“Greeting, I am Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome, my dear hearts, children, friends, beloved ones. It is my privilege to speak this day we speak with unified voice and unified heart, and I come to speak to you and to remind you during this time of Joy, it is time to know the joy of your existence, the joy of the core of your being, the joy of your heart and the joy of being alive.”

And most of you are saying to me right at this moment, ‘well, Gabriel, I don’t know much joy lately’, and I would ask you child – why not?! What on Earth are you waiting for? We have given you many tools, I have given you many tools, I have given you the gift of the golden magnets, I have given you the golden infinity to create what you desire in each and every chakra. I have given you my ring of promise, and I have given you my golden heart of joy and courage, and that is the short list, and that is not in addition to all the gifts that have been bestowed upon you by the Mother and, yes, by our beloved St Germaine, and he truly asks me to remember and to remind you to use his torch.

Why do you not find your joy? Why do you not practice your joy? Why do you not claim your joy? Why do you not live your joy? Why do you not feel your joy? Why are you not the embodiment of the pure heart of the Mother, which is love and joy?

When you choose, consciously and consistently, to be in the place of joy, to be in the alignment with the heart of One, with the heart of All, then you are in the joy. It is like practicing gratitude, when you are saying thank you, when you are truly in your heart, it is very difficult to allow worry, fear, anger to co-exist in that space. So many of you have been asking me, calling on me, and children I am glad you are, for you are mighty warriors and we acknowledge and honor the work that you are doing on the planet of Earth. But as you are doing this work it is more vital than ever that you stay in this alignment, otherwise, dear heart, you will be trampled. There is enough chaos, fear, anger, lust, greed, hatred upon your planet boiling, over-flowing, that will scald you.

So how do you avoid this? You stay in your heart of joy. You breathe the essence of the Mother, you sit with her, you talk with her, you walk with me, you walk with Sananda and you torch everything that is in your way. Do not forget who you are and why you have come to the planet at this time. You are agents of transformation. When you have volunteered we have said thank you. But many of us have shook our heads and said, ‘You do not know what you are in for’. For this has been as difficult, in fact in many ways more difficult than when Michael went to retrieve his lost brother, because in that situation Lucifer was prepared and anxious to come home – as were his comrades. The souls upon Earth have not quite reached that point yet.

So you do not engage in any of this drama, this man-made darkness, you torch it, you send it Love, you beam from your heart, you hold this space, but you do not engage. And you say, well Gabriel then why do I feel that I am doing battle? This is the way that battle is done: it is by sending, it is by transmitting, it is by transmuting, transubstantiating. It is not by taking it on. Do not do this. It is dangerous, it drains you and it simply contributes to the chaos.

Yes, I am the plain spoken Archangel and this why I have stepped forward because I do not choose to mince words. My messages to mankind have always been clear, so heed what I say: Find your joy, find your purpose and when you are in your purpose, when you are living your purpose then you will be in joy. It is pure alignment and never has it been so important. We are with you in ways that have never happened before on Earth, we stand next to you, you breathe the air of our being, you breathe our Love, you breathe our heart, you breathe our support, do not underestimate not only your own strength but the power of the collective and when I say collective I mean the collective that has gathered above and below to complete this mission. Do not doubt that you are supported, mightily supported, and if you feel that you are not then simply ask for more. It is your birthright, it can be more of anything, more time, more loving partners, more supporting families, more financial support, better health, better housing, simply ask, ask from that place of stillness, this place of creation and co-creation, that is where the miracle takes place – it is not in the turmoil, in the boiling over.

So claim your joy, not meekly but with determination of an archangel, and hold it close to you, live it and know you are doing God’s bidding and you are fulfilling your promise in this unfoldment of the Mother’s plan. When you are tired, rest. When you are lonely, sit with me. When you wish to laugh, call us all for there is nothing we like better.

Go with our love, go with my golden support. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon, March 1, 2008