Greetings. I am Gabriel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Archangel of Joy. Welcome, my friends, my allies, my sisters and brothers of Love. Often, dear friends, I have given you my golden heart, my golden heart of courage and my golden heart of Joy for they are one and the same. I have superimposed it upon thee time and time and time again. But you are a restless bunch, and you keep giving it back to me. You go ahead and you use your own heart and courage to put your head down and forge on through the quagmire of politics and change.

There is a tendency, dearheart, to shy away from accepting my heart of Joy and yet this is one of the most precious things I can ever offer you. Every day I hear your prayers, “Gabriel, Gabrielle, Gabby, please help me be happy. Why am I not happy? Please make me happy.” Child, I tell you, there is a great deal within your reach in each and every one of your lives. Upon this planet that there is often nothing to be happy about, so what I suggest to you is that you let go of this desire for happiness and walk into the Joy for the Joy will give you great happiness no matter what happens. That is where you truly need to remain.

Joy simply is a state of being as I have told you. Happiness is a reaction. It is the same as fear. This is what you forget. It is a reaction to situations, conditions, or relationships. So do not look for happiness. Sit and remain in the Joy and then the reaction will be happiness for what you do. When you are always seeking happiness if it is not present then you drop down into fear or anger or disappointment or abandonment. There is a plethora of reactions that you wander through and none of them are productive.

Some of you have adopted the belief that you did not come to this world or to this planet or to this reality of the third in order to be happy. That is very wrong and incorrect. You came to be happy because you sit in the Joy of who you are. Do you think, child that God sits there being happy or unhappy? No. S/He is Joy. It is the golden light that so many of you look for, and it is the gift I give you freely each and every day. I give you many tools in which to discover the Joy and to simply remain in the Joy. Where the Joy is found and where it is kick started is in the still point of your heart. If you are having difficulty in restarting this, turn to me and ask. Yes, use the violet flame of your brother, St. Germaine, or use my golden flame. Use the golden flame of anybody – Sanat Kumara is always willing to give you a kick start. But go back to the Joy. That is how you will persevere. That is how you will forge ahead in courage. It is in the Joy. In the Joy you see the beauty in everything, even in the tears of another. Then, you are able to touch them and to open their hearts that they may rediscover hope, trust and surrender.

The dam has broken, children, and you are flooded on your planet with new energy of Love, of abilities of creation. We have taught you, shared with you, reminded you how to create. That opportunity is within you and yet you do not do so every day, so we remind you, yet again, enjoy, creating exactly what your heart desires. When you create what your heart desires you cannot go wrong for there is the truth of Love, the truth of Oneness. War and mayhem, systems of control are not created from Love, from stillness, from Joy, from the heart. When you create from this place of your heart’s desire, you can create only that which benefits the restoration of the planet and the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother.

I ask of you and I ask for you to take your journal and every day and for the next two weeks create something of Joy and keep a record of it. Remember what you create, so that you can remember and celebrate when you receive. Then we will take it to the next step, where you will create for community and for the planet. Let me be very clear about this, what I am asking of thee is for the next two weeks to create Joy and something that is a reflection of that Joy every single day and then bring it back to me, that we may celebrate together. I am pleased to assist you in this. Please accept right now, once again, my golden heart of Joy. Let me overlay it with yours for this is the way of Love. It is the union and it is the sharing. Go in peace. Farewell.