This is a combination of a mediation with Universal Mother Mary, an attunement to her gift of the Blue Diamond, and the corresponding channeling. “I am Mary, Universal Mother. I give you this gift of my blue diamond again this day. It is my gentle radiance with the power to fuel many universes. It will give you the strength to continue onward. It will give you the fuel to propel you forward into new reality.”

Begin by taking a nice deep breath of absolutely clear energy. No color. Just that beautiful crystal clear, and breathe it in and sink down to your heart and relax and let go of the day, of the week, of all of you responsibilities, everything that needs to be done and just be. Just take this time for yourself, of your connection with the Council and just let this energy flood you.

In your left hand, with your palm up, I want you to see the most beautiful, clear, white diamond of intense purity, glorious brilliance. Its perfection is stunning and the facets shine and you can feel the energy not only in your hand, but emanating from your hand into your heart and it’s throwing rainbows around the room.

Now in your right hand feel yourself with a beautiful blue, dark blue sapphire. This comes from the depth of the earth, but it has been restored and it is brilliant and it has sat in the halls of Atlantis as an object of art and beauty and you hold that in your hand as well. Feel the coolness of the Atlantic Ocean and the brilliance of the Pleiades and then blend of elements and have created this beautiful stone. Feel that energy as it penetrates into your being and you feel the blue in your heart and throat, third eye, and open.

Now take your hands and bring these two stones together. Bring your hands together with the beautiful, white, crystal diamond and the beautiful, blue sapphire. Cup your hands together and merge these two beautiful stones and all the elements that lie within. Now open your hands and see this radiant third diamond with luster and shine and brilliance beyond anything you have ever witnessed. The power, the energy that is emanating from it almost feels too hot, too big, too mighty to hold.

Take this blue diamond and bring it up to your heart with both your hands and place it in your heart right in the center. Let it in. Feel it. The pulsating beams enter into your very core as it travels in your nervous system, your endocrine system, your circulation, your blood. Feel the rays as the emanate out from you, out the back of you, out of the front of you, out your crown and down to the earth for a stone of this brilliance cannot be hidden.


I am Mary, Universal Mother. I give you this gift of my blue diamond again this day. It is my gentle radiance with the power to fuel many universes. It will give you the strength to continue onward. It will give you the fuel to propel you forward into new reality. I welcome you this day as Nova Beings to Nova Earth. You are reborn, a small innocent baby. Rejoice in this and enter naked, without the baggage of your old self into this wondrous place of new Earth, true Earth, to my garden of pure joy. I invite you, each one of you, through this portal of your heart, through this portal of my heart.

I wish for you to experience this planet and this universe as I have created it and there is nothing dense or solid about it. Yes, you may experience the collection of energy as solid matter and form, but do not delude yourself child. Begin anew this day in the new reality that you and I have co-created.

Now I have been speaking to my girls and son about the Cities of Light, but do you wonder, my children, about the inhabitants. Who lives in these cities? Yes, your inter-dimensional brothers and sisters join you there, but you my brilliant beacons, my bringers and holders of Light, you are also the inhabitants of these cities. These are not abandoned, vacant cities. They are vibrant, filled with sound and color and music and joy, with creativity and art and beauty. They are to be places of healing and contentment and laughter if you acknowledge my plan. You have been working; all of you, on these cities for a very long time without knowing it. How you have been doing this is by working and accepting your sacred self.

The time for work is over child. It is time for play. For these are not places of drudgery. These are not places of self and greed. That is why so many cities are being cleansed, that the new, which is the ancient may emerge. It is part of my gift and it is part of your gift to the planet and to each other, to allow yourselves, to raise yourselves up, to be the multi-dimensional beings you have always been in form on this new planet of love, on this ancient planet that I have birthed.

I give you my essence of blue diamond yet again, so you will know that I am within you, around you, next to you, above, below and in every cranny and crevice in between. We are not separate. The gift of the Nova grid of humanity is unity. Unity, community, and connectedness. It is the joy of knowing you are unique in any universe and you are exactly the same. It’s the beauty of creation. I invite you, my sacred souls, children of my heart, to join with me to go through this portal of Oneness and beyond. It is time for your next step. Think of it as hopscotch. You are ready to play. Throw your beautiful diamond of blue and begin. Jump. Farewell.