Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of Change, and yes sweet friends, Mother of Healing. Welcome, welcome my sweet angels of light, volunteers of Love, pathfinders and showers of the way, anchors of the cities of light, and the cities of light within. Do not forget, dear hearts, about the totality of your being that this small frame you call your physical form, this delightful vessel, is but a microscopic piece of you, a portion that rests within. But it is the vessel of expression and it has need to be cherished and nurtured, admired and celebrated each and every day. You cannot Love another, you cannot Love your spirit, and ignore your physical form, it is a contradiction and it is not possible. It is not possible in your reality or in any reality.

But that is not what I really come to talk about this day. I come to invite you, to re-invite you to cherish your dream. We have gone with you and walked with you through long process of creation and co-creation, and yes this class is but one aspect of that creation. But the creations, dear hearts, are born from heart dreaming, from soul dreaming. During this time of chaos, during this time of the infusion, a frequency stronger than you are used to that are flooding the Earth, as a gift not a punishment, for that is of old way. Many are feeling the chaos and the chaos of struggle and dear ones, you are falling back, and you are engaging struggle and you are engaging chaos, disease, imbalance and it is not of who you are, and it is certainly not of your dream of your heart, it is not the dream of fulfilment that we have shared together prior to your departure to Earth and the dream that you have fortified for yourself as this beautiful physical form in this lifetime.

When you are faced with obstacles, when you are faced or confronted by the insanity of chaos, when you find yourself struggling – laugh, let it go, give it to me, surrender it, surrender it with the deepest part of you, do not think ‘Oh, I will sort this out’. I ask of you not to waste your time that way, you are here on Earth to be of joy, so simply surrender it, surrender it to me, surrender it to Sanat Kumara, surrender it to St Germaine, surrender it to your guides, but surrender and let go and return to that place of integration, to the truth of who you are. Many of you are letting go of dreams and saying ‘I guess I was just dreaming, I guess it isn’t meant to be’. The dream is born from your soul design, and within that design, within that contract, are the seeds of the thoughts, of the dreams, the creations that you uniquely will bring forward. Do not abandon them let go of what surrounds you that does not serve you, on every level.

The legions of heaven, my entire Council of Love, the ascended one, beings of light from the multiverse are available and waiting to assist, never to interfere. You are not asking for enough help. That supply of assistance of what you think of as energy, of Love, of nurturing, is never limited it is infinite, the wellspring does not run dry. So during this time of change, during this time when I stand right next to you as never before, turn to me and turn to all of us, put us to work, let us be your dream team, our fulfilment is tied to your fulfilment in ways you do not comprehend, we are the other half of the infinity sign, we are the other half – we are above you are below, we are within you are without. It is the balance of the law, it is the balance taught to you all by Lao-Tzu. The balance is give and receive, it is please and thank you.

Do not let go of your dreams. Dear children, victory is yours, do not waver, not for one moment.

I give you my blessings, I give you again the blue diamond of my heart, you are birthed from my heart and soul as mother I tend to you, I tend to you this moment and always.

Go in peace. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon May 17, 2008