There has been a great deal of controversy about Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion. Many of us have lived during the time of Jesus/Jeshua and have witnessed the events not only of the life but the death of this Master incarnate. Additionally, there have been many lifetimes where each one of us has been brutalized, tortured and killed for holding Light, living and practicing our beliefs. While there is a part of us that says enough – I don’t want to look at this brutality any more, there is another part that says no, look and witness where fear and lack of Love lead us.

The appearance of this movie at this time is no coincidence. It is a catalyst for the wake up, part of the unfoldment, the return to Love and the anchoring of the Divine Feminine. While not all of us will choose to relive the brutal demise of someone we love so much, some of us will. Either way, the presence of the film and it’s undeniable force that brutality can’t be whitewashed, will effect each one of us and all of humanity. This channeling is what Jesus Sananda has to say on this subject.

I am Jesus Sananda, brother of your journey and brother of joy. There is much talk these days of crucifixion. I suppose that it is worthwhile for you might feel better if you know that someone has suffered as much as you, but others in fact, it will plague you. I wish you to know more, not of my pain and suffering, but of my joy and Love. For that is truly my gift to you. It is the ability to walk the Earth knowing that you create, that you heal, that you speak and share the words, the actions, and the emotions of Love.

There is nothing in any Universe, in any creation that is a greater gift or more important than Love, and how Love expresses is in sharing. It must be known deep within first, yes. Then how does that come about? When the veil has been dropped upon the small infant as it comes from the mother, and whether it is the mother of the womb or the mother that holds you or the Mother above, that is where it has come from. When you are sad and a friend holds you and pats you on the shoulder, it is the Mother that you feel, and when you tired and weary, and you feel that you cannot take another step, let alone clean the house, and your friend steps forward and says, that’s okay, I’ll do it for you, that is the strength and the Love of the Mother and Father. This is replicated throughout all and it is from this Love that all is created. It is from the union within you. Yes, of male and female, but the unity of both. That is what this workshop is, it is the unity. It is coming together in the place of heart.

Personally, I am sick to death of suffering and if one more person thinks that they have need to suffer and struggle in order to ascend, I will lose my mind, and that would be a good thing. For it is to move beyond the mind into the heart, into the place of feeling and knowing and wisdom. That is what you do, that is where the creations of Love take place, and that is what I work with you and teach you throughout this and the many, many lifetimes we have shared together. You are my blessed friends and family, you have comforted me when I have turned to you, but now I come to celebrate life, laughter, and miracles. Often you have turned to me and said, Lord, I wish I could do that and this. Well, now you can. I am anxious to see what you do with this opportunity. We, the Council of Love, started this with you in Tallahassee about a year ago, speaking of the laws of creation. You have held it within you and you are birthing it this day. It is a birth that is to be celebrated, for you are birthing your own reality and your own sweet self. I welcome you and I thank you. Let us proceed.