Greetings! I am Mary. Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of Hope. Mother of change. Welcome sweet angels of Earth. Humanity needs you, for you are the agents of change, you are the bringers of hope and you are the catalysts for forward movement and for the anchoring of change upon the planet, the anchoring of my plan upon the planet.

So, yes, humanity needs you, but what I wish to speak to you about this day is how you need humanity. How you need the collective. You say to me, ‘Mother, seldom do I hear you use this word “need”, for I have all I require’. And what I suggest to you, my beloved children, is that there are certain things you need in physical form, and that sometimes you try to deny them. You need to breathe and you need to breathe blue, and I ask you, I request you to breathe my essence for I am with each and every one of you constantly and you are feeling this and the ease and grace with which we talk, or not talk, which we laugh and play and kibitz. It is the same with humanity, it is the same.

You did not come to this planet to live a solitary existence, that is not the nature or purpose of my plan. Yes, love is known and discovered within and unless and until you know that love within you cannot really share it. But the purpose of love is to share, with your sacred self, because even as you think you are loving yourself what you are really doing is feeling me loving you, and then it explodes outwards and outwards and outwards like a giant mushroom. You need your fellow human beings, and you need the connection to all the kingdoms, all the realities, that is why we talk of 12/12, 12 planes, 12 realities, 12 realms, 12 dimensions, that is where you exist and it is where the human beings have their experience. But understand you also need others. Oh, it is one thing to be responsible, it is one thing to be self-sufficient, and I congratulate you.

But let us talk about this issue of self-sufficiency. What does it really mean? For when you are self-sufficient does it mean my dear friends, my dear hearts, that you do not turn to me and ask for help, to ask for my presence in your life, to ask for my radiant blessings? No, you do that. For it is part of wisdom, it is the wisdom of self-sufficiency to know when to ask for help, when to ask for company, when to ask for laughter and how you do that is by turning to each other, it is by seeing me and whoever you are looking at, whoever you are talking to, for I am present in all, I am the ocean, I am the sky, I am the grass, I am the earth, I am the birds, I am the sun, I am the moon, I am the air, and I am in and of each and every one of you. When I have said that I have birthed you, this means you have my code, and the code is Love and it is meant to be shared.

You did not come to live in a cave, and it does not matter whether it is a multi-million dollar mansion or a cave, you did not come to live alone, you came to interact and be part of community, for dear ones, even when you have lived in a cave whether it was as a monk or a recluse you were still in community. This is where joy is found, it is in this sense of unity, it is in the sense of connection, whether it is to the mockingbird or the cougar, your dog or cat, your child, your friend, your beloved, it is the expression of joy and it is the finding of joy. It is where the laughter of God is heard, and felt.

There have been far too many tears shed, not just in clearing, but in grief and sorrow. No, I do not ever advise you to ignore or deny your grief, and this is particularly true as many choose to leave. But when you have shed the tears, dry your face, return to the joy, return to me, because it is in the joy of community in my community that we create the new, that we anchor these wondrous Cities of Light, each of you being a point of light within the city and these are lighting up all over the globe. But a pinprick of light is a thing of beauty, but it is hardly noticed until there are many. And that is what you are doing, that is what you are bringing forth, it is the community, it is the sharing, it is the support of each other, it is the laughing it is the crying, it is the tending in every way, in all things. This is the way I wish my family to behave, this is the experience I wish you angels on Earth to have.

When you are with me and in your angelic form I do not say ‘how would you like to try misery, well go down to Earth and have a try’. No, I say to you there is a plan of Love and it includes the unfoldment of so many wonders and beauty and awe, it is the physical incarnation of beauty and truth. And, of course, you say yes. But how that manifests is through you. And how that manifests through you is when you look at each other in love and joy, consideration, compassion, forgiveness, tenderness, sweetness, prudence. You are the embodiment, you are the embodiment of my plan.

I must tell you you are doing well, you do not hear that often enough. So know this, my beloved friends, know that I am with you in this unfoldment and I am with you in every single breath, and it really doesn’t matter whether it is pink or blue or chartreuse I will be there.

Go with my love, go in play. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon