A strong invitation from Jesus Sananda to come and join with him in Joy. His message refers not only to the upcoming annual Council of Love gathering in Sedona but to each and every day of our lives. A beautiful insight into the life of this Master.

Greetings, I am Jesus. I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jeshua, friend and brother, fellow journeyman, pathfinder and shower of the way.

Welcome, welcome my sisters and brothers, as I join you this day, as I weave my energy between yours, as I stand next to you, beside you, in front of you, behind you and within you.

Several weeks ago I have asked of you to come and walk with me, to re-commit the journey of your heart and your mind and your soul, of your being to melt with mine, to simply walk this journey of life, this adventure of Love. Some of you have answered me and some of you haven’t, and that’s alright I read your heart, but I was truly hoping for a more forthright answer. I was hoping for a clear indication from your being, so I step forward again this day to issue yet another invitation.

I am asking you to join me in the joy, I am asking you not only to walk with me, but to float with me, to fly with me, to dance with me, to play with me. Yes, I do refer to this gathering in Sedona, of course I do, but I also refer to your life, to every waking breath, to every quiet moment and even to your dreams. Why would they not be filled with joy?

Much has been made of my time upon the Earth, how I suffered and died, and there are some who would even like to see me and make me sound down-trodden. I do not wish to be represented this way. Do I know what it is like to be human, to have a bad day? Yes, I do. But my purpose, my being and my life on Earth was and is one of Love and Joy. I did not spend my days worrying or being concerned or regretful about what I did or did not do when I was eleven, about pulling my sisters hair or disobeying my father. Yes, I was a child, of course there were time when I disobeyed always thinking I knew better, and sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. But even as a child I Loved to play. I knew the place of things in my universe, in my world and I knew the place of play and I knew the place of sanctity that is why I became so outraged at the temples, that is not a place of commerce, and even today I would repeat the temple, the church, is not a place of commerce.

As I grew I took the time in every breath, in every sunbeam, in every word both to both those I knew and Loved and those I only encountered in passing to be in my centre of Love. And when you are in the centre of Love, the expression is Love and joy, it is gratitude; it is grace. Joy is quiet, it is early dawn and the quiet knowing, and, it is champagne. It is both these things. So I ask you, my friends, why do you not choose joy, why do you turn away, not only from my invitation but from your birthright?

The clearing from the embrace of joy is dramatic; I cannot put it more subtly. It is a conscious choice that requires the desire to move, from stillness to action and back to stillness and back to intent, it is the ever present flow of the energy. Some of you have already broken through this clearing and are in this flow with me, some of you are stuck, and some of you are simply reticent, saying, ‘Dear God, I have done nothing but clear for twenty years’. But it does not simply need to be the clearing, let the joy push whatever debris is in your way forward and away from you. Let your guardian angels pull it and lift it, that bubblegum, off of you and out of your hair, it is simply a nuisance.

Ask for the help that you may be in the totality, the fullness, of your being, that you may laugh and dance with fairies and elves, that you may whisper to the animals and hear their response, that you may know the Terra Gaia that is your mother of Earth.

So I ask you once again, everyday, will you walk with me? I am calling to you once again as I have long ago. Not for two days of the year but everyday for every moment, I ask to accompany you.

I will not be a burden; I will lift what lies so heavily on your heart and shoulders. I will show you the golden light, I will give you my magenta flame, we will float on the golden river, and we will fly through the portal, and we will sit in the moonlight and simply share, everyday.

I ask once again for your answer, my beloved friends. I ask for your heartfelt answer. Come join me, I am waiting and I am with you, I am with you always and in all ways. Go in peace. Farewell.