! I am Mary. I am Mary, Queen of Heaven, and Queen of Earth. What does this term Queen mean? Remember that is it is used in conjunction with Mother for that is what it means. It is simply an honor, not to refer to ascendancy, to royalties or to power usurped. What it refers to is the honor you have paid me as your Mother. Each one of you is a mother. It does not matter whether you have children of your biological body, for your care and nurturing of others of the human family makes you Mother. I attend to you no matter what as I have done in hours of darkness, of illusion and disillusion, of pain and sorrow. I tend to you because I Love you, not because you place me on some imaginary throne. As you have need for courage, dear hearts, you also have need for Mother.

There is not one being in any kingdom that does not long to be nurtured, that does not seek gentleness, fondling,, caretaking and feeding. Any who deny this are simply in denial. I come to you this day to remind you, not as Queen of Heaven of Queen of Earth, but as your Mother that I am with you. I am not simply with you when you are fearless and you walk on the adventure of peacekeeping or healing or channeling. I am your Mother when you sit alone in the dark at night and wonder if you are loved. I am your Mother when you feel sick and you wonder how on Earth you lost your balance and fell to that place. I am your Mother when your heart breaks because you have to say goodbye to someone you Love, when you cut the cord and set them free. I am your Mother, not merrily of the innocent child, but of the beautiful men and women you are, of the adult, of the elder, the maturity, of the wisdom, for even in your oldest age you will turn to me and when you will say, “Did I do enough?”

As your Mother, I will reassure you and tell you how proud I am of your and drop you in my arms and take you home. I am the Mother within. I’m the Mother without. I am the Mother above and below. You cannot blink without feeling and knowing my presence. I do not apologize for hovering, for as I watch I do not interfere. I wish to observe, wish to observe your unfoldment, because you are the child of my heart. So turn to me for encouragement, for sensibility, for comforting and know that I am with you in every way. There is nothing that you cannot do and there is nothing that you can ever do that will change that Love. You are mine. Farewell.

Breathe in blue and breathe in the beautiful canopy of the sky, the cloak of Mary. Breathe in her clear blue light. So often we work with the blue diamond that we forget her clear blue light, the light that brings us clarity and purpose, serenity and intension. As you breathe in that beautiful sky blue feel yourself go down and anchor more deeply into the heart of the Mother, into your own heart, and let that feeling of expansion come to you, not forcing it, just allowing it. Now take another deep breath of brilliant shiny gold, the gold of Gabriel, the gold of Yahweh and the gold of Sanat Kumara and bring this gold into your chest and feel your heart expand out way past your body, past your shoulders into your (auric) field, expanding and expanding until you are the size of your room, your house, your building. Feel the unlimited potential of the gold and send the gold down your body so that it is coming out of your feet and covering the Earth like a blanket, like Glidden paint, sparkling up the Mother, warming the animals, protecting the Earth.

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