Greetings I am Raphael, healer of the cosmos, healer of Earth. Seldom do I speak, but my beloved ones that does not mean that I am not extremely busy tending to you, laughing with you, playing with you. For that is what healing is, it is the rediscovery of joy, of Love within and without.

It is not a matter of simply accessing Love and joy from time to time, when you are having a good day. That is not the purposes of existence. Love and laughter and joy, the sense of awe, of wonder. This is the natural state of being in the expansiveness of your heart – with your mind full of excitement, ideas, new plans for creation.
The gift I bring to you this day is the promise of spring, the joy of life eternal, and I do not simply mean metaphorically. I bring you the joy of spring, my brothers and sisters of the rainbow ray, it is time to begin again. Yes, you have gone through and are going through, and will continue to go through intense period of integration. This is a gift. Some of you have scorned it and that is sad, but nevertheless I hold it out to you again this day. Let me be clear with you, integration is not clearing, and it need not be mistaken as such.

Think of it when you clean a room, when you decide to redecorate your home, when you do spring cleaning. If you are diligent you will remove everything from the room. Yes, even if it is part of the room décor that you wish to keep. You will take it out, dust it off, clean the space underneath it, you will air it and let the sun shine upon it and the gentle breezes caress it. That is cleansing and that is clearing, and that is always needed from time to time, particularly when you are on the Earth, and in a reality that includes the third dimension. It is physicality, so of course, you will wish to clean from time to time. Let me explain how that is different from integration. Integration is when you have everything in the other room and it does not matter whether it is the garage, the living room or the driveway, and then into your pristine room the sacred sanctuary of yourself. You are deciding what to bring in, what will grace your sacred space, what will help you catapult forward, what will bring you the grace of God, and the joy of being alive. That is integration and you turn to me, and you say Raphael it sure hasn’t felt like that, and I say yes, and that is why I come this day, to help you. For my friends, my children and, yes, I know some of you do not like to be called children, but I treasure you as I would the children of my heart. So, my friends I come to help you this day with this process of integration. There is a lot that is wishing to come back into the sacred sanctuary of your being, and much of it has need to be incorporated. For it is an absolute alignment with your beautiful soul design, that which you chose to depart from the heart of one with, to express your divinity throughout many universes, and particularly on Earth at this time. Invite those aspects, those markers within, but you know if a piece of furniture has been sitting in the corner of the garage for years it will have a great deal of dust, perhaps some cobwebs, and perhaps you do not wish to invite that black widow into your house. So, you will cleanse it before you integrate it. Do you understand? You are a huge being. Your soul essence is much larger than you can even imagine, much grander than the physical being that stands and looks at you in the mirror. You tend to think of your bodies with the totality incorporating your soul, and that is not correct. Your soul, your divine, your essence, your being incorporates your body. You know this very clearly for when you think of your auric field, and this is expanding every single moment as you grow and Love. There is no need to invite the dust and cobwebs with that what you wish to incorporate into yourself, to integrate into yourself. Invite that which will serve you. And, you say, well, how will I do this? And, I suggest to you, my brothers and sisters, you are the masters of your house. Yes, we tease you and we call you M and Ms. You are the masters in the making, but you are also the masters of your own sacred being. Use your discernment for what you will integrate, and much you will release back into the sacred arms of the Mother, that she will transmute and return it to the planet of Love as light. I am working with you, not for you, not ahead of you, not behind you. I am working with you, with the restoration of the return, the rejuvenation of this planet, this beautiful jewel of paradise called Earth. There is much upon Earth that is released unto the atmosphere that no longer serves her, that is toxic. I would never dream of suggesting you keep that upon the planet nor would you. So, it is the same with you my brothers and sisters. Do not keep within you, do not invite within you that which does not serve you. There is one question and we have repeated it to you time and time again. When there is part of you, whether it is part of an old aspect or part of a personality trait that you have adopted during this lifetime, ask is this of Love? Does this make me feel good? Is this in alignment with my mission and purpose in who I am? If the answer is no, do not permit entry. If it is already within wash it away. Use your garden hose, transmute into Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls, and let it be gone from you, and if you are still puzzled and do not know what to do, turn to me. I may be quiet, but I am ever present. Say unto me, Raphael, help. You enter into a new phase. It is the rebirth of spring. The quiet of winter is over, it is a time of action, a stepping forward out into the sunlight, and declaring yourself as creators of Nova Earth. We stand with you shoulder to shoulder. Oh, yes we can shrink and grow. We will hold you, when you are tired we lift you up that your son will touch the sky and you will know both. The integration, like the cleansing, is an annual event. There will be bits and pieces from time to time, but this is the time that you have endured, when you have thrown open your doorway and welcomed all beings that are you to come home and help. Welcome them, but make them wipe their feet at the door. Go with my Love, go with my green. Remember the emerald I have given you long ago. Use it and call me for I am with you always. Go in laughter. Farewell.