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Linda’s Spirit Quest & The Fall Equinox Gathering I am going on an amazing spirit quest and am inviting you to join me for the Fall Equinox portion of that journey. We will come together in the sacred stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge on Sept 22nd and 23rd to anchor the Cities of Light …


I come to revivify all of you, to engage you in the topic of love. As I have said to thee before, beloveds, you are entering into a new realm of existence.   Hour with an Angel  –   June 6, 2017 Linda Dillon:  Channel for the Council of Love Steve Beckow:  Host, InLight Radio …


Saturday Conference Call June 3, 2017 The Council of Love Meditation:   Let’s begin as always by taking a nice deep breath of the Mother’s blue – that beautiful blue diamond that really is her essence, and had been sent to us and gifted to us and shared to us, so that we can come …


You are entering into a beautiful new realm and chapter of existence; it is what you have asked for, prayed for, worked for, and yearned for. In this realm of existence there is only one operating system … Universal Law … and it begins with you embracing every minute detail of your sacred purpose.


On June 10, 2016, I had a reading scheduled with Linda, to speak with my Guides. For the second time now, in recent years, instead of being greeted by the familiar voice of one of my Guides, I was greeted by another familiar voice that said “Greetings, I am Michael.” Michael         Greetings, I am Michael, …


The new energies are a melding of above and below, of what you would have thought of as future and past all coming into what you perceive of as your now. The concept of Nova Earth is community. Each of you have role and purpose and it pairs stewardship with leadership and responsibility.


For years I have wanted, and been guided, to create a portal where a global conversation about spiritual matters – matters of the heart, could be openly, freely and joyously discussed. Today this dream takes form! Welcome to the Council of Love Nova Earth portal, complete with a social media element to express yourself!


Let us begin this celebration as we declare victory! Is it the wholeness of victory, the raucous celebration that we had anticipated and dreamed of? Not completely. But dear heart, is there Peace upon Earth, is there Peace anchored within and without? The answer is yes…but we also come to have further discussion about Peace…because …


Archangel Michael: We are asking you, pleading with you, to bring the fullness of your attention, of your focus, of your very core and heart, mind, spirit, body to this. I am asking you to do it morning, noon, night, and to carry that breeze, to carry that firm declaration, intention, everywhere you go. It …