Greetings I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and dark angel of joy, and I come to this morning to speak to you of joy, of trust and surrender. For joy is my gift to you. I have given to you and represent you, and give to you again until you hold onto you, my golden heart of One, my golden radiance of joy. It is the things most precious that I have to offer you.

Yes, I have given you many gifts, and I am Holder of Truth, a Messenger of One. That without the joy, my children, there is nothing. Too long has humanity lived in suffering and pain. We have restored the golden grid, not only of this planet, but of each one of you. It is intact and whole and all energies, all Love move rapidly and easily throughout the Universe. Yes, for a long time it was tattered and torn, no longer. So, when I speak to you child of the grid, and I ask you to pull to a lesser cause, and to magnetize and to pull it to you. Know that there is no obstruction, there is no debris, not the slightest speck of dust, unless it is the dust of Jophiel. Joy is the deep knowing of your own wholeness, and it is reflected and held throughout the Universe. Joy does not come from elsewhere, it comes from the wellspring, from the still point of your heart. It is shared through intent and action, yes. It is never dissipated.

That does not mean that there will not be moments of sorrow, and let us be clear, children, sorrow is very different than pain and suffering. Sorrow is when you experience or look in situations, and it causes longing or a pang of sadness that something is either gone or gone awry. There is much discussion amongst you that we do not understand the experience of physicality, and that we have no idea of time. Well, this is true and not true. We know what it is because we are a part of you, we enter and flow through you as freely as air and as water, and as we do, we experience what you know, what you feel and what you experience. That is what channeling is. Not for only for you, but for us. It is a joining together of energy. So, do not think that we do not know how you feel, for that would be incorrect. That is why it is so important to us that you join with us and know the headiness of adventure, of potential. The reality of who you are. So, it is with timing, there is the unfoldment of Divine Timing, when all factors fall into place, when it is the unfoldment of the Universe, and not petty ego. Now, we are not asking you, ever, to get rid of your delightful personalities, for that is part of the wonder of who you are, and it certainly makes us laugh. And, we come to share this laughter with you. For when we look at the human situation, at the fun of being in form, it is truly miraculous.

I come this day to speak of the unfoldment of the plan, and that is in Divine Timing. The bonds of illusion are being fed, not only by this group, but by all. Simultaneously there is the unfoldment of Love, and the joy of Love, and you are clearly a part of that as well. Both of these unfoldments – the illusions and the Love are synonymous. Both progress in Divine Timing. Much that was not possible because of timing earlier in this framework you call life, now comes to fruition. Embrace this and celebrate it, but in order to do this, you have me to embrace, a reflection and part of your sweet selves. We demonstrate our trust to you time and time and time again, each one of us in unique ways. For we know of your strengths, of your clarity, and of your ability to go forward. – yes, no matter what.

We come this day to work with grids, with Love, with creation and co-creation, which are one and the same. You do not create in a vacuum, always, you are creating with each other and with us. You go forward in trust, in glee. Now, if you think you have never created anything, look around you. You have created this workshop, you have created being here. You have created your life, your form. It is simply time to be more clear about directing your energies and your focus, and we are here to assist. You are creating, not only Nova Earth and Nova Man, you are creating your Nova Life. Take my heart and soul and carry it with you always, for it is strong, it is courageous, and it is filled with joy. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon