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” … within peace there is a large element, internal I’m talking about now, there is a large element: of knowing, of yes acceptance, a modicum of surrender, a modicum of trust, a sliver of hope, but truly knowing that there is an alignment and that there is a stand-alone truth that you are the daughter, …


“When you truly accept, activate, implement this aspect of who you are, this quality of who you are, then all the barriers are gone. What you have been dreaming about and hoping for and trusting … does not eliminate those Divine Equalities – Equalities … it allows you to flow in that.”   Archangel Uriel


“I embrace you all and I gather you unto my heart, unto my soul, unto my being. You are mine, you always have been, you always will be regardless of where you wander or how deep you swim, you are mine. But just as important, remember sweet ones…I am yours…infinitely and eternally, practically, and in …


“Remember what the Tsunami is…this massive wave comes in and fills us with the Mother’s love, with Her hope, with Her reassurance, with Her nurturing, and then it recedes and pulls out all that debris, all that garbage, all that chaos, all the ‘stuff’ that isn’t serving us…and then the real Tsunami wave is coming …


“Peace is the freedom to be the fulfillment of who you are, of your divinity in and out of form. Peace is the acceptance and the embrace of your inter-trans-dimensional self.” Serapis Bey  


“This awakening happens in the instant that the individual decides and chooses and accepts that they are worthy and they are love. That is Wisdom, Wisdom and Love are inseparable. Many of you believe that as you have transcended and anchored in the higher realms, the 5th, 6th, 7th, dimension that the fullness of knowing …


“The electromagnetic grid is fueled by love. … It is the fuel of the universe … When you are lonely reach out your hand upon this grid and feel my touch and energy as I send you love. Feel my peace and allow it to flow through you … ” The Jesus Book, pg 258