Greetings, I am Gabriel, I am Gabrielle, Archangel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome! Welcome, children of the Circle of One and children of Love, Angels and Archangels of Love. We gather this day with you and I come this day to speak to your hearts, your minds, your bodies, your beings, and your community about the shift for the changes are rapidly underway.

Dear hearts, for many years you have turned to me and asked Gabrielle, “When will we see some changes? When will we know that the changes are underway? When will we know that the paradigms of the old Earth are dying off?” Well, I daresay, my dear hearts, that it would be impossible not to notice what is going on, not only within your country but upon this planet, and I come this day to be very clear that this is great news of joy!

We have often spoken to you about the chaos and how it involves the breaking down of the old – old systems, belief systems, behaviors, ways of doing things, institutions, archetypes and paradigms. It is disintegrating the old and it is essential, my beloved ones, that you hold the center and stay in the place of peace and calm. Remain the observer so that you do not add to the human drama that is emerging around this chaos.

My beloved brother, Archangel Michael, has spoken to you about his Strategic Peace Initiative. Many have left the Earth to join with him and to work with that initiative from this side – as we all do because it is the restoration of Peace on Earth that allows for the full anchoring of Peace and the Plan of the Mother to go forward. This is a necessary paradigm shift.

Yes, there are many who will cling to the old and who will fight tooth and nail, but let us be very clear: this is a time of destruction, elimination of the paradigms of greed, lust, control, hatred, death, destruction, lack and limitation, and one of the ways in which this happens is to simply eliminate the institutions, the vessels, the philosophical structures that have supported this. And as it disintegrates and breaks down, look and celebrate as the New emerges!

So many times, we have said to thee that you are the pathfinders, the healers, the teachers, the armada, the legion of the Mother Mary, and that this is the time to lead; this is the time when you are bringing forth the New, and it begins with calm understanding and remaining in your heart, not engaging in fear, whether it is finance or politics, it does not matter. War is a human institution and that is what Michael is bringing an end to – and it does not matter whether it is war in the marketplace, the halls of justice, the halls of government, or the plains of Iraq.

Now, many of you are exhausted and feeling the impact of the injuries and the work you are doing with Michael during your sleeping hours – for very few of you actually ever sleep! And when you are exhausted, it is important to remember to withdraw, cocoon, rest, and restore yourself for this is a shift that does not occur in one day. We have been talking about it for decades. We on this side have been talking about it for eons.

So, my beloved friends, what I ask of you and why we have taught and shared and guided is that this is the time to create the miracles of joy – to come together as a circle, as brothers and sisters, and create what your heart desires – both in the etheric, spiritual and physical realms. The door is opened and most of you have already walked through, so begin in earnest to create and bring forth what your heart desires – and not only the universal precepts like peace, food for all upon the planet, shelter, love. Exhibit this within the physical realm for the joy of being an angel in form is a physical experience.

It is the joy of jumping into your heart and dancing on your feet; it is the feeling of the Divine Essence of the Mother sprinkling down upon your hair, and sticking out your tongue and feeling it. It is dancing with the fairies and playing with the trees and the flowers. It is creating your home, creating your adventure, and doing the work that you have always yearned for. It is not mundane. It is exciting and fulfilling and joyous!

So as this shift occurs, turn to me and join with me, and create from the stillpoint of nothingness. Let your dreams explode into action upon the Nova World and know that we are with you every step of the way.

Go in peace and go with my love. Farewell.