A monumental channeling, meditation and gift from Archangel Raphael. A gift to eliminate the places of darkness within and without. Take the time to not only read but to allow our beloved Healing Archangel to come within and heal you, to eliminate duality once and for all.

Greetings, I am Raphael, Archangel of Emerald, Archangel of Healing, and I am not just talking about the healing of the multiverse, the universe, the planet, the collective, but of each of your hearts. My beloved friends, it is in this place of silence, it is in this place of nothingness, of stillness, that the healing occurs. There is not one being upon your planet, particularly at this time that does not require healing. You may say to me: “Oh Raphael, I do not feel like I need healing. I feel just fine.” And then I would ask you, my sacred friend, to go deeper into your heart. In fact, regardless of whether you think you need healing or not, I ask of you to go deeper into your heart, for it is time to bring light to all the shadows.

There is a significant reticence – and it is particularly true of you who are lightholders, lightbuilders, lightworkers – to venture into the darkness and the darkness of your own sweet self; to examine and know and embrace the shadows that lie within and that define and highlight the light. There are situations or injuries, past or present or even future, that you have placed in the shadow of your being; and you have done so for protection and for reasons of growth, and, sometimes simply so you could continue on and maintain this form of being human. This is a survival mechanism, and it is one that has served you well. It has also been part of the paradigm of duality of your planet, and so it has been experienced and accepted in many ways. But what I suggest to you, my beloved ones, is that this paradigm no longer serves you, so you do not need to keep these shadows any longer. You do not need, nor is it for your highest good, to have that place of darkness within.

Oh, all of you are mighty warriors and you will travel to the places of darkness in legion with Michael and Gabrielle and Jophiel. You are fearless when it comes to shining the light. But you are not so fearless, my friends, when it comes to shining the light on these interior places of darkness. And so what I do with you this day, what I ask to do with you, what I request – and I also bring my friend and brother Uriel – is we wish to bring light to these places of fear, to these places of abandonment, of pain, of separation, of isolation, of nervousness, of anxiety. When you are in faith and when you are in trust and when you are in the knowing and wisdom of your being, there can be none of this. That is why it is so important at this time, at this juncture in evolution that we simply bring light to these places buried within. Light by itself has definition and hues. You do not need to think of losing anything. But what you will not carry with you anymore, what you will lose, is that which you are fearful of looking at, that which keeps you awake at night or that hinders you from stepping forward in the fullness of your power and might, your expression of divinity upon the planet.

Come with me as I wish to come with you. Let us overlight and illuminate these shadows, this darkness once and for all. I ask to enter within you, yes, as archangel, as servant of God, as healer of One because my friends you are of One; and therefore I am with you and at your service. Open your heart now. Open your crown and take a deep breath of my refreshing emerald green. (moments of silence). I beg of you to say “yes,” for I do not wish you to suffer anymore in any way, shape or form. I do not invade. I respectfully ask: deeper. (moments of silence)

I will stay with you. I will stay with each of you until the shadows are erased, until the light of my Love has reached every crevice and crack. I do this gently, for Love does not force. It is graceful and it is tender and it is considerate. This is my gift to you. It is the gift of my Emerald Flame. It is the gift of my cleansing waters. It is the gift of my heart. So with this I thank and bless you. I do not say farewell, for I will be with you until this is done. Go in peace. Go in Love. And, beloved ones go in joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon