A powerful message from Jesus Sananda on stepping forward and being the clarion of Truth. He speaks of the importance for each of us to assume of chosen roles, and to see and acknowledge the grace of each being.

Welcome, I am Jesus Sananda. We have always walked together in different ways and often I refer back to the life that we have shared together in Galilee and Bethlehem and Palestine because it was a life filled with joy, not defeat.

It was not only my sacred wife who knew of my impending death, but my sacred circle as well. They did not know the time or the hour or the unfoldment of how, but I prepared them long beforehand. We spoke as well of what would happen after I was gone. The teachings were shared freely with all who came with any interest.

Many of you, even then, said to me, “Lord, I do not know how to teach or how to heal like you. I do not know how to conduct ceremony or see into the hearts of other like Magdalena. I do not know if I will be able to continue without you at my side” and I would always laugh and in the laughter we would dispel the worry. As we would talk as brothers and sisters and comrades about what the true fear was and 9 times out of 9 times it came to this: if I step forward and teach, that means that you, dear friend, dear Jeshua will not be with me and my heart will break. I will feel abandoned and lonely and I will not know how to proceed, so I come here again this day to remind you of that old feeling, and, to laugh again with you and to remind you that I have never left you. Never.

This is the time of the unfoldment that we have waited for; that we thought would happen thousands of years ago. We did not understand the Greeks and Romans were not ready, to say nothing of the Assyrians, but we never stopped trying. Yes, many of the stories have become convoluted, but that is the way or oral history and of legend. The truth has never changed and it is in true in all religions, all belief systems. Even those that claim themselves as atheist, in order to keep good civil order, love their neighbor as themselves. You treat the other person, as you desire to be treated; with compassion and understanding and courtesy and honoring, not only of them, but of their family, of their lineage of whence they came. For this is something in your society that is being lost, it is the sense of who you are, of your people, of your soul family and your biological family. For even when it has been horrendous, they have gifted you and they have anchored within you that deep knowing of who you are.

I am turning the tables on you. I am asking you to step forward and if you do it, I’ll do it. It is your turn. The good news in this is I have your back. You do not ever need to worry for you are surrounded by the mighty ones and by this scared trinity that holds you so dear and do not think that the teaching simply takes place in the classroom. That is not so. It takes place in the shops. It takes place in the classroom of universities. It takes place in the clinics and in the counseling session. It takes place in so many forms. It is the acknowledgement of the divinity of the human spirit that stands directly in front of you.

How can you possibly gaze at the Grand Canyon, at the ocean, at the eagle, at Yosemite, at the dolphins and be in awe, and, not be in awe when you stare at a fellow human being? The ability to judge and dismiss is the cancer of the human race. What it does, it creates and reinforces that other cancer of lack of self worth from the smallest child to the ones who are elderly and sit tight alone in their chair because they are not worth the time. This is not of Love. It is not that sense of awe that this mighty angel came into form to do the bidding of the Mother. See past the façade, the camouflage. Look at who stands in front of you. Rediscover the sense of awe and wonder, not only of the beauty of Mother Earth, but of humanity – for that is the quality of Nova being. Truly see what is transpiring and hold it so that others as well will see it.

Every human being, every human being has come to Earth in grace. This terrible misunderstanding of original sins has been perpetuated and then built upon. There is not one being that did not come as part of their design and in the core of their heart the essence of grace is still there. So it is up to you my bothers and sisters to expand that, to allow it to come forward, to remind the person. It seems trite, but you are reminding them that you are a child of God. This is what I ask of you. It is a task too big for one being. This is the truth of the Universe. Let us tell everybody, so that is what I ask you, again, to do. Step forward and be the speakers of truth. Be the clarion trumpets of wealth. Pick up your horn or Gabriel and speak. Do not fear. We are with you. Go in peace.

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