Greetings, I AM Archangel Uriel, bringer of peace, and bringer of the future. And the future my beloved friends is NOW. Yes, you are playing with time and it is only a concept and that is why long ago I/we have taught you how to jump time, how to bi-locate, how to move backwards and forwards and to position yourself where you wish to be and then always to anchor in the present, in the current time and place of where you are for that is where you bring back all creation.

I wish to review this with you for it is important for this upcoming year as we ask you to spring into action. If there is something that you wish to create, to experience, to tweak, to change, project yourself forward, whether it is a month, a year, ten years, it matters not. Go to the place where your desire, or the situation or the environment that is already in place, where the creation has already unfolded and be there. Experience the people, the feelings, the environment, Nova Earth, and anchor that deep within you and then jump back bringing that creation back with you into the present time. It will help you anchor this in current time reality and particularly within your mental and emotional fields and that is what really feeds your physical reality.

Years ago in Victory 2000, I gave you my silver flame. It is on the tips of your fingers, the center of the palms of your hands, or you may carry it like a torch. I have given you this silver flame to light your way. When you travel into places of darkness, places of fear where you are not seeing clearly, and my beloved ones that flame may shine internally or externally, for some of the darkest places where the shadows exist and the fear resides within you. So take the golden heart of courage of Gabrielle and my silver flame and travel within.

But it is also a time, my beloved ones, of traveling without, of venturing forth into your Nova World. And I wish to remind you, and I ask you, I offer, I beg you, carry my flame of silver. For it is not just like an ordinary flashlight, it will illuminate, and that is what you need. It is the brilliant illumination of people, of situations, of environments, of false grids, false paradigms so that you can see truly what you are looking at, what you are engaging, what you are healing, what you are changing. Many of you are reticent and fearful as we ask you to venture forth to declare yourself as “Holders of the Light”. You are fearful because you do not know what awaits you and many of you have had situations or past lives where you have died, or been punished or tortured, or even in this life where you have been dismissed or dismayed or rejected or even abandoned because of your belief systems. So you are somewhat hesitant when the Mother and Jesus have both asked you to step forward.

Many have said it but I say it again, sweet angels, legion of light, if you do not step forward who does? You have already seen what stepping forward in hope for the dream can accomplish and it is only just begun. It is magnificent. And there is no current time to waste. You are at the end of this shift, not the beginning. So I come this day as your brother and the bringer of the future as we travel from Bethlehem, to New York, to Moscow, to Johannesburg, to Falusia, to Mozambique, to Hawaii, to Iowa, to every corner of this planet. I will travel with you. I will show you how to illuminate with my silver flame. It will light your way and it will light you. I ask of you to dust off this old gift, to remember it’s purpose, and begin, begin not next week or next year, begin today.

There are many upon your planet seeking the light. They are hungry and yes, they are frightened. Many are frightened out of their minds. This silver flame is a gentle light that will illuminate but not frighten them. It is yours to hold up for them. They do not know where else to get it. And yes, even those who have been seeking and may well be grumpy and say ‘go away I am not looking for you, I don’t want to know what you have to say. I’d rather sit in my house and be worried about my IRA, my mortgage, food for the table’. When they do that and acknowledge their fear, leave the silver flame with them and it will continue to penetrate them because these are the ones who need it most. Give it to the ones who are sick and dying and are afraid of that final journey that they do not know what rests on the other side. Leave it with them. Leave it with every light holder you know so that they will have a torch that they may step forward in confidence as well, beside you, behind you, in front of you. This is not a contest this is a mission. Give it to the children that they will know of your love, that they will know that they do not come into a world of darkness. Give it to the downtrodden who sleep in the streets at night for it will keep them safe and warm. Give it from your heart. It is a gift to be shared.

This is the same light as the Star of David that shone above that modest manger long ago. I held it for Mary and Joseph and Jeshua and I hold it for each of you. For many years I have kept silent awaiting this divine timing and it is now. Go with my radiant blessings. Go with the blessings that I carry this day from the Mother and Father of All and of Love. Go with the blessings of Hanukkah, go with the blessings of Christmas, go with the blessings of my heart. I am with you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon