I am Mary, and I come this day to speak to you of my unfoldment and the unfoldment of Nova Earth. Dear Children, there are seasons and divine timing, and now is the season of golden radiance – it is the time of blue and gold upon the earth. It is the time of the melding of the blue of the sky, the oceans, and the streams with the gold of the sun to nourish and replenish the soil of the planet, and the soil of your heart, that all will remain and begin again as fertile, arable, workable areas of production, of creation. The seeds have been sown, dear ones, not only in the springtime of your life but long ago. This is the time when all begins to grow.

I have spoken to you of this period of time upon your planet, the time of cosmetic repair, the birthing of Nova Earth, of this decade that will take you through to 2012-2013, and the beginning of new times upon this planet. The purpose of my calling to you today is not fortune telling, although I wish to tell you all of the fortunes you hold within you. Long ago, we have told you that the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love. Open this doorway with your keys and step into your new life. You have all you require, not only the fullness of your soul design but my blessings, my love, and the love of your Father. The storehouse of heaven is wide open.

You have a choice during this time of cosmetic repair. You can be part of the struggle or you can be part of the reconstruction, it is that simple. Now, I have not spoken to any one of you who have said to me, “Please, Mother, let the struggle continue – I enjoy it so much.” You have turned to me in earnestness and tears and said, “ I am tired of this way; let me begin again; let me fulfill my mission in joy. I agree, Mother, you have birthed me to this magnificent vessel of physicality, I will be in this vessel, I will be in this body, but let me do so in joy.” And the joy is in the creation, children. Several of you have asked me, “How do I begin?”

Finding your dream, for many of you, has been difficult, either because you have forgotten that you are loved, or you have forgotten that you are worthy of personal dreams, personal fulfillment. It is in the creation of what your heart desires as your unique expression of love on Earth that the reconstruction of the planet takes place. And, it is not just in dreaming or wanting one thing. It is in the planting of a flower, or a flowerbed – I would personally ask you to consider roses. It is in the planting of seeds within children, particularly the indigo children, and, yes, their parents. But, it is not just in the planting of the seeds; it is in the watering and tending, and watching them blossom, fertilizing them, pruning them where necessary – hovering but not interfering.
For many of you, the best form of creation is when you simply allow it to be a fleeting thought that crosses your field of vision – “Oh, I would like that”- and letting it go. Each one of you has a unique capacity and methods in how you create. But let us be clear, it begins with a dream, and it begins with the stillness, it begins in the silence of your heart.

Sometimes you turn to me and you say, “ I am afraid – for I have wished and I have dreamed before and I have been hurt and disappointed because it did not come to pass.” I do not tell you that there are things that you will think of and ask for that will not be immediate – for, yes, it is a matter of Divine Timing, and this is a decade and not a single day. But I also tell you that in many of these prior adventures, not everything was in place in the way that it is in this moment and this time. And let me be clear, my dear children, it is my time – it is the birthing of the Divine Feminine upon the Earth. And Divine Feminine is the birthing of form – not ideas, but form.

Now, I wish to speak to you a little about ideas, about feeling – for many of you cling to your ideas and your old feelings as if they are the most precious jewels in the Universe. I tell you you have the keys to the warehouse of heaven but many of you stay home looking at your old jewelry while there is much to be gained by going out and seeking elsewhere. If you do not have a release of the old there is no room for the new. Clean house!

There is a man placed upon your Earth known as William Gates who has been one of the master vehicles for the installation of the Universal Internet. He had an idea about communication and how it could be expanded, but he did not stop with one idea and cling to it and say “this is my creation, isn’t it wonderful – I’m finished.” He allowed the flow of ideas, of creativity, to move through him each and every day. He did not hold on to his idea but instead brought many, many beings together to create something, which in fact is very etheric. I want you all to follow this example. No, I am not suggesting you end up in litigation and government – but I want you to follow the example of allowing your ideas and dreams and concepts of your own heart, your own mind to flow. Some will stick, some will not, but you will be creating. And remember that these ideas need to be matched with physical action.

It will take time to rebuild this planet but each one of you has unique gifts – each one of you is a healer and teacher. If your gift is to heal the oceans, to work with water then begin but do not cling to the one idea, to the one creation – let it flow. If your job is to teach, to write books do not stop with one class or one paragraph – let it flow. If your job is to introduce ethics into the workplace, and it does not matter whether it is government, education, healthcare or industry – do not stop when you have demonstrated integrity and ethical behavior in one situation, keep going.

When you are tired and you are thinking I cannot do this anymore, then come home, come home and rest in my arms. I will wrap you in my cloak of blue, I will restore you and you will begin again. This is the sacred partnership that we have formed long ago.

Do not take my message this day to mean that you are going to have to wait 10 years to see any results. You have need to see the results of your creations each and every day – to look in the mirror and say “My goodness I truly am co-creator upon this Earth! I wonder what else I can do? I wonder what my next adventure is? What would I like it to be?” And then, child, begin. We are with you as we have never been before – in this golden time, with my clear blue, with my blue diamond that rests within your heart. I have complete faith in you, for you are mighty, and you are mine. Go, and create peace upon this Earth. Go, and create laughter and joy. Farewell.