An insightful chatty message from Archangel Gabrielle, best read this in conjunction with the message from Archangel Raphael below. In this channeling Gabrielle reminds us of how prepared and eager the higher realms are to work and communicate with us.

Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, sister of your heart, and in so many ways children, fellow traveler. There are many things that I wish to speak to you about this day, even though I know this is a channeling energy workshop. I always take the opportunity to speak on many topics, even if this one (Linda) is surprised.

First of all, I wish to remind you that Archangel Raphael is still within you and that process of energy exchange, that process of lighting the dark corners of your heart, your mind and that is important for you to realize – your heart, your mind, and your physical form as well as your larger body – that that is still underway; and it will continue to be underway until such time as it has been completed. So do not be surprised, sweet angels, if you are feeling shifts within, and not only within your heart but within your mind and your emotional field as well as your physical form. It is not possible nor would we wish to separate any of these parts of your integral self.

I have invited you to hear the songs of the universe, to hear the songs of the angelic realm, and to hear the song of your own soul. There are different movements, shall we say, to the song of your soul and your spirit, the soul that is within and the spirit that flies free. You may think of it in many ways as a symphony, like you do upon the planet of Earth, for there are movements that are sorrowful when you are crying the tears of your spirit or where you are reaching out and cleansing the soul of humanity. And then there is a movement of joy. There are crescendos and there are completions. And you say to me, “Well, Gabrielle, that is all very interesting, but I have never really been a fan of the symphony.” Well, child I suggest it is time for you to be a fan of your sweet self, to see the mightiness that lurks right within you, and to discover and revel with glee and celebration who you are.

This day you have been invited into the warehouse of Heaven, and you have accepted the role not only of being able to create and access and bond finally more clearly with your Father but to act as courier between Heaven and Earth. And what does that mean anyway? It means between realities, dimensions, to be able to carry the energy and manipulate it in such a way that it can simply assume form. Now you are witnessing this consciously and unconsciously every day. Look around you. Look around at what appalls you, at some of the travesties that have occurred upon your planet. And you say, “I don’t know how they did that?” Well, they did it consciously and unconsciously by tapping in and manipulating energy and that includes the manipulation of human energy, human emotions, human spirit, human ego. There has been enough of that. And so now the invitation to you is to manipulate in a way that is so positive, and you have already begun to do that as well. That is why you are sitting here. And to bring forth that collection of subatomic particles that Mr. (Albert) Einstein is so fond of and to put it into form. And when you create those forms – and I would like to think that those forms are created strictly out of Love without any contribution from judgment – that it is a work of beauty, that it is a beacon of truth. Be very clear within your heart, in cooperation with your mind and your will and your energy field, what it is you are choosing to create.

So, for example, if you are creating a car, this is such a North American treasure. And so there is no reason that you should have to live without your little treasure, but make sure child, that when you are manipulating the energy that you are doing so not only for your highest good but the highest good of the collective and Nova Earth. So is it a clean car? Does it serve you well? If you have family and friends to transport, does it take care of their needs? Or does it take care of your need to be wild and crazy and exciting, and it is a two-seater roadster and you are laughing the whole way? That is important. But be clear; otherwise, you will simply end up with a very boring sedan. So heed what I say and pay attention

Channeling is opening yourself and your heart and your body to having a conversation with us. Like your guardian angels who are filling this room, we never interfere. We come only if there is sincere invitation issued. So we will not enter within thee unless the doorway to your heart is flung open. And it is our job, our sworn duty and particularly for me as messenger, that we do not speak through you and we do not allow any to speak through you who are not of Love and who have not been welcomed. But, child, if you welcome us, you may have to tell me to slow down and shut up. (Laughter) And I know you wouldn’t do that, would you?

I have had a tendency at times to speak very rapidly, and I have heard this channel complain and have tried to accommodate the rapidity with which we speak because very often what happens is the words are traveling as fast as the energy of our thoughts and our light. So for us to be speaking through you is very often in slow motion. That is why you feel occasionally that the words are coming very slowly like molasses, one at a time. We do not wish to overburden you or in any way interfere with your electrical-mechanical systems. As you are assuming new grid, you are much more clearly able to handle these frequencies; but still there is a conversion factor.

But to us, when you grant us the incredible privilege of joining with you and speaking to you as sisters of the heart, as brothers of the heart, it is an honor and a sacred trust that we cherish. You are loved, and in that Love is our nurturing and our caretaking and our protection of thee. We will not compromise you. Oh, you may feel that your energy field is shifting, but we will exit if ever we felt that it would harm you in any way.

When the plan, when our beloved Mother’s plan was put into place, the idea was that there would not be this break in communication. It would be unheard of, for you not to be able to speak us and us with you freely. The purpose was joy. It still is. It was never about struggle, so if you are struggling, if you doubt, if you are in need of any kind, it is even more important that you hear not only our voices and messages, but feel and experience our energy and comfort. When we fortify you, you can walk through fire and walls and any difficulty that you can imagine because we shield you, we lift you up; we will carry you if necessary.

Now when you do not feel safe enough because of what has transpired in your human journeys, and I mean plural, then we stand next to you and we get as close as you will allow us and we whisper in your ear, we telepathically communicate with you – that is just so much easier. But we don’t go away because you said, “No, I don’t feel like channeling today.” We hang around and we plant inspiration within you, and suddenly you feel a little lighter and a little more confident. We work with your angels, with your guardians, with your guides and with your sacred higher self – what we call your universal self. And the reason we use this term of “universal” is that it incorporates all the aspects of who you are – your higher self, your angelic self, your ancient self, your future self. Think of your universal self as your warehouse.

And now I get down to business. The reason I have asked the channel to speak this day is to tell you how proud I am of you. So often I have given you my golden heart of joy and courage, I have given you my golden ring, I have given you my golden infinity, and I have done so to assist thee and because I Love you. I share with you that which is imbued with my energy. But this day, I come to thank you for using that heart of courage and Love and joy, and for allowing the messages of truth and of Love to come through you.

Do not think whether you speak volumes or whether you speak silence that there is any difference, because the message of Love, of tenderness, of compassion has been received. And that is what we have asked of you – to hold that vibration, that frequency of Love. It is the starting point, it is all the components, and it is the finished product of everything you do. It is Love. And that is what every message, every transmission, every inspiration, is and has ever been about. Even when it is words of warning or caution, it is of Love. When you transmit Love, when you acknowledge who you are, you are fulfilling your sacred contract, and you are in harmony with All there is.

So I invite you: Call us, for we are right here, available to you in ways that you cannot even imagine. It is time to dream the impossible, and anchor it in the fulfillment of your promise, of your dreams. Go in peace and go with my blessing and with my eternal Love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, Port St. Lucie ~ How To Channel Workshop