Greetings. I am Mary, Universal Mother, Queen of Heaven, Mother of Earth. Welcome, my beloved children, my gentle warriors of peace, the flowers of my heart. When you have need to revive yourself come and sit with me in my garden. We will sit in silence and serenity. We will sit in laughter and in play. I will join with you, and listen to your tales of woe. I will take them from you, and I will replace it with my gentle strength.

Often this channel and Elizabeth speak to you about my flowers – think of the perfection, of the perfection of the forget-me-not. It is tiny and yet all is contained. It is the gift of infinite beauty to your heart, and yet think of the strength of this tiny flower, the endurance as it pushes its way up again and again through the Earth to reach for the sun, the warmth and the love and to share its beauty. That is what you do as well, dear ones, for there are cycles, cycles of life, cycles of existence, even cycles of Love. Honor the cycles within your sacred self. Know when it is time to rest, to come gently into my arms, to lean against my chest and heart and listen to the sound of the Universe. There are times to go dormant for this is the time of integration, of preparation for the newness, the new beginning, the fresh start. There is not one being upon this planet that does not wish a fresh start. That is what a new day is. That is what a new breath is. Celebrate it.

There is a time for action, for movement, for the fulfillment of your creations. I come this day not only to encourage, but to bless and thank each one of you for the diligent arduous work that you are taking and completing in the fulfillment of the plan of peace on my planet, for the work that you do with Michael. You say, “Well, Mother, I do not remember what I am doing in my alternate self, my alternate reality of dream state” and I suggest to you, dear heart, which perhaps is just as well for it is never warming to your heart to witness the ravages of war.

I thank you for as well is the breathing, for you are breathing in the debris, this element of control, this desire of old man, old humanity, old Earth to control other beings and you are letting go of this collective addiction in gentleness. Yes, it is enough to make an elephant feel sick, so do not be surprised if you feel a little spacey, dear heart, a little queasy, a little exhausted. I do not ask you to stop, for this is the work that is done in preparation for my plan, for the fulfillment with the plan of my child Earth, Gaia. It is the fulfillment of the promise I have made to her and it is part of your preparation for Sedona. As well for you are anchoring the peace, that I may walk amongst you, that your star brothers and sisters may walk amongst you without fear, without concern, in laughter and in celebration. So do not think that when you sit and breathe that you are not doing anything. In fact, it is a great action piece. You are the factory for the cleansing of the planet, the cleansing of human debris. We have always suggested to you that the changes will come from the people. Dear hearts, you are my people. You are the children of my heart. You are the adults of my soul. You are the mirror of my Love. You are the hope of the future. Do not underestimate what you are doing.

Do not doubt yourself for doubt and fear freezes. I cannot emphasize this enough and if you have need of me, if you have need of greater encouragement, call me. I have said many times, “I will show up.” I will show up in every living room in the entire planet and in your home if that is what it takes. I do not stand back. I am not the Mother detached watching in observation the unfoldment of this plan. I am with you as I have never been with you before. I did not send my mighty Archangel to Earth alone. He is attended by Legions of Light above and below, and if any one of you needs help, call. I am there. We are your emergency medical team. We will cook. We will feed. We will clothe. We will house. Just continue what you are doing. It is God’s work and, for this, we thank you. We bless you forever.

Continue with the pouring of pink and blue into the hearts of all beings; it is working. It is changing your Earth. It is freeing my daughter, Gaia. She will express her gratitude to you for this planet, Gaia, has always given you all that you need. When you work, when you play with the Mother and the mother of the Mother, there is no limitation to what you can receive, but first you have to declare your willingness. Open your hearts, dear one. Receive the blessings that are yours. Receive the healing that is your due. Go with my love. Farewell.