Greetings! I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of Peace, Mother of Change Mother of Unfoldment. Mother of All. Welcome. Welcome, my sweet angels.

I come this day to particularly address a question that this channel has posed to me, but it is a question that represents the query of the collective, and that is: Why? Why is it so important, why is it so urgent, why am I so insistent to be amongst you, that you learn to embrace the joy, that you learn to acknowledge that you are the Love? Why do I desire and guide you in how to be, that you may give and receive and take what action is in alignment with the truth of yourself and your community? It is a fair and honest question and one that speaks to the truth of your heart and of your yearning.

Let me be clear, my beloved ones, I have always, always been amongst you, in ways seen and unseen. I have moved and I have made my presence known. What has changed, beloved ones, is the way I weave my energy between you, within you, among you, that I am part of this community. Years ago I have bestowed upon you, I have showered upon you, I have instilled within you my very essence of blue diamond, that has changed, adjusted, raised if you will, your frequency, so that I can be amongst you in this way. The Divine Presence is with you, in partnership.

I do not urge you, encourage you, cajole you to embrace this new way of being, which is original and old way of being, merely because of the unfoldment of my plan. I do it, dear hearts, because it is the unfoldment of your plan, of your soul design, of your souls’ desire and yearning, of your pathway. If you have no desire to simply take this next step, to be, to create, to know, to enter into the understanding of wisdom, to embrace, to be and to embody the joy which is the Eucharist, then I would not prod you. But you have asked aeons ago for this prodding. It is the fulfilment of your plan; it is part of our divine and human partnership.

There are many upon this Earth who do not wish this awakening, and they struggle and they fight, and this is part of the chaos. Many will exit, to continue onward in a third dimensional reality, that is their choice. It is neither good nor bad, it is simply their unfoldment.

My hearts desire is for you to be the whole of your potential, to be, not to become but to be all you are, magnificent angels of light, pathfinders, showers of the way, agents and catalysts of change, warriors, peacemakers, teachers, channels, healers. It is all part of One. We attempt – and Gabriel gives you – joy, time after time after time. I give you my Love continually, but unless the Love, unless the joy is ignited within you, unless that is present, consciously present, then it does not have full spark, full impact, full ignition, and that is what we are speaking about. Have you not noticed, my beloved ones, that if somebody speaks to you and speaks a complete falsehood or something that is merely ridiculous that it simply passes by you and you dismiss it, it does not come within your realm of consciousness it is simply not accepted, because it has no place to anchor within you, the falsehood is not part of your being. It is the same with joy, with Love, for if the joy within is not allowed – and it is an allowing – to bubble up, yes, which means clearing out the sludge, then there is nothing for that magnet to meet.

So I move amongst you, I weave between you and with you, but, dear hearts, part of this is – and in the very nature of its creation – it is yours. That is why it is partnership, for no we do not abandon you, we are standing here at readiness. You are at a point of receiving, receiving what I say and my energies of Love, but there is so much more we can do.

Awaken, my children, awaken to who you are, you are the children I have birthed, you are the children of my heart, you are the children of Love, you are the adult of joy. Come weave this dance with me, come speak with me, declare yourself that joy and peace will reign. I am with you; I am not some amorphous, esoteric, being on an altar somewhere. I am with you. So speak with me. Please…

Channelled by Linda Dillon

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