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The Hopi elders, echoing the words from the Council of Love, are calling for healing Mother Earth.


A heart-warming and heart-opening video – go into your heart, listen and join in.


I just started the How To Channel webinar today – I am so thrilled – within the first 2 hours everybody – EVERYBODY – had got it and were channeling Jesus, Mother Mary and Yahweh.


Sotheby’s will be the organizer of a special auction next week, because they will sell a rare pink diamond which might set a new record on the price that a gem is sold: it is estimated at the value ranging from $27 million to $38 million.


Listen to Yesterday’s Interview – Homecoming in Sedona with Linda Dillon Linda Dillon is a past guest at Going Back to Paradise and this time she talks about “Homecoming,” the 14th Annual Council of Love gathering in Sedona (Nov 5-7, 2010).


It’s morning, 4:46 AM where I live, and the Council has been talking to me for hours, and insisted I get out of my warm bed and share these thoughts with you. What a year – what a decade it’s been. We have run, and sometimes crawled, around this cycle of existence and arrived at …


Jesus Sananda speaks more about Earth and the Gulf of Mexico. “…the formation of a place, a physical experience of such diversity and incredible beauty that the angels would come and play here and know what it was to have a physical experience of Love…the creator race, as you have come to think of it …


Image via Wikipedia I had the most profound healing experience yesterday. Usually in this life we don’t get to revisit decisions or turning points or to re-negotiate our soul contracts. No matter how often I hear people tell me that they have changed their minds or have told their guides and God that they want …