“I am Sanat Kumara, old friend keeper of the law on earth and beyond. The law of the universe is balanced, and you cannot enter into partnership with your intergalactic friend or each other without this. For many of you have skirted the law during this life. You are prepared to give and give and give but turn away from receiving. Now I ask you, what shall I do? Shall I arrest you? I think not. I am here to remind you of the two sides of your being and you cannot live in one area. You cannot live in spirit and be in a physical body. You must do both.

You cannot live in only a part of yourself. You cannot love another without cherishing yourself. What you create within will be what is. That is why you have worked with Gabrielle in this past year to relinquish your lack of worthiness that you may know that you are prepared to go forward. My request of you lawbreakers is simple. I wish for you to eliminate this phrase, “but” from your very soul, your essence. It was not our invention, it was yours. Relinquish it. I will remind you daily with my golden flame to let go of this limitation. This sense of limitation is causing upheaval throughout the universe. Please do it not only for yourselves but for many. Allow this creation to take place. There are no exceptions, such as the dispensation you believe you have given. Now in the spirit of partnership, I ask you to receive.

You have accomplished much my friends from any perspective, from Venus, from Mars, from the ship, and from the center of your earth. You have done well. But it is not enough. You have need to expand some. You have need to experience the wholeness of your own potential. Know this. It is time of the transformation and it is the time for the return of many to this place, this dimension, and to this planet. I suggest you stay and enjoy the party. Join with us daily. It is not the Law that has need to be balancing every moment of the day. You can take time out and simply live it, to catch up on news from abroad, to enjoy the peace of quiet conversation with your friends. For they are being broadcast clearly to each of you. Do not worry if you think your transmitter is out of order. It will be adjusted, and it is activated now. I also step aside.