A lovely heartwarming message from Our Lady of Guadalupe reminding us of the importance of creating the sacred place within our homes to conduct prayer, meditation and ritual. A gift from the heart of Maria of Guadalupe of the ability to move amongst the people.

By Linda Dillon

I am Maria of Guadalupe. You know me in many ways, but I come this afternoon as Maria, as Virgin and Mother of the people, and that is the gift I wish to bestow upon you. It is the ability to move amongst the people. All over the world there are beautiful shrines to the sacred Mother and they are found in basilicas and cathedrals and churches and homes of the wealthy. But there are also other beautiful shrines – the small faded pictures and flowers picked from the field, found in the home of the most humble peasant.

I speak to you this day of the importance of setting the sacred space, of the anchoring of the divinity, of the sacred nature of yourself and of your circle within your home, within your office, within your place of work, within your family. No, it is true that to create a sacred shrine in a small corner is often considered very unfashionable, but I would suggest to you, dear hearts, that the creation of sacred space is essential to the anchoring of your being and all you work with.

There are many ways in which one can create an altar, a sacred space; it need not be elaborate. Using of the elements is always beautiful and welcome, as are the directions above and below. Let me be clear. If it is the tiniest picture in the smallest corner of your drawer or your heart, it is felt and known; it is a message to us and to me that you are with me, that you are invoking my presence and my assistance within your home.

We have told you, and we reiterate again this day, that the triangulation of prayer, mediation and ritual are essential to sacred practice. This sacred space becomes the place in which to create and pray and meditate. It is a place away from the dizziness, the hustle and bustle of every home. I had seven children in my last incarnation, so I know what a busy household is! But still I had my corner, my knave, and it taught my children the importance of such a place.

So I urge you not only to create the magnificent altars of collective energy, but to create your own altar, your own expression, where I may come and physically remind you that I am with you. Of course, your heart is your altar and you carry that with you day in and day out, even when you are traveling to the planet of CeeCeeCee. Even in your intergalactic night travels, you are carrying your heart, but I also wish for a place in your home.

I ask you to create this sacred space for the both of us to join together in the sacred weaving of your design upon the planet and of mine.

Go in peace.